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  1. ScottyBroco's Avatar
    Which one is closer to a winning season in transition?
  2. Nick Nelson's Avatar
    Two franchises that are the very definition of "in transition."
  3. Don't Feed the Greed Guy's Avatar
    How often do you have to bite your tongue? In other words, Mr. Provus, could you talk frankly about the balance between telling it like it is (Morneau, payroll cuts, salary dumps, etc...) and supporting the party line (propaganda?).
  4. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Just to be clear Scott, I wasn't deleting it because it WAS spam. I deleted it because I was racing around the site deleting other spambot entries and at first glance I thought that's what it was. I realized it was a mistake, but I couldn't get it back.
  5. ScottyBroco's Avatar
    Jim- Keep the ipad a secret from you daughter as long as possible...
    Glunn, Thanks for the compliment. A first time blogger needs positive support.

    Fire Dan Gladden, We need to talk on why you hate Gladden. I personally love having him on telecasts. But why the hate? Maybe you have a recent post or comment or blog on why you hate him?

    John Thanks for the Ipad Tip. Although I have just bought 50 dollar belkin case, one crappy screen 3m screen protector which is now in the waste basket, and one top of the line one from Zagg, I think I will hold off on a keypad for now at least.

    Also, does Twins Daily do any meets up during the year? I think it would be a great tradition if we rented out the Budweiser Roof Deck for a game once a year. That way we could all mingle, not be restricted by phsyicalily of seats and drink. Although I hear that the Roof Deck is high demand and sold out for ever game. But maybe that is hearsay.

    Also, my next blog will be about TK and Marney Gelhner..... I need to edit them more...
  6. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I'll give an iPad tip. If you plan on using it o post on the forum or blog, there are some great protective cases that double as keyboards. Having a keyboard has changed how I use the ipad.

    Also, don't worry about being ripped a new one. We're definitely moving towards more civility.

    Finally, welcome. We're happy to have you here whether you blog, post, comment or just read.
  7. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    Keep a very thick skin and you will be fine. Oh, and blog alot about how Gardy and the FO all need to be fired. We don't see enough of that around here. (Sorry, somebody needs to invent a sarcasm icon)
  8. glunn's Avatar
    This is a good first blog, Scott. Welcome.
  9. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    Well I can say I'm glad my elementary education major of a daughter doesn't read this site. She'd be using this to "prove" to her dad that she needs a new iPad... and if dad buys one of those for anyone, it will be for himself!

    Welcome to blogdom, Scott
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