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    Buxton? Who are you kidding? A slight wrist sprain, "He's day to day." Is now 4 weeks and won't play until May, "We're being cautious." Is this another example of the Twins great medical team at work? Remember a Guy named Sano who had a sore elbow? "He'll rest it over the winter?" Then when spring training arrived, Tommy John surgery.
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    Part of the problem is you are comparing some weekday home games the last two years to the 2011 season which were friday-sunday night games.

    I have no doubt that attendance this year will be lower than last year - until Buxton comes up at least - but it's not a huge deal for us anyways until/unless the payroll is affected and there is no indication that it will be.
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    You must have forgotton from last year. Pelfrey is a "sponge" that all these youngsters on the pitching staff could gain something from. Doesn't mattter is you can pitch. Hell, this year we don't even have any youngsters on the staff, but we still have Pelfrey
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    Going into year one at Target Field, the Twins raised their Ticket prices an average of 45%.
    The Twins gave two reasons for doing this.
    1 The Team would now be responsible for the cost of operating their new stadium.
    2 The additional Funds were needed to fund a substantially larger payroll. 100+ m
    Much of the anger and obsession with the dropping payroll comes from this issue.
    Despite last year's declining attendance, the Twins still enjoyed the 6th highest earnings in Baseball. Much of this can be attributed to the Twins high ticket price structure.
    The Twins had the option of continuing to be a small market Team with a brand new stadium. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and San Diego chose this route. These teams brought their small market prices with them to their new stadiums.
    The Twins chose the other route. Jerry Bell proclaimed that the Twins were now a mid market franchise, the days of being a small market team were now over.
    When it comes to the price of attending a Twins game, a portion of that statement is true.
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  5. Highabove's Avatar
    I still do not understand why Mike Pelfrey was brought back.
    Can someone please enlighten me???
  6. tobi0040's Avatar
    I agree with the division sans the Reds. They won 90 games last year and have Cueto, Cingrani, Bailey, Latos, and Leake in their rotation.

    I am going to take the liberty of adding my favorite Gardy-ism. Our pitchers are "really flipping it".
  7. gunnarthor's Avatar
    I like Mauer but he's never been or will be my favorite player. It just *seems* like he should be better. Part of that is because he does everything so effortlessly - really quite in the batter's box, no wasted movement. Doesn't seem excited (which is why my all time favorite Mauer play was him jumping and tagging out Gardner at home plate in NY). He's physically bigger than Morneau yet he doesn't seem to *want* to hit homeruns. He doesn't seem to let the situation affect him - usually this is good but sometimes it's bad. In a late game, I'd rather Mauer tried to get a hit of a situational lefty rather than take a walk and let the next guy face a shutdown relief pitcher, something that happens quite a bit. He also *seems* tone deaf - esp in 2011 - towards fans and teammates. I hate reading things that suggests that he's "just one of the guys." That drives me nuts.

    But the guy was, at his best, one of the 5 best players in baseball over several seasons. Seems hard to nit-pick that. It'll be interesting to see if he can be one of the 5 best first basemen this year. My guess is that he puts up a series of pretty quite - high onbase, low counting stats - but solid 4 WAR seasons the next few years and that Sano/Buxton become the face of the franchise and Mauer remains under rated in Twins history. He won't be the best player on our team the next time we have a winning season.
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    This was meant to say 4/9. Either way, game at noon. Today (Wednesday)
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    Through 7 games last year, Mauer had 7 K's, was hitting .267, and had 0 RBI. I think he'll be ok! Otherwise I'm with you, these guys have given me a little hope of competitiveness still this year so far.
  10. gil4's Avatar
    What scares me is 7 K's so far this year and watching him at bat looks scary. It doesn't look like he is in the game, and missing balls by way more than I have ever seen. If the Twins are going to not lose 90 games again, Joe Mauer needs to have an above average year, and based off the beginning, I am concerned. At that same rate, should I be concerned, as I just mentioned we are 7 games in, and in baseball stats seem to always come to the mean of the talent of the player.
    I'm concerned, too, because of the concussion. Hopefully it's just a slump and he will snap out of it, but we're still waiting for Morneau to snap out of it, and it has been 3 1/2 years.
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    Apparently my satire of the glass-is-always-half-empty outlook didn't work so good.

    Oh well, live and (not) learn.
  12. twinsin17's Avatar
    Yes, there were some negatives about the game. Mainly pitching and a misplaced infielder doing what he is asked to help the team. But as rough a game as Nolasco had pitching, Masterson was worse. Give our bats some due credit! Colabello, Plouffe, Kubel and both catchers are smacking the ball and Mauer is coming around. So far we are hitting much better than I anticipated coming out of spring training.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs
    As I was reading the blog too, my thought was, "He does realize they won the game, right?" So yeah, there will be plenty of worse games than this one.
  14. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    As I was reading the blog too, my thought was, "He does realize they won the game, right?" So yeah, there will be plenty of worse games than this one.
  15. savvyspy's Avatar
    Honestly the pitching should catch up once it warms up a bit. These are tough conditions to pitch in. I don't think we'll know exactly what we have until a couple trips through the rotation.

    They need to get Bartlett off this roster. He's an embarassment.

    Otherwise the lineup has been kind of interesting. Kubel, Plouffe, and Colabello have been great. Suzuki has done ok as well.

    They have at least be entertaining to watch so far.
  16. Kirbek's Avatar
    A win is a win.

    Given that, the pitching did stink and the decision to keep Bartlett over Presley is looking iffy.
  17. Jim H's Avatar
    You do realize the Twins won? If anything the Cleveland pitching was worse than the Twins, they couldn't throw any strikes. It is probably a little early to write "sky is falling" articles. Especially since the Twins are 3 and 3. Let's wait a couple of weeks, maybe after the weather settles a bit, then you can write about how the sky is falling.
  18. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    Good perspective. I think Gardy has some flaws but when you take your mind out of the present and think about the bigger picture, it's been an impressive career.
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  20. strumdatjag's Avatar
    I remember going to the Old Met in the 1960s as a kid with my friends (one friend's dad had seats for his business and we went once a year to a weekday day game). We'd always order a beer from the old African-American beer vendor who later always wore the "umbrella hat". We knew we wouldn't get served but his response was always the classic "Milk for you son!". Wally and his baseball Card may have been fun for later generations, but not as good as that!
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