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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bonnes
    I'm confused - I think you said Baxenale had a ball in play on a 3-1 count, but that he only had one called ball? Am I reading that right?
    yes /kinda and yes.

    He only had one ball in play and that resulted in a 3-1 (1B to P) ground out by Mejia (on a 0-2 count)

    Also he had only one called ball. Everything else was either a called strike, a swinging strike and that one ball in play. And most Ks were of the 3 pitch variety.
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    I'm confused - I think you said Baxenale had a ball in play on a 3-1 count, but that he only had one called ball? Am I reading that right?
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    I left at about the sixth inning when A+ was leading 1-0. Double by Sano to deep center (lost in the wind by the centerfielder), a ground out and a single by Lance Ray I think. All those off Luke Bard. Then Andrew Ferreira came in for A, (Twins' 22nd round pick in 2012 from Hahvahd) and was effectively wild to shut down the bats.

    So not sure who won

    But they will score a bunch or runs
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    Who won the A/A+ game? Did anyone score and how? Did Sano impress again and were there any bombs (Sano / Vargas)?

    You left me assuming A+ won, becasue you said they were going to score some runs this season. I try not to ass u me (just kidding)
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    How did we go from platooning to send down to Rochester? If Ramirez starts against lefties in RF, Parmelee will still see time at 1B or DH in some of those games. He will also start the majority if games in right. Not because he earned it, not because of a scholarship, but because the Twins assess that he is the best option. I can't disagree. Based on the whole of his performance over the last two years, there is a reasonable chance he can provide league average play for a RF or 1B for the next several years.

    Why platoon? His OPS in AA and AAA over the last two years is more than 200 points lower against lefties.
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    So Parmelee has a scholarship? How about Tyler Robertson? He has about as much MLB experience as Parmelee does. How about Alex Burnett. He has more. Are these 2 handed jobs as well just because? And the other 2 did more at the MLB level than Parmelee.

    Indeed Ryan/Gardy said that Parmelee will be an outfielder (instead of a first baseman) this season. From that to him anointed the starter, is a long way. I think.
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    Thanks for the report Thry. I do agree with Seth about Parmelee and I think he will hit. Ramirez over Butera? I don't think so, but it would be good news. I can't see Clement making the club mostly because he just hasn't hit that well, but also because he's a LH hitting 1B. We already have two with a third (Mauer) playing there at least occasionally. Correia, Pelfrey, and Worley haven't exactly improved my confidence that the pitching will be better, but the same story is there--they are getting ready for the regular season--they don't have to wins jobs.
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    Sure... could send Parmelee back down to Rochester. if you want.

    Parmelee went into camp as the starter. Hence, his only job is to get ready for the regular season. He's done that. Once the season starts, it's on. Then he'll have to start hitting. No one cares about his batting average or anything like that this spring.
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    thrylos98 do you have any thought on whether the Twins will or should go after Garland or possibly Chris Young?
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    Curious what you mean, tellis that he doesn't take the defensive drills as seriously. 1.) Was he not putting in the effort? Was he joking around? 2.) What was the difference between when he was hitting and when he was fielding.
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    Platooning him with Parmelee might be an option at this point. I just have not bought into the Parmelee craze at this point. And I do not think that Parmelee "earned" a starting job by any means by his performance (at the MLB level) in regular season 2012 or Spring Training 2013. But he is a first round pick and the Twins never give up on those...

    Thanks, BTW
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    Thanks again for a very detailed report.

    Ramirez would be useful on the bench though scouting reports on the 3B turned corner OF have never been good about his defense. He has the speed and maybe over time improved the instincts. He can't be worse than Willingham or Parmelee.

    I would like to see him in the bench. Though his platoon splits in the minors have been neutral, would you platoon him with Parmelee?
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    I was down last week. Hermsen pulled a rib cage muscle and had to come out after one inning last week. Interested to see if he's recovered. Watched Sano quite a bit. Noticed he just doesn't seem to take the fielding drills as seriously as he does when he steps into the cage for his cuts. I came to the conclusion that Vargas is at a tipping point as far as his weight. Thanks for the report.
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    Where else would Meyer, Bigley and Arcia be playing at this point of spring training?

    You realize Lane, Elarton and Vasquez are all, I believe, over 30, so they certainly aren't brought in to be impressive, just to eat some innings.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts from Ft. Myers!
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    Kind of a moot point after tonight's announcement of Hicks being the starter....

    Both of those balls were at short center. The first one he was playing deep and ran and then he stopped and the ball just fell 10 feet in front of him. I think he misjudged that. Slow high pop. No wind today btw. The second one he was playing more shallow and it was not that much of a moonshot as the first one so it got there faster but it was catchable. Maybe he was tired or hurt or something but both of those were catchable. And if they were caught, Tyler Robertson's day would looked a tad different.
  16. jorgenswest's Avatar
    Thanks for the report.

    Do you think Hicks, Span or Revere get to any of those balls? Was it a bad day or is his range in centerfield more limited then we have seen from Span, Revere or Hicks?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs
    1.) As long as Chris Parmelee is healthy, he will be the team's starting RF when the season opens.
    I hope he really turns it around, because other than that September cup of coffee in 2011, he has not done much at the MLB-level to deserve a position on the 25-man roster, and much more a starting job. He still has to show that he is not the next Shane Spencer...
    (at least to me.)

    I'd love to see what Arcia can do and I suspect the same with the MLB staff, so, if he get cut, he would probably be one of the last cuts. He was pretty bad today, so I don't know how healthy he is, but I would love it if he wins the RF job.

    Again, I have nothing against Parmelee, but he just has not shown that he belongs. Add the fact that his defense is suited more to the DH position (his OF play is worse than Kubel's who was a DH) and ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Dog Dungan
    If you were tracking guys like Morneau, Willingham and Mauer, how would they be doing?
    They would be doing fine Plouffe too.
    Carroll would be doing ok, Doumit not so much
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    1.) As long as Chris Parmelee is healthy, he will be the team's starting RF when the season opens.

    2.) They'll send down a bunch of the 40 man roster guys that won't be making the team. That would be Hermsen, May, Pinto, Arcia, Santana, Thielbar, Tonkin,

    3.) As for non-roster guys that will be sent to minor league camp, I think it's more about guys that have no shot and aren't at a position of need. Also, starting pitchers that need to start getting stretched out. Remember that unlike 40 man roster players, these guys can still play in Twins spring games after their demotion. I would say guys like Augenstein, E Vasquez... could also officially send down the injured guys like Oliveros and Blackburn. They could do the same with Harden and Perez, although they likely won't send them to minor league camp.

    4.) As for Benson, he is a possibility, but I think they need to make more decisions on him, so I expect he'll stick around long enough to have something positive happen.
  20. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    If you were tracking guys like Morneau, Willingham and Mauer, how would they be doing?
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