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  1. White Sox and Twins: Rebuilding

    The contrast in rebuild between the a White a Sox and Twins is shown in the acquisition of 27 and under players since last opening day.

    White Sox

    Adam Eaton
    Adrian Nieto
    Avisail Garcia
    Jose Abreau
    Leary Garcia
    Maikel Clato
    Conor Gilaspie almost makes the list. He was acquired last spring training.


    Phil Hughes (actually it is his age 28 season and he is older than any of the White ...
  2. Waiting to Rebuild

    I thought and hoped this would be the year where the Twins would go with youth. I should have known better. The direction for the winter roster construction was made clear when they retained Josh Willingham last August.

    Earl Battey was the catcher when I first became a young Twin fan. I recall his western oil 8x10 card hanging my wall among other Twin heroes. Those years were great. I didn't know how lucky I was to follow a team that was competitive or at least entertaining every year. ...

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