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  1. Wooing Free Agents May Be Harder Than We Think

    by , 12-05-2012 at 10:12 PM (The Blog Formerly Known as Undomed)
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    Imagine, for a moment, you are looking for a job. Youíre a pretty hot commodity and you have offers on the table from two companies:

    Company A has spent the last two years floundering and has seen massive layoffs. Based on the company's history there is optimism for the current year, and they arenít just hiring, but talking big about the future. The company offers you a competitive salary, a little higher than others perhaps, with great benefits ...
  2. What if the Twins chose not to sign a name pitcher?

    There is one aspect of this off season that I don't think anybody has touched on, so I will give it a shot:

    What if the Twins stand pat with pitching this off season?

    An argument could be made for standing pat. The reasons for spending money have been discussed ad nauseum, lets look at some reasons not to spend:

    - The Twins are expected to be at or near the bottom in the AL Central this year. If the Twins brass believe this, then spending any money on any ...
  3. 2012 Rock Cats Memories: Throwing a Ceremonial First Pitch; Meeting Terry Ryan

    Steely Determination
    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    This past spring, when I attended the Rock Cats' annual welcome home dinner, where I was seated with (a pre-Tommy John) Alex Wimmers, I purchased $5 worth of raffle tickets ...

    Updated 12-05-2012 at 08:53 AM by Twins Fan From Afar

  4. If 2013 isn't realistic, Twins' focus turns to 2014

    In an interview with reporters on Monday night at the Winter Meetings, Twins General Manager Terry Ryan wanted to make sure to tame expectations. When asked if the Twins will be competitive in 2013, he said, "We will try to have that happen... We have to be realistic on all fronts." This most likely means that the Twins won't be handing out buckets of cash to front-line starting pitching but that could be expected from the start of the offseason. There could be some other deeper meanings that are ...
  5. Is Marcum the Twins' Best Hope?

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Size:  17.5 KBJon Morosi of FoxSports.com reported via Twitter on Tuesday that the Twins have "checked in" on right-handed pitcher Shaun Marcum. This isn't really noteworthy, since Terry Ryan has already told reporters that he's been in contact with the agents for every free agent starter, but Marcum's name in particular is an interesting one.

    Most of the pitchers that the Twins have been specifically connected to thus far Ė names like Joe Blanton, Brett Myers and John ...
  6. Could the Twins still trade Ben Revere?

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ID:	2801After a session with the teamís brass, Twins manager Ron Gardenhire emerged from their war room (war not WAR) at the Nashville hotel and, following the trade of Denard Span, told the MLB Network that they were ďtrading my whole damn team

    While it could be just a tongue-in-cheek response from the manager who is known to add some snark, because of the teamís current status of a bottom-dwelling squad without a rotation, the sentiment should be true.
  7. Competition for Plouffe?

    Throughout the offseason, Terry Ryan has continued to say that he is looking for a third baseman to provide competition for Trevor Plouffe. He says that Plouffe will go into spring training as the Twins starting third baseman. However, as the Twins media contingent in Nashville last night met with the Twins GM, it became clear that he will bring in a quality third baseman, and maybe even this week.

    As Nick wrote yesterday, when Terry Ryan says something over and over, it generally is ...
  8. Turning to Ben Revere as leadoff man

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    One of the fallouts from the Denard Span trade last week is the promotion of Ben Revere to leadoff hitter and starting center fielder. Revere has served in this capacity at various times over the last couple of season when Span was dealing with a variety of injury issues. His defense has been exciting to watch and he has shown tremendous speed on the base paths but will Revere be able to handle the hitting approach it takes to be a lead-off hitter for a big league ...
  9. Rock Versus Hard Place

    One of the more interesting times in every offseason is when the rhetoric goes away and the choices become, often painfully, clear. Rock, meet Hard Place.

    The Hard Place is where the Twins are: fronting a rotation with Scott Diamond next year. Diamond, by Twins general manager Terry Ryanís own analysis, is a #3 starter. Heís clearly scouring the winter meetings for upgrades. But like Charlie Brown at Halloween, all heís getting is a whole lot of Rock.

    Here are the available ...
  10. Twins Week in the Winter Leagues (Nov. 26 - Dec. 2)

    As the Winter Meetings in Nashvilleís Opryland are now going full tilt, itís time to take or weekly look at what is going on in the Winter Leagues. Dozens of Twins players are spending time getting extra at bats or innings pitched. Although there were a couple of players that had poor weeks, there were a few players who had tremendous weeks. At Twins Daily, we will take a look at all of them.

    Hereís how players from the Twins system did during the week from November 26 through December ...
  11. Jason Marquis off the board

    ESPNís Jayson Stark reported that Jason Marquis will sign with San Diego.


    Now I can breathe a sign of relief.
  12. Looking at the 2013 Twins HOF Candidates

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    At the beginning of last week, the ballot for the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame was released. This year's ballot includes 18 former players including players from five decades of Twins baseball. Since the original class of six was selected in 2000, the Twins have regularly inducted one to two former players or other important people in the club's history. Last season, former pitcher Camilo Pascual was inducted and this followed pitcher Jim Perry and shortstop Greg ...
  13. In Terry I Trust

    If you were surprised in any way by return in the Denard Span trade, you shouldn't have been. Terry Ryan told us this was coming four months ago.

    Back in July, with the trade deadline approaching, Ryan spoke about his approach:

    As desperate as the Twins are to find starting pitching for 2013, a Liriano or Denard Span trade might not even address that specific need. Speaking only generally Thursday, GM Terry Ryan said, "When you're out there looking around, I think it's
  14. Terry Ryan priorities.

    by , 12-02-2012 at 09:39 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")
    I was eating lunch yesterday, my good friend sends me a text saying, " There is a Yankee fan at my poker table blabbing that the Yanks are trying hard to trade for Mauer. Any word on the Twins side?" (me) "small word on sox, but not yanks, I would love for the yanks to take that $23 million off the books, and get a few players" (buddy) I would think dumping that contract would be priority. If you get useful players as well, its all gravy. (me) I looked at all available for ...
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