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  1. Doumit, Molina and Pitch f/x

    "I donít say this about many decisions, but starting Doumit at catcher might be a fireable offense. In 60 games at catcher for Pittsburgh in 2011, his framing cost the Pirates 20 runs. In 59 games for Minnesota in 2012, his framing cost the Twins 21 runs. All told, his framing has subtracted 98 runs over the past five seasons, on top of the damage from the other things he does poorly behind the plate, which wipes out his offensive value."

    Ben Lindbergh, Baseball Prospectus ...
  2. Projecting the Twins: Early 2013 ZIPS

    The early ZIPS projections were reported midweek and the AL Central has sobering information for the Twins.


    Note: Unfortunately, you will need an insider account to access the link above.

    The Twins in their construction are projected for 66 wins and 5th place in the AL Central. Entering the 2012 season they had a projected 70 win team from ...
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