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  1. strumdatjag's Avatar
    Last night, Detroit scored ten runs. Maybe ruining the batter's eye will slow them down. Bring back the Pine Trees. LIFT THE CURSE!
  2. strumdatjag's Avatar
    Last night, the Tigers score ten on the Twins. Maybe, we need the trees to slow down the opposing team. Certainly, our players would be more accustomed to the "disadvantage" of seeing the ball thru those trees - so the "disdvantage" to the "batters eye" should saffect the other batters more than the Twins batters. Nevertheless, it isn't a matter of natural logic, it is all about the supernatural. Since the curse of the trees started, the Twins have been in a tailspin. Bring back the trees and the the curse will be lifted!!!!
  3. Nick Nelson's Avatar
    There actually have been quite a few more homers hit at Target Field since the trees were removed. Hasn't positively impacted the team's play though, clearly.
  4. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    Do they have to move the same ones back or could they just use new ones, I wonder?

    At any rate, I agree that they need to break the curse of the pine trees (or spruces or whatever the were).

    So either replant or hire an exorcist.
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