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    Ortiz- clears the bases on a double-Sano scores all the way from 1st. 8-0 Snappers.
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    Rosario pops to SS on first pitch.
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    Sano walks-doesn't sound like he got much to hit. Rosario next.
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    Lin walks and Bryant doubles off the glove of the White Cap outfielder and it rolls to the wall. Williams and Peterson scores and Lin to 3rd. Here comes Sano-New pitcher. Snappers up 5-0.
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    Announcer-Snappers "poised to have ducks on the pond as their mashers come up." Gotta love A ball.
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    Williams and Peterson with 1 out singles. Second hit for the former Gopher today.
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    Shibuya- 5 2/3 8 hits 0 runs 1 walk 5 K's leaves with bases loaded.
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    Achter goes full count and gets the K.
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    Bases loaded-2 out. Shibuya is coming out and in comes AJ Achter.
  10. MWLFan's Avatar
    Shibuya is battling his "heart out". In other words he is walking a thin line.
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    White caps announcers call the Snappers not a good defensive club after a Rhodes error puts a one out runner on 1st.
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    Snappers 3-0 in the 5th
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    Koch walks-takes 3rd on a two base error during a pick off-AJ singles on a 95+ fastball driving in Koch and then steals second-Lin walks- Grimes flys out and AJ moves to 3rd-Sano up 2 out-Lin takes 2nd uncontested- and Sano strikes out looking at a fastball
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    Rhodes K's on fastball from Tigers 11th rated prospect who is in to pitch.
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    Lin doubles to start the 3rd, Grimes flys out and Sano strikes out on a change. Then Rosario singles driving in Lin, taking second. On the next pitch Ortiz singles bringing in Rosario and taking second on the throw home. Pitching change and Snappers have a 2-0 lead.
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    Al Kaline's grand kid is playing 3rd for the White Caps.
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    Snappers hitless going to the 3rd. Shibuya on the mound. Has had some runners on and a hard hit out into right. Got a strike out throw out DP in the first too.
  18. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I have said that it is actually a bit odd given that there is actually a lack of OF depth at Beloit and Fort Myers while there IS depth at the middle infield positions. Diversifying is a great thing at this point.
  19. MWLFan's Avatar
    Agreed Seth. Knoblauch was a CF too at one point. (In fact trivia question answer, who was the CF for the Twins when Dave Winfield got his 3,000 hit. Chuck Knoblauch. I was there and it was a screwy extra innings game with Knobby in CF at one point and Kirby playing infield.) Just watching him at second this last weekend made me want to maximize that middle infield big bat potential, I can't remember the Twins having such a talented bat at that position since Carew. Castino for a couple of years, Knoblauch didn't have the power, other then that ER could be a real force in a exciting offense. He is a good athelete so I am sure he will get there with the glove, but he needs reps.
  20. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Eddie Rosario is a tremendous defensive CF with a rocket for an arm. I think they would be remiss to have him solely at 2B at this point. He should primarily play 2B, but I like that he got out there again.
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