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  1. Hello World!

    It may not be a surprise, but the diaspora of Minnesotans into all stretches of the globe means that there's Twins fandom outside of Minnesota. It gets difficult to follow the team when you're out of the local media landscape; the national media does little more than mention the Twins in passing in lean years, and you need to dig further to find ways to watch your once local nine, either by the few sports bars that share your tortured fandom or by dishing out for

    There's a few ...
  2. Two Separate Sophomore Seasons

    When the Twins left spring training, there were multiple Twins players in line to get playing time during their sophomore seasons. The second year can be a huge year for players trying to make their mark at the big league level. There can be positive signs during a rookie season but continuing those early impressions and making adjustments is key to solidifying a player's future.

    Two of these second year players were set-up for very different starts to the season. Scott Diamond had ...
  3. One October night in 1987 (Twins vs. Cardinals Game 1)

    This is my first attempt at a blog entry. Thanks Twins Daily community. And yes this is a true story.

    It was a wonderful evening in 1987, my best friend Mark and I had been wondering the streets of Minneapolis for hours, there were hundreds of folks seemingly in the same situation as ours. We saw signs, people dressed in costumes, yelling catchy and witty lines to everyone they passed. Mark and I talked of Hrbek launching another miracle homerun in the 9th. Seeing Bert close
  4. Finding Value: Eric Fryer

    There has been a lot of talk about the Twins going after a catcher to stabilize the position, now that Joe Mauer has moved to first base. Suggestions have been made that we should sign a catcher like A.J. Pierzynski or Dioner Navarro to fill the role until Josmil Pinto is ready. Others have suggested that while Pinto had a nice September, he's far from a sure thing, and upgrading the position with a guy like Jarrod Saltalamacchia would be ideal due to his combination of pitch framing and power. ...

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  5. A humorous edition of players to watch this year...

    My brother who will be a contributor to my blog made his debut post today all the way from Alaska. Check it out here.
  6. Here is what is wrong with Joe Mauer....

    First let me start this by pointing out I know how good Joe Mauer is. Come on!....three time batting champ, MVP, gold glove winner, the list goes on and on. Basically, if he get his crap back together, we are talking hall of fame and arguably one of the best catchers of all time! Now, let me point out what is wrong with Joe.
    Joe was an unbelievable athlete at about the age of 10. Every coach he had from that point on knew they had a real special talent. Trust me, this is when the coddling ...

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  7. So Gardy wants Flexibility... How about the Platoon?

    Recently we have heard beloved leader Ron Gardenhire extol the virtues of "flexibility" when constructing a roster. I agree. In fact, I will go one step further: I think the roster should be constructed to allow for the flexibility of platooning several positions within the lineup.*

    Although the Twins have had fewer financial restrictions since the opening of Target Field (at least theoretically) the talent within the system just is not there yet. Besides, let's face facts ...
  8. The State of the Twins Farm System

    The Twins are heading toward their third straight 90 loss season and frustration is at an all-time high for fans in Twins Territory. Starting pitching is poor, bad free agent moves as well as trades, and just a lack of fundemental play that made the Twins a power in the AL Central in the 2000s. But with that frustration comes hope for the fan base that better days are just around the corner at Target Field
    Of course it starts with the Twins stacked farm system lead by #1 overall prospect ...
  9. Finding Pedro Florimon's Value

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    Yesterday, I unveiled what will almost certainly go down in history as my most popular original idea: a weekly (fake) mailbag. In that mailbag I asked myself... I mean, I was asked about the Twins player I am higher on than most. I chose Pedro Florimon because I think his defense can provide enough value to overcome his complete lack of contribution on offense. I am not sure I explained my point very well and I wasn't feeling good about ...

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  10. Why the Twins will win the Central.

    Why the Twins will win the Central

    Many have already written the twins off for this year, ESPN has them ranked near the bottom of every power ranking. A team that two years ago was a favorite to reach the World Series as the American League representative, has been left for dead, destined for a rebuild. But when I look at the roster, I donít see that much of a difference from two years ago. Sure, Minnesota had its problems last year, but could that just have been a chance for the younger ...
  11. Joe Mauer and Runners in Scoring Position

    Though he had 2 hits last night, Joe Mauer came up
    short when it counted the most.
    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    Regardless of what some people in Twins Territory might think, the fact of the matter is that Joe Mauer ...

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  12. Soon to be World Champions recognize Deduno SPECIAL

    Question: Why does the DR pitch Deduno in the Championship game?

    Answer: Simple, they want to win! (what a concept!)

    Deduno would be no worse than the Twins 2nd best Pitcher and very possibly could be the best, what do the Twins have to lose? Their repuation for smart?

    Think of Deduno as a knucleballer and that might help you to deal with his erratic pitching..but remember this, he can beat anybody anytime, can you really say that about Correia and company? ...
  13. Not only is he Twins best Pitcher, hes one of the best in baseball

    I hope I can quit saying this soon, but once again Sam Deduno proves not only that he belongs but he can be dominant.

    He is the best starter on the Twins staff (ok I know thats not saying much)

    When i hear the self aggrandizing pundits proclaim, that we are desperate, to have to use the likes of Deduno and Walters...I almost puke and this shows
    their complete lack of knowledge.

    Walters maybe, but Deduno can be great if the Twins just let him.
  14. Empty Seats in September

    It looks like Miguel Sano will be on a plane back to the Dominican Republic instead of a flight to Target Field in a few days. GM Terry Ryan said earlier today that Sano will not likely get the September call that so many Twins fans wanted badly. I have talked to a number Twins fans I know the past couple weeks and they all came up with the same answer to my question, "Whould you go to Target Field if Sano wasn't here in September?" Answer: NO!!!!!!!!
    Thats just the people I ...
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