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  1. Secret to Success? Nolasco Staying Inside.

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ID:	6125On Tuesday afternoon the Minnesota Twins introduced their most lucrative free agent in the organization’s history.

    Outside on the scoreboard, high above the team’s dormant field, splashed a graphic welcoming Ricky Nolasco to Twins Territory. At the press conference cameras rolled, questions were lobbed and Nolasco (with his impressively manicured beard) sat between general manager Terry Ryan and his agent, Matt Sosnick, having the hopes pinned on him that ...
  2. Expectations and Phil Hughes

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ID:	6102There are plenty of reasons to celebrate this impending Phil Hughes deal as a coup for the Twins. After all, Hughes is a relatively young pitcher who has potential upside and, as a fly ball pitcher, he finally gets to leave the launching pad in the Bronx (not to mention, away from the beasts of the east). For an average annual value of $8M per year, a value he has eclipsed in three of the past five seasons according to Fangraphs.com, it is hard to find a downside. ...
  3. What? The Twins considering Mike Pelfrey again?

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ID:	6077When the New York Mets drafted Mike Pelfrey out of Wichita State with the ninth overall pick in 2005, their scouting department was obviously enamored by his big body, big fastball and big projectability. He would develop a breaking ball and become the ace Flushing’s had not seen in a while.

    Of course, the latter never happened for Pelfrey, instead he struggled to find a semblance of swing-and-miss pitch, became the embodied disappointment of Mets fans, had ...
  4. Twins making a "strong push" for Nolasco

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ID:	6033Employment is not difficult to find if you are a moderately successfully and young starting pitcher in major league baseball. As an example, Ricky Nolasco has several four-year offers in discussion and, as Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal pointed out this morning, the Twins are making a strong push for his services.

    In conversation with his agent Matt Sosnick last week, Nolasco is seeking a five-year deal. While multiple teams are levying the four-year offers, ...
  5. Ron Gardenhire discusses Joe Mauer's decision

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ID:	6012The Twins surprised everyone yesterday but announcing that Joe Mauer has made the decision to relocate to first base after spending his career as one of the game’s best two-way catchers.

    Comments from Twins general manager Terry Ryan in October made it clear that the team was not totally anticipating Mauer’s move as they entered the planning season for 2014. In his address to the media yesterday, Mauer mentioned that there were occasions that he would take ...
  6. Thoughts on the Twins? One baseball agent's perspective on Minnesota's front office

    Josh Johnson will be one of the game's more sought after free agents.Baseball agent Matt Sosnick speaks strongly of loyalty, honesty and trust in his industry.

    His agency, Sosnick Cobbe Sports, was grown from scratch in the hills above the San Francisco Bay and relies on building relationships, sticking with clients regardless of on-field performance and adheres to principles such as automatically dropping players who engage in detrimental activity like domestic violence. He discusses his clients as friends rather than means ...
  7. Velocity to blame? That's not Twins rotation's biggest problem.

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ID:	5961As plain as the nose on your face, the Twins could clearly see that a sizeable portion of their 2013 troubles was a direct result of the team’s rotation.

    “Missing bats and big impact” could have been a mantra of the starting five, or at least a bestselling bumper sticker for a select number of the fan base which thrives on the pessimism.

    The evidence of the staff’s lack of strikeouts is clear to anyone who does a cursory search of Fangraphs ...
  8. Revisiting October: Gladden Powers Twins In Game One

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ID:	5862With tickets and Homer Hankies sold out for days, Minnesota Twins fans were more than ready for the main event to start.

    However the Series would not start off in the Twins’ favor. Not immediately anyways.

    The Cardinals clung to a one-nothing lead through the first three innings. Jim Lindeman, a former roommate of Kirby Puckett’s at Bradley University, would reach on a double after his old roomie misjudged what should have been a caught popup ...
  9. Revisiting October: Twins Mania Grips Minnesota

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Name:	10-17.jpg 
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ID:	5858Beneath the fold of the October 17 edition of the Star Tribune was a story that may have grabbed larger headlines anywhere outside of this market.

    On the morning of October 14, an eighteen-month-old little girl by the name of Jessica had horrifically fallen 22 feet into a well in the backyard of a Midland home in West Texas. Improbably, she lasted two days and change without food and water while rescuers dug through bedrock to reach her.

    When ...
  10. Revisiting October: Twins top Detroit

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ID:	5841Not long ago, we were forced to sell my grandmother’s house. As part of the purging process, a box filled with newspapers from the Minnesota Twins’ championship seasons in 1987 and 1991 were discovered. The newspapers, still wreaking of the stale cigarette smoke that saturated her entire dwelling, are pure gold.(1)

    As the resident family baseball-phile, the archive was entrusted to me.

    Without much to do with the box, other than keep it away ...
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  11. Did You Know?

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ID:	5795This is now the third edition of the year-end mishmash that is the Twins at a statistical glace:

    It was the Year of the Strikeout for pitchers in baseball and more than any team the Twins hitters were their greatest victims. The offense saw strike three 1,430 times – a new franchise record.

    That 1,430 finish represents the third-highest team total since 1961. Only the 2013 Houston Astros (1,535) and the 2010 Diamondbacks (1,529) have finished ...
  12. Pinto could ease a Mauer transition

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ID:	5741With Joe Mauer’s season cut short due to brain trauma, now more than ever there is discussion to moving the franchise player out from behind the plate to a “safer” position in the infield.

    TwinsDaily.com’s Nick Nelson shared his thoughts and explained in detail as to why the move makes sense for 2014. The crux of Nelson’s pitch is to protect the team’s best offensive player from missing extended time from additional concussions that have been plaguing backstops ...
  13. Kevin Correia Talks Pitching

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ID:	5705When the Twins signed Kevin Correia this offseason, they knew his ceiling was not high as, say, Francisco Liriano’s would be. They also figured that Correia’s floor would not be as low as Liriano’s either. Their goal was to acquire some semblance of consistency that was grossly lacking in 2012.

    To their credit, the Twins got just that – a pitcher who made every start and, after tonight’s outing, will have accumulated almost 200 innings. Sure, the win/loss ...
  14. Have the Twins been screwed by umpires?

    Attachment 5629Robot umpires now? You wouldn’t blame Kyle Gibson for wanting them.

    A recent Wall Street Journal article took an in-depth look at Major League Baseball’s strike zone and found that some teams have benefited from an expanded zone while others suffered from shrinkage.

    Brian Costa consulted with the locally-owned Inside Edge, a Minneapolis-based company who specializes in harvesting video data for teams to use, and IE’s evaluating system combined ...
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