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  1. SgtSchmidt11's Avatar
    He did the same thing though at Ft. Myers this year. L:301/363/521 R:346/454/729. That's a crazy split and oddly enough in the wrong direction...
  2. Willihammer's Avatar
    Miguel Sano at Minor League Central

    Select year.

    He has maintained very small splits throughout and I would agree this is a very good sign.
  3. clutterheart's Avatar
    Seems like just a few days ago he was "day-to-day" and "just about back"

    Yet another fail for the training staff.
  4. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    He is still struggling to swing a bat without pain; could still join Twins on Friday for series v. Rays, but sounding less and less likely.
  5. Rosterman's Avatar
    Arcia could get a look. The Twins might bite on Hicks. But anyone else...no, not if they aren't 40-man roster qualified at tis point. No use starting the clock on anyone before you need to, just for an early looksee. Arcia needs to make the team in 4 years...so he's an advance looker.
  6. clutterheart's Avatar
    That OF defense must be fantastic
    Few balls must drop in the gap and no one should run on Arcia's arm. This could be the 2014 OF for the MN twins
  7. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    That's a fun team to watch. It would be great for them to get to the playoffs as a team and win a round or two or a championship!
  8. Obie's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by J-Dog Dungan
    How close is Arcia to qualifying?
    Since he started at Fort Meyers and spent some time on DL, he only has 34 games at New Britain while the league leaders are over 85.
  9. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    How close is Arcia to qualifying?
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