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  1. Shawn Marcum could be a fit for the Twins

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ID:	2551The worst kept secret in baseball is that teams need an abundance of starting pitching. Like crack, you can never have enough.

    Also, pitching, like crack, can be an expensive endeavor Ė particularly when you need a lot of it. And this is exactly the position the Twins are in so said the teamís general manager, Terry Ryan, during his offseason apology tour.

    In a recent interview with Twins Dailyís John Bonnes, Ryan admitted that his financial ...
  2. Aaron Hicks' stock will be rising this offseason

    As Seth Stohs mentioned yesterday, while the rest of us at Twins Daily were all stark raving mad about Kyle Gibsonís performance in the Arizona Fall League, another Twins prospect was making noise even further south. Outfielder Aaron Hicks, who is playing winter ball in Venezuela, is off to a fast start this offseason, matching the expectation he set from his in-season performance at New Britain.

    Of course, ...
  3. Twins' Kyle Gibson heating up in Arizona

    Just over a year removed from his Tommy John surgery, Twins pitching prospect Kyle Gibson has made two encouraging starts in Arizona, firing 92-to-95-mph bullets and keeping the gameís top prospects off-balanced with an 83-86-mph slider.

    Thatís right: Hitting 95 miles per hour according to the Pitch F/X system in Arizona.

    Letís take a look at why his AFL performance should give Twins fans hope.

    According to MLB.com, Gibson has been aware of the velocity increase ...
  4. Improving Twins offense is Greek to me

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Size:  7.7 KBFor the past four years, we have produced an Offseason Handbook to put fans in the driverís seat of the Twins franchise. Within it, we highlight all of the winterís impending free agents, potential trade targets and review the organizationís strengths and weaknesses from top to bottom. This culminates with the presentation of our blueprints to improving the team.

    In my blueprint, I laid out a fairly elementary explanation as to why the Twins failed so miserably ...
  5. Did you know?

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ID:	2468Joe Mauer hit just one infield fly ball all year making his 1.0% infield fly rate the second lowest in all of baseball. Thatís a significant increase over his totals last year when he did not hit a single fly ball to anyone in the infield. See, there is still plenty of reason to boo him.

    Mauer is often credited with having the perfect swing, and the fact that he is not popping pitches up to the second baseman is telling how square he hits the ball. That said ...
  6. Joe Mauer finishes shy of batting title quest

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    Joe Mauerís noble effort to obtain his fourth batting title was thwarted when those cyborgs known as Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout were unrelenting.

    That notwithstanding, this has been an outstanding rebound season for the Twins catcher.

    Considering the slow start by his standards, his .320 average heading into the last day of the season is impressive nonetheless. At the beginning of May, his average was down to .270 before he checked into the ...
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