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  1. What is Your Favorite Twins' Stereotype?

    Stereotypes are often based on some level of truth. But often becomes exaggerated to make arguments stronger or to put a negative light on the subject. In the Twins case, there are many stereotypes that have stemmed from some kind of truth but winds up becoming exaggerated to the point that some people just look silly.

    Hitting the other way: It seemed to start when David Ortiz criticized the Twins for trying to get him to hit to the opposite field. I think one of his quotes from ...
  2. Scott Baker Needs to Be a Strike Out Pitcher

    I think a common misconception people have about Scott Baker is that he is just another Twins' "pitch to contact" guy. On the contrary... As he showed last year before getting injured he is very capable of striking guys out. He is nothing like Nick Blackburn, Brian Duensing, Liam Hendriks etc... Those guys have to pitch the ball down to keep the ball on the ground and avoid the HR ball. Baker should throw a lot more at the waste and letters. His fastball is the rising kind and hitters ...

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