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  1. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    I am horribly gripped by the temptation to photoshop Rick Anderson holding Scott Diamond as "My Heart Will Go On" plays in the background...
  2. glunn's Avatar
    Nice blog!

    Hopefully this chaos will eventually lead to order. In the meantime, it makes sense to keep trying new people until more of them stick.
  3. clutterheart's Avatar
    Of course the Medical Staff Messed up. Why do you want your closer to Rest a week when you are going through the interleague schedule? Does that make any sense at all?
    Gardy had to manage with a 24 man roster and the team went on a bit of a slide. An extra bat/arm during this time might have helped...
  4. Pradesh's Avatar
    Or even Hrbek
  5. stringer bell's Avatar
    I have submitted often that, with merely a suspect rotation, the Twins would be a .500 team, and in the AL Central, that means contender. The offense has been spotty, but has shown signs of improving. The defense is much improved, although there have been quite a few errors in the last 10 days or so. Relief pitching is okay, bordering on solid and fundamentally the Twins are doing much better.

    On the defense, with Revere and Span in the outfield and decent gloves at catcher and the middle infield there is a real improvement. The Twins have turned a lot of double plays and are not messing up many of late. With the good range of Span and Revere and decent range at short and second, the Twins are getting to more balls in the middle of the diamond. The corners? Not so much, but the best way to play good defense on the corners is to swing the bat well.

    The Twins need to rebuild their rotation on the fly. It looks like Diamond will stay for awhile. I'm thinking he'll be pitching for the Twins when they are good again. I am not close to sold on Walters or De Vries, but they've been better than any of the original five that started the season. Let's hope that they can produce another starter or two and perhaps get one at the deadline in exchange for one of the relief pitchers or Doumit or Carroll.
  6. Kirsten Brown's Avatar
    Hi, Shane.

    Oh, yeah, I'm a big believer in the importance of OBP...you can't score runs if you don't get on base. And, as cool as home runs are, I do appreciate the high on-base guys. I just saw humor in the irony of that one fluky game.
  7. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I have never liked the return to the TC as opposed to the M. The TC looks cooler on the caps, but it's the MINNESOTA Twins, right? The TC is already repped in the "Twins" name. But I lived in northern MN, so what do I know . . .

    OBP still matters a whole bunch. It isn't the end-all, be-all of baseball, but it matters a lot and that is why Joe Mauer needs more respect. He understands that while many, many Twins fans apparently don't.
  8. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Pavano has got to rest that shoulder and get some velocity back so the Twins can get him pitching well enough again to be trade bait at the end of July.

    I don't know if there aren't better pitchers ready to take over for him (DeVries, Bromberg).
  9. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Nice weekly recap Kirsten. Thanks for posting.
  10. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    The only thing good about the last series was that it was on the West Coast ... and I didn't feel compelled to watch it.

    In the past I would have decided to forego sleep. Not doing so was a really easy decision this week.

    Always enjoy your thoughts, k-bro
  11. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
    As baseball enthusiasts, most of us should be thrilled for a no-hitter. Cudos to you Madame for rejecting Weaver's accomplishment. Fortunately I did not watch this game, but I do have the unfortunate experience of watching Boomer Wells' perfect game against us. It haunts me to this day. I could give a rat's ass about baseball etiquette - bunt, bunt, bunt, bunt, bunt - Kill the No Hitter!!!
  12. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    Glad to see you're not in the "Gardy should skip his daughter's graduation or find a way to go without missing any games" crowd. That discussion was just ridiculous. I, too, think this time away could be good for all involved. Always enjoy reading your stuff.
  13. John Bonnes's Avatar
    So many questions. If you happen to run across a magic bottle next time you're antiquing or garage-saleing, pick it up and send it to the Twins.

    Or maybe he just needs a bottle of good Scotch.
    Or cherry extract.
  14. Kirsten Brown's Avatar
    >I just wish I could come up with a nice list of pitchers where the reverse has worked in the Twins favor.

    Craig Breslow comes to mind. At least for a while.
  15. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Pavano would certainly count. How about Denys Reyes? One could put Matt Guerrier in that list, too.
  16. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    > Sometimes a different coaching staff has success with a guy with a strong head.

    I just wish I could come up with a nice list of pitchers where the reverse has worked in the Twins favor. Maaaaaybe Pavano counts? Santana as a Rule 5 draftee, which somewhat changes the subject. Don't know of too many others, off the top of my head.
  17. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    I also have memories of extreme frustration with Kyle Lohse. He was similar to Frankie in that he would often pitch well early in the game but then the wheels would come off around the fourth or fifth inning.
  18. caitlynpoli's Avatar
    Great Twins Video
  19. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    "The Pitcher's Win statistic is really dumb"?!?!? NONSENSE!! It reflects Jeff Gray's ability to hypnotize, bewitch and ensorscle his opponents. Lesser pitches pitch, Jeff Gray just uses mind control to induce outs on single pitches. He learned all this from watching Dr. Claw on Inspector Gadget...and we wouldn't have figured it out without the Win statistic drawing attention to his sinister plot...

    On second thought, yeah...it is stupid...
  20. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Haha, "serving up way too much interesting" is exactly spot on. He has to strike people out. If not, it is going to be a disaster. What's interesting from my optimistic point of view is that since health may NOT be a concern outside of Baker, the closer situation might be the most pressing problem.
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