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  1. Wednesday Notes from Hammond: Offense, Worley and Buxton

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ID:	6877Greetings from the surprisingly chilly Hammond Stadium. I know that it is below freezing back in Minnesota but for the locals here, this means breaking out the heavy gear. The good news is that it is sunny and the team has had an opportunity to have a full-day of workouts.

    More notes:

    The Twins traded Vance Worley to the Pittsburgh Pirates for cash after last night’s game (and there will be more on that later). Interest in the right-hander who
  2. Tuesday Notes from Hammond: Pelfrey Pranks and Impending Roster Crunch

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ID:	6866The Twins have 29 listed on the roster as of this morning with the four cuts coming. Among those remaining, the team has 13 pitchers, 7 infielders, 6 outfielders and 3 catchers. At some point this week, four of those guys will be gone.

    The obvious subtraction is the third catcher, Dan Rohlfing, which would leave Kurt Suzuki and Josmil Pinto as the pair of backstops heading to Chicago. The other position player moves may be interesting. Manager Ron Gardenhire ...
  3. Overvaluing Suzuki behind the plate?

    The starting catcher’s job is almost a forgone conclusion that the position belongs to Kurt Suzuki to start the year. Josmil Pinto, with his impressive September campaign, will be in the passenger’s seat when the season begins on March 31 in Chicago.

    1500ESPN.com’s Phil Mackey
    outlines a few of the reasons why the Twins are going that route:

    1.) The Twins have had some atrocious starting pitching lately, and they feel like Suzuki can help squeeze the most out of the current
  4. Phil Hughes' Long Curving History

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ID:	6667Phil Hughes has been somewhat of an indecisive pitcher over his career when it comes to his repertoire.

    Year in and year out, there has been an inability to choose a secondary pitch. While it has mainly been a big, slow curve, it has seen several variations followed by an abandonment in 2013 in favor of a slider. Hughes’ Year of the Slider produced mixed results with the pitch as opponents struggled against his new weapon in the season’s first-half, hitting ...
  5. Twins Daily Spring Training: Advance Scouting

    So the Twins Daily official Spring Training coverage begins next week when John Bonnes touches down in Fort Myers, however, last week I had the privilege -- neigh -- honor of getting a tour of Hammond Stadium’s updates with my family.

    While in Florida for my -- ahem -- nuptials (sorry ladies), we made a pit stop at the Twins’ spring training facilities and were treated to a walkthrough of the activity, which included the catchers’ drills on the backfield. Thanks to our photographer ...
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  6. TD Top Prospects: #6 Jose Berrios

    We were introduced to Jose Berrios in a video of him celebrating with his friends and family after receiving the exquisite news that he was drafted by a professional baseball team. Arms in a “V”, high-fives, hugs and tears.

    For Minnesota Twins fans, the sequel is of him doing the same thing on the field following the last out of a World Series victory. That’s the dream anyway. There remains, of course, a long road from here to there.

    Still, Berrios has done much in his ...
  7. TD Top Prospects: #7 Josmil Pinto

    A year ago Josmil Pinto wasn’t on anyone’s prospect list.

    Baseball America. Baseball Prospectus. Seth Stohs. None of these minor league mavens saw Pinto coming in 2013. The kid was so far off the radar you’d figure he had drown in tobacco juice somewhere in Beloit (which has been known to happen in Wisconsin). And yet, one year later, here he is, number seven with a bullet on our prospect list. What happened? How did everyone miss so badly?

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  8. Looking at Byron Buxton's Swing

    Byron Buxton, says ESPN.com’s Keith Law, is a prospect with more tools than the Home Depot.

    OK, now that the requisite pun is out of the way, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty. After MLB.com anointed Buxton the number one prospect in all the land, Law’s Top 100 list concurred. As a 19-year-old, the center fielder smacked pitching around in the Midwest and Florida State Leagues to the tune of .334/.424/.520 with 12 home runs and 109 runs scored.

    An on-base menace, Buxton ...
  9. Turning The Power Back On

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ID:	6422Who knows why Josh Willingham left first base with the intention of stealing second base on April 27th, 2013.

    Coaches claim the thievery was not planned. It’s possible that with the left-handed Michael Kirkman on the mound, Willingham was fooled by his delivery or was caught leaning when the Ranger threw over to first. Either way, with his team up 4-0 -- thanks in part to his two-run home run two innings prior -- Willingham broke for two, took the base but ...
  10. Brewers sign Garza to deal similar to Twins' Nolasco

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ID:	6381Sources indicate that the Milwaukee Brewers have now signed pitcher Matt Garza to the tune of four years, $52 million.

    This is notable for several reasons. The first being that this is a substantial savings from what he was originally projected as being worth going into the free agent season. At Twins Daily, we estimated that Garza would reach five years and $75 million in the Offseason Handbook. Instead, teams shied away from him. The second interesting ...
  11. The Twins Considering a Shift in Strategy

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ID:	6331After three straight 90-loss seasons, the Minnesota Twins need a reinvention. While other teams have harnessed analytics to advance their in-game strategies, the Twins remained in analog in a digital world.

    No longer.

    Not long ago, the notion of “infield shifting” in the Twins dugout may have been a reference to adjusting one’s protective cup. Now, according to MLB.com’s Rhett Bollinger, the Twins and new bench coach Paul Molitor to join the ...
  12. The Advantageous Oswaldo Arcia

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ID:	6303Oswaldo Arcia’s rookie season was filled with the expected peaks and valleys that most normal human rookies encounter during their first year of facing the world’s best competition.

    Offensively, he displayed flashes of unbridled power by depositing home runs to all fields but alternated those moments with stretches of being lost. Over three games in early July, Arcia woofed 11 times in 18 at-bats. In that small sampling, he swung the bat 26 times but managed ...
  13. More Dingers for Dozier?

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ID:	6291Let’s just start by saying that in his second tour of duty of the major league ranks, Brian Dozier fared better.

    After a dismal 2012 season, he managed to improve his walk rate and power numbers to finish the year one of the team’s top contributions. Faint praise, however, considering the lineup’s surprising lack of offense overall.

    That said Dozier’s in-season development was impressive. After a diagnostic from hitting coach Tom Brunansky, the ...
  14. Minnesota Twins' Top 10 Moments of 2013 [Video]

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ID:	6246With the calendar flipping to 2014 tomorrow, Twins fan must be eager to hurry that process along. After all, the previous season was mired with yet another 90 losses on the ledger.

    Although no one should be criticized for having their attention wander from the team before the summer months, there was still plenty of entertaining moments to remember - little things that make the entire sport of baseball beautiful.

    Below is the Top 10 moments
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