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I left the Twin Cities in 1996 but continue to follow and root for the Twins.

  1. Impressions after the Sunday game in Cleveland

    After watching the Twins today in Cleveland, several impressions come to the forefront.

    First, the pitching seems to be no better than last year, and quite possibly even worse. The starter, Nolasco, stunk it up with 5 runs in only 4 innings, and could not seem to locate his pitches to save his life. The bullpen quickly coughed up two more runs, a performance that could put a game essentially out of reach by the halfway mark.

    The defense was also laughable, with somebody ...

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  2. Jimmy Rollins being shopped

    MLBTR has an item stating that the Phillies would be willing to trade Jimmy Rollins. In the article, it's stated:

    "Rollins, 35, struggled at the plate in 2013, batting .252/.318/.348..."

    Meanwhile our resident starter pleased some fans with his progress, posting .221/.281/.330.

    I don't particularly advocate trading for Rollins, as I assume the Phils want prospects the Twins won't want to part with and the Twins won't want to invest $11M a year in ...
  3. Separated at birth?

    I didn't know what Ricky Nolasco looked like until he signed with the Twins and the same photo kept showing up. I had a sense of deja vu but couldn't name it until today:
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  4. Road Trip for Arizona Fall League?


    When the Twins announced their players being sent to the Arizona Fall League (AFL), John Bonnes made an off-hand comment about a Twins Daily road trip. Something of that magnitude might be a little fanciful, but I'm thinking about going and he and I agreed maybe a clearinghouse would be useful for those who plan to go, or are considering it.

    The Twins players will be on the Glendale Desert Dogs. All the AFL games are in the Phoenix area. Our guys have games from ...
  5. Swiftian satire must be attempted only by people actually named Jonathan

    In response to a forum reply that I felt crossed a boundary, where the writer questioned the courage of Andrew Albers, instead of just deleting the post I decided to try a bit of "see how you like it". Since it stirred up some controversy, I am posting here the private message I later sent:

    Brock and I were both basically reacting to one sentence:

    Albers could have at least had the balls to fight for it if he really wanted it. ...

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  6. Twins fans near Seattle?

    For later reference:

    Quote Originally Posted by ashburyjohn View Post
    The Twins will be in Seattle in late July. I'm considering making the trip up there for one or more games. I seem to recall somebody who posts here living in that region, but I can't remember who. If you'd be interested in meeting up with a fellow TDer for one of these games, drop me a note.
  7. For no particular reason

    From the game thread today, regarding Dozier batting second:

    Quote Originally Posted by ashburyjohn View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by GCTF View Post
    In times of trouble, you go with what you know.
    When he finds himself in times of trouble,
    Brother Gardy looks at second.
    Speaking words of wisdom:
    Bat him second.

    And in the hour of darkness,
    He is looking right at second base,
    Speaking words of wisdom,
    Bat him second.

    Bat him second, Bat him second,
    Bat him second, Bat him second,

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  8. Would you have gone 5 years and $80M for Anibal Sanchez?

    This is a repeat of a forum post I made in December 2012. I'm blogging it now mostly for my own convenience; I took the time to look up several pitchers and I don't want to have to search again when I try to remember what I learned. The question was, if you were GM would you have matched the 5/$80M deal for Detroit's Anibal Sanchez? The context now is, when if ever would you sign a pitcher to a long term deal, given that there is room in the budget until the rookies start to earn big dough ... ...
  9. About avatars

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    I've been asked about my daily choice of avatar(s). That joke has pretty much run its course so I'm not going to continue it indefinitely, and I thought I should just put the lengthy explanation here as a blog entry for possible future reference.

    I started out without any visual embellishment to my postings. After a while I decided to try it out, after seeing others' choices. I didn't like my own photo for the purpose, and the first one I ...

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  10. Anagram update

    Previously I posted anagrams of the 2013 Twins active roster. Here are permutations on some recent additions:

    Oswaldo Arcia
    Iowa Carloads
    I Also A Coward
    A Cow Loads Air

    Scott Diamond
    Candid Mottos
    Misadd Cotton
    Condom Tit Ads

    Pedro Hernandez
    Preharden Dozen
    Pardoned Her Zen
    End Red Porn Haze

    Updated 04-30-2013 at 05:59 PM by ashburyjohn

  11. Paying to see the home team take batting practice

    Click image for larger version. 

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    There is already a lengthy thread in the forum, about the Twins' abortive offer to let fans watch home-team batting practice for $15; I did not get too worked up about the topic at first but I contributed and the obsessive reader may see a theme or two repeated here. Well written essays, pro and con, are also found at
    http://www.brandonwarne.com/2013/04/...ch-bp-my-take/ ...

    Updated 04-12-2013 at 12:23 AM by ashburyjohn

  12. What's In A Name?

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    It's been a few years since I did this. You'll either love it or hate it. Here are some anagrams of the 25-man roster. I don't claim a lot of creativity, and I used a program to generate possibilities. I spared the mods some grief by leaving out the dirty ones. Some names are pretty barren (had to cheat and use Mauer's given name Joseph), while others give an embarrassment of riches and you might think up better ones. Or you might even spot some typos/errors, ...

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  13. Tigers looking to trade Porcello

    I'll try this as a blog entry instead of a forum post.

    The Tigers continue to shop Rick Porcello to no avail. MLB Trade Rumors states that the Padres turned down a chance to trade either Huston Street or Luke Gregerson to get him. Other deals have failed to materialize. I suppose the equivalent from the Twins standpoint would be Glen Perkins, factoring in the NL and the Padres home park. Would you make that deal, if the Tigers also saw it that way (and were willing to trade intra-division)? ...
  14. Managing a 40-man roster for a last place franchise

    Originally posted in reply to thread These Call-Ups Are a Downer

    The Twins' 40-man roster is apparently at 39 right now, and the desire for waiver-wire flexibility is a reason given not to bring up one or two other players for September, such as Anthony Slama.

    How can a last-place team have any issues at all managing their 40-man roster? Just sooooo many talented players, the other teams will scoop an All-Star-in-the-making right up, if the Twins aren't careful? ...
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