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  1. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    If Santana continued playing center, it would only be a matter of time before we saw something-Escobar or Colabello-like.
  2. AScheib50's Avatar
    I feel like it has to just be 2 catchers. I was always under the impression Gardy had his third catcher just because he Dhed Mauer and hated to idea of losing the DH spot for one game should the catcher get hurt while Joe DHed...I always found this crazy (even though I was at the game where I believe Garza had to hit because the above scenario actually happened) But with these catching options, none should be DHing anytime soon so that concern should be gone, thus the need for a third catch is out the window...right?
  3. Boom Boom's Avatar
    It should just be two. Neither Pinto nor Suzuki should be the DH at all.
  4. johnnydakota's Avatar
    The Twins will break camp with 2 catcher , but some time by June, Ron will need the security of a 3rd catcher on the 25 man roster,Just like has in the past . As for Joe Mauer being an emergency catcher , Me thinks he will be , but will only catch a few innings( 1-4 ) untill the plan lands from Rochester
  5. The Wise One's Avatar
    Thinking the Twins will carry 6 relief pitchers is a glaring error. They cannot average 80 innings each in this age of 6 inning starters. 8 relievers is not bloated when you consider total innings
  6. Rosterman's Avatar
    Agree with stringer. The Twins third (emergency) catcher will be Joe Mauer, assuming they have someone, anyone else who can play first on the roster (probably parmelee at this point). There is no need for the weak bench bat of Herrmann at this point. Maybe next season Herrmann becomes the backup, if Pinto proves himself, with Mauer still as the emergency catcher.

    Bartlett will shine or stink. But chances are he won't make the team. That said, the Twins only need one backup infielder who can play ALL three positions at the moment.

    Yes, if they sign someone like Baker who can play 1st and 3rd, maybe many of us would be a tad happier.

    The outfield is crowded. Mastro will hold down the 4th spot until Hicks proves himself at Rochester. Who stays depends on how well Presley plays.

    We can't really write Kubel in totally at DH, but look for him to get the chance.

    The Twins will carry 12 pitchers. Worley, Diamond, Swarzak, Duensing will battle it out for three spots. Deduno will start if he starts. Picture the Twins to dangle bullpen in spring training and probably take a prospect in return to eliminate the logjam. Someone will be injured, no doubt...so it is nice to deal from strength. It's all those players (Diamond, Deduno, Worley, Parmelee, Plouffe) that are out of options that is...scary/

    You want to say TAKE THE BEST 25 NORTH. I hope the Twins doo
    -doo that.
  7. stringer bell's Avatar
    On the first thought here, I agree that there will be a decision between keeping two or three catchers and logic indicates keeping two in this era where we see bloated pitching staffs. However, I doubt there will be any times where one catcher replaces the other when the Twins are in the lead. Pinch hitting the better hitter would probably only happen late and close or in extra innings. I have posted my take that Suzuki is a lock, Pinto has a very good chance to be the primary catcher, but it wouldn't surprise me if he started either on the DL or in Rochester. If they choose to keep three catchers, I think it gives Herrmann a leg up because he is pretty established as an outfielder and might get some reps in the infield this spring. Also, he is a left handed hitter and the other prospective receivers are all right handed.

    As far the rest of your blog-wow I disagree all over the place! First of all, especially with so many candidates for fifth starter out of options, I foresee 12 hurlers going north and probably another one stashed on the disabled list, that leaves only 13 position players. You didn't list Brian Duensing, but with all the right handed starters, a flexible left handed reliever would be a big asset. Next, with Escobar the ideal three-position utility infielder, I only see the need for only one backup infielder--Escobar. I can't see Bartlett beating out Florimon at short and I would expect him to head for Rochester or be released. For the outfield, you have both Hicks starting the year in Minnesota as a reserve. I don't buy that. I actually see no scenario where Hicks starts the season in Minnesota. Presley starts in center, with Mastroianni as his backup. Arcia moves back and forth between left and right with Kubel starting in the outfield some and DHing and the same for the Hammer. I'd love to see Parmelee step up and earn at-bats, but if he makes the club at all, he's probably a bench player at least to start the season. To balance things out, it would probably be wise to carry a right handed hitter to be a corner OF-1B.
  8. Zephrin's Avatar
    I've always thought this would be a Trade Deadline decision, and even with Rosario's suspension I don't see that changing. Rosario will still have 2 months to settle in and show what he can do at AAA before July 31st, and Dozier has 4 months to prove that his post-All-Star break growth wasn't just an anomaly.
  9. lee_the_twins_fan's Avatar
    It's quite possible the Yankees will target Omar Infante. He's the best remaining FA 2B. But remember the Yankees are trying to stay under the payroll tax limit of $189 million. And they need probably a couple of pitchers, and may need someone at 3B to replace A-Rod. My point is, the Yankees really need a better 2B. What are they willing to give up to get one? Would it be worth a couple of top prospects? And should the Twins bite, if they do make that offer?
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  10. John Bonnes's Avatar
    It's a very interesting idea. Ultimately, I think they Yankees will instead do what the Yankees do: spend money. They'll just go hard after Omar Infante, who they reportedly made an offer to earlier this month. But it is an interesting idea. It's also interesting that they have already gone out and signed so many backup options.
  11. zchrz's Avatar
    I can certainly see NY pursuing him (his power would pretty well there) but I don't think they, or anyone, is going to give up multiple top of the org prospects for him. If he gets moved to the Yanks I think it would be more along the lines of Dozier for Pineda (maybe plus a throw in). With Rosario's clock being set back essentially 1/2 a year I doubt Dozier will be traded at this point. I think you see what you have in him and let Rosario take his time now, no need to trade the 1 possibly above average MI they have developed since Guzman, unless they are blown away of course.
  12. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Honestly, I was just thinking about this. There are very few 2nd basemen out on the market, and I could see a team coming to the Twins for either Dozier or Rosario, despite whether or not Rosario is ready for the Bigs.
  13. TwinsArmChairGM_Jon's Avatar
    Josh has had a good start, but let's not go crazy over a short stretch. I certainly wouldn't move him in between Mauer and Morneau against righties.

    Vs. Righties '09-'11
    Morneau > .294/.391/.525
    Will-I-Ham> .259/.358/.356

    Historically, Morneau has also done just fine against lefties for left-handed hitter.
  14. bulldogguy's Avatar
    Agreed on all fronts, but you know Gardy, wouldn't want to adjsut that part of the order or mess with the M&M thing. I love Gardy, I really do, I think he is a good, but not great manager, but sometimes he gets so set in his ways.

  15. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I like this idea, but there essentially is nothing to "protection" whatsoever.
  16. Buddy14's Avatar
    I like your idea. It would definitely make end of game bullpen decisions tougher. If valencia or anyone else could prove they can be a run producer I wouldn't mind seeing mauer at 2 willingham at 3 and justin at 4 either.
  17. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
    Willingham should stay in LF, but no doubt he has been great so far. He seems to be the 2nd player to conquer Target Field with his power, Thome being the only other. Keep it up Josh! To this point of the season you are looking like the best FA signing!
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