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  1. TRex's Avatar
    Now that even Seth is saying that BA is over-rated, I was wondering if you could discuss where you would draw the line...

    Obviously, in the extreme of two players with an identical OBP of .360, the player who hits .360 with no walks is more valuable than the one who hits .240, but has a 12% walk rate (I know because of the AB/PA difference it would be higher than 12%, but the math escapes me at the moment).

    However, what if we compare a .300 hitter with that same .240 hitter who had the .360 OBP. In your opinions, at what OBP would the .300 hitter become more valuable?

    I understand the value of a walk in not creating an out, but I think the value of a hit is actually under appreciated nowadays. Walks never score a runner from second (and very frequently third), or move a runner from first to third. And if 30% of a #3 hitter's ABs occur with runners on base, a lot of opportunities for taking an extra base are missed by drawing a walk.
  2. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Why is it that the entire FSL fails to have any game video highlights from any games this season? No team shows any highlights. The entire All Star game festivities are word of mouth. Not one video of one hit that weekend. Can you guys explain why?
  3. lightfoot789's Avatar
    I'd like to know your thoughts on AB Walkers performance at the All Star Game and HR Derby? I know the derby is just like BP, but how about 3-5 against the north all stars. Are you surprised?

    What will be the fall out with 24 draftees being signed? Who will fall where?

    Tomshaw or Wheeler should get promoted before Berrios in my opinion. Agree or disagree?
  4. jorgenswest's Avatar
    We have your breakdown of each pick and your thoughts on the Twins. Thank you. What is your draft board 1-5?
  5. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    Looking forward to some serious draft talk with the Twins Hangouts gentlemen all night long!
  6. blairpaul715's Avatar
    Any insight as to the reason Turner was gone for a few days or more?
  7. blairpaul715's Avatar
    If we had the first pick, this would be my guy.......so of course, i would hope he drops to us.........I know Kolek has tremendous potential, but i don't want him, to much of an injury waiting to happen, plus he is not considered athletic, and I don't think he will be able to find his command.(all this on not seeing him, just reading reports and what others have said, just doesn't feel right to me)

    My Top 4 for me.....1 Jackson 2 Rodon 3 Aiken 4 Gordon.
    Updated 06-02-2014 at 10:35 PM by blairpaul715
  8. clutterheart's Avatar
    Nola scares me. I would rather have Gordon
  9. pierre75275's Avatar
    I think in order of preference i take jackson then nola then Turner then gordon
  10. h2oface's Avatar
    An outing like Trevor May's today for the Twins would be so very welcome. Just putting the "ineffectivenes" in perspective. The rotation could use some of that not the best stuff.
  11. ScottyB's Avatar
    Re Davis - can you say Brooks Kieschnick? The only player ever to hit home runs as an outfielder, a DH and a pitcher all in the same season (for Milwaukee). It would allow Gardy to have his 13 man pitching staff and a backup outfielder who is not a shortstop.

    PS Gardy wouldn't have to worry about shifting Pinto away from DH. In Davis' case having a pitcher hit would actually strengthen the lineup.
    Updated 05-15-2014 at 12:02 PM by ScottyB
  12. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    It should be "Join Seth and me"
  13. twinsfan34's Avatar
    I never liked Hoffman...but disappointed someone else wouldn't get a chance to "waste" a pick on him.

    He's a JR...I think...so he now ends up in the 2016 Draft?

    Yea, I was starting to get excited about Gordon when the Dodgers were in town and with the Royals (Y. Ventura) playing the week before...all I could think was. Those diminitive Gordon's sure play good baseball.

    I wouldn't be afraid of Freeland or Beede.
  14. AM.'s Avatar
    I am hopeful Rodon somehow falls to the Twins, but I am not sure how. Free land looks like a good bet to be the Twins' pick right now.
  15. Lonestar's Avatar
    I'm glad you mentioned FGCU becauseFreeland has been comped to Florida Gulf Coast University's Chris Sale. In partdue to the handedness and the command/control, but also the arm slot and the slider. He might be a poor man's Chris Sale but he does have someprojectability left. Not a bad comp.

    With Hoffman sidelined, the first four look more and more [to me] like Aiken,Kolek, Rodon, and Jackson in some order. Boras would have to be factored in for anyone drafting Rodon and Jackson.
  16. twinsfan34's Avatar
    Out of all these guys, I've only seen Nola and Rodon pitch a full game. I've seen a few innings of Koleck and Beede.

    I don't like Hoffman. I just don't like someone that eratic control wise who hasn't 'put it together' with the velocity and the hook he supposedly has. If either one were close to plus or better and the other average, he'd easily have 9+ K/9 at the collegiate level of competition he's facing. He's just now creeping over that number and his BB/IP is getting better 20/67, but still not enough for me to take a chance on him near the top end of a seemingly talented pitching heavy draft.

    I know Rodon is falling...but I'd take him over Hoffman easily at #5.

    I like Koleck. Can't teach velocity and size. If he has no seemingly apparent injuries he could be good. Not worried about not having much of a curve/slider. He's just turning 18. And the cutter, according to many MLB pitching coaches I've inquired of or heard speak on it, the cutter is easily teachable. And we've seen guys like Mariano Rivera to Jensen (Dodgers) to Eck etc do pretty good with that pitch, then to add it to his 4-seamer. He has the downhill angle that Michael Wacha and others have while throwing 80%+ fastballs with success. If he learns a changeup he'll be dangerous...curve, slider all the more.

    I'd be fine with Aiken. Dont know much.

    I've seen Nola pitch...he knows what he's doing, but definitely don't see him being anything more than a #3/#4 guy in MLB - granted, I think there's a 90% chance that's his floor and his ceiling. I could see a team in the middle to late 1st RD grabbing him and he's in their rotation by end of 2015/spring 2016.

    Haven't seen Freeland pitch, but you can't ignore those Lewis Thorpe-like numbers. Ironically, Thorpe wouldn't even be a freshman in college, but could probably post those numbers his freshman year at college.

    Brings up a quick question - would anyone trade Thorpe for any of these pitching prospects?
    Which one(s)?

    I'm intrigued with Jackson. If he's got a solid head on his shoulders and a chance to show some glove somewhere...it's not like he's not facing solid high school competition. I'd have no qualms about taking him #5.

    Guys I'm curious about Luke Weaver (FSU), Sean Newcomb (Hartford), A.J. Reed (Kentucky)...

    We may draft a guy who isn't on TD's radar though...
  17. Spikecurveball's Avatar
    Clutch is a RBI in a tight game, non is a solo shot in a out of hand gm
  18. Spikecurveball's Avatar
    How far out is Kohl Stewart?
  19. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Despite my man crush - How awesome must it have been for Adam Brett Walker to hit a Home Run on his first MLB pitch against Boston Red Sox Saturday? He later hits a double in his next AB. Although only Spring Training - That had to be an awesome experience.

    Lower level Minor leaguers played well most of Spring Training games this year. (Polanco / Kepler / Vargas / etc.). Maybe they can handle failure better than most and should be moved a little quicker than the normal Twins Way. Trial by error might be the way to go if this Twins season goes upside down.
  20. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Is there an official roster for Fort Myers Miracle yet? I'd love to know who some of the pitchers are? Are they keeping 12 or 13 pitchers and same with position players?
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