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  1. Rickie Back to Mauer...

    Hey bro, you are right! I play when I feel like it just like you do. Heck, my fans are almost as stupid as yours...but do you really think they are going to fall for that excuse?...lol...I sure hope so! I really hope I can sign a monster contract like yours and then become a diva!...How fantastic life must be for you!....Home town always forgivin untradeable hero who the press protect no matter what kind of non-playing excuse you make up! You have showed me the way, just like you did ...
  2. Apology from Rickie Weeks...

    Dear Joe,
    I understand during our series I slid into you at home plate and you were a little bit upset about my slide. I heard you say you had left me part of the plate to slide to and you didnt understand why i slid so hard into you. Well Joe, I have never had a catcher leave me part of the plate to slide into. Knowing you and your well earned "gamer" mentality I never imagined that you would leave even an inch of the plate left unblocked. You with your "winning at ...
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