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  1. Ncgo4's Avatar
    The Twins have always had a mind numbing affinity for age. Case in point, allowing Bartlett to take a spot on the team when he couldn't find a bat in spring training, let alone hit something with it. They just do not trust youth, or maybe the don't trust strangers.

    It is going to be fun to watch our old white guy management team release their old white marginal player friends to make room for about 6 to 10 young fire breathing Latinos. It'll be even more fun to watch the results on the field.

    To managements credit, however, they knew this day was coming or they wouldn't have invested $ millions in these young players.
  2. hosskartrite's Avatar
    You must have forgotton from last year. Pelfrey is a "sponge" that all these youngsters on the pitching staff could gain something from. Doesn't mattter is you can pitch. Hell, this year we don't even have any youngsters on the staff, but we still have Pelfrey
  3. Highabove's Avatar
    I still do not understand why Mike Pelfrey was brought back.
    Can someone please enlighten me???
  4. gunnarthor's Avatar
    I like Mauer but he's never been or will be my favorite player. It just *seems* like he should be better. Part of that is because he does everything so effortlessly - really quite in the batter's box, no wasted movement. Doesn't seem excited (which is why my all time favorite Mauer play was him jumping and tagging out Gardner at home plate in NY). He's physically bigger than Morneau yet he doesn't seem to *want* to hit homeruns. He doesn't seem to let the situation affect him - usually this is good but sometimes it's bad. In a late game, I'd rather Mauer tried to get a hit of a situational lefty rather than take a walk and let the next guy face a shutdown relief pitcher, something that happens quite a bit. He also *seems* tone deaf - esp in 2011 - towards fans and teammates. I hate reading things that suggests that he's "just one of the guys." That drives me nuts.

    But the guy was, at his best, one of the 5 best players in baseball over several seasons. Seems hard to nit-pick that. It'll be interesting to see if he can be one of the 5 best first basemen this year. My guess is that he puts up a series of pretty quite - high onbase, low counting stats - but solid 4 WAR seasons the next few years and that Sano/Buxton become the face of the franchise and Mauer remains under rated in Twins history. He won't be the best player on our team the next time we have a winning season.
  5. Sconnie's Avatar
    Thanks Nick, I'm trying to be more in the optimist camp and less in the pessimist camp, but man it's rough. Gibson being in the starting rotation, and the possibility of Hicks, Pinto and Arcia being starters helps, but the big names are further away than I'd like.
    Updated 03-26-2014 at 05:33 PM by Sconnie (I'm an idiot)
  6. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    It appears that 2011 was a career year for him in MiLB and MLB.
    Sadly, he's had nothing like it before or since.

    Good luck to him, but he has no business on an MLB roster until he gets something figured out. And that something needs to look like it did in 2011.
  7. Sconnie's Avatar
    Wouldn't it be nice for Escobar to carry a .300 batting average as the lead off hitter and starting SS? Not certain it's very likely...
  8. Rick Niedermann's Avatar
    This article speaks to the obvious. Gardy needs to rethink his position on Platooning. Give a guy the greatest chance at success. Gene Mauch used this approach to get ultimate offensive performance from his teams. Remember DH, Jose Morales-RH Glen Adams LH, 2B, Bobby Randall-RH Rob Wilfong LH, OF, Hosken Powell-LH Bombo Rivera-RH Steve Braun-LH Steve Brye RH and on and on. If the Twins went with 3 catchers you could platoon Suzuki, Pinto and Hermann. In the Outfield and DH you could rotate Kubel, Arcia, Parmalee with Colabello Pinto. On some days Plouffe could sit and Escobar could play 3B. For this offense to get better, Gardy has to employ a little creative thinking, like Mauch did, and platoon guys to give them their greatest chance at success.
  9. pierre75275's Avatar
    I do not believe the Twins will have a true DH. Willingham puts up better numbers in the field then DHing and I believe Kubel does as well. I believe Mauer will also get some DH time, as will I believe Escubar.
  10. killertwinsfan's Avatar
    I'm predicting Deduno breaks camp as the 5th starter. Diamonds velocity was down last season, his K rate was even lower then 2012 and his curveball got killed. Worley's peripherals suggest 2011 was a fluke. Whoever it is I hope Gibson, May, or Meyer break out and take the 5th spot at mid season.
  11. clutterheart's Avatar
    If Polanco can stick at SS he is going to be a top 40 prospect next year.
    I am really looking forward to his season
  12. tobi0040's Avatar
    No prospect is a sure thing, but I don't see a situation where Buxton is not an 8-10 year MLB player. Top prospects from a few years back, like Marte the 3B for the Red Sox/Indians totally flopped and was out of baseball. Buxton's speed and arm will not dissapear barring some freak injuries. So you should get plus range/arm defensively out of him and the ability to steal 40 SB. That should be a given and if for some reason he hits .260-.270 with no power he should still be our starting CF.

    I don't think that is a likely situation, but the intriguing thing about Buxton and Sano maybe that they are so talented their floor would still be an average to valuabling MLB player.
  13. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    The signing this off-season that I am most confused by is Paul Maholm to the Dodgers for 1.5 mil plus incentives. He likely starts the season out of the bull pen despite putting up numbers similiar to Arroyo over the past several seasons and being considerably younger. Is there something in his medicals or did he just REALLY want to play in LA?
  14. Halsey Hall's Avatar
    Bronson Arroyo was a guest speaker at Jeff Smith's camp this weekend. I was talking with a coach who was there and talked with Arroyo. He wants a 3 year contract. I doubt we'd be interested.
  15. COtwin's Avatar
    Part of me wants them to decide to just do the surgery now. My nightmare for this is that they wait a couple more months before pulling out the blades. This shouldn't be that hard to diagnose. There should be lots of data on how injuries like this heal and what to expect. If this type of injury has any tendency to linger if surgery is not performed than he should get cut now. If they do perform surgery in a couple of months than somebody(s) need to look for other lines of work.
  16. howieramone's Avatar
    Nick, you hit it on the head!
  17. clutterheart's Avatar
    Why do we think the Indians won't be signing him?
  18. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Had to come back one more time.
    Obviously I am reluctant about signing Hughes.

    Still, Nick... those home/away splits are pretty intriguing....
  19. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    I'm going to post this one more time then I promise to shut up.

    Last 3 years
    Player A: 411.2 IP, WHIPs of 1.487, 1.265, 1.455, bWARs -0.1, 1.9, -0.7, total: 1.1
    Player B: 510.1 IP, WHIPS of 1.390, 1.298, 1.419, bWARs 0.1, 0.2, 1.6, total: 1.9

    Player A: 2013 FIP 4.50, xFIP 4.39 (Fangraphs)
    Player B: 2013 FIP 4.40, xFIP 4.24

    Player A is Phil Hughes.
    Player B is Kevin Correia.

    We already have one of those.
  20. beckmt's Avatar
    Duensing may not be here next year. So that would open up another reliever arm.
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