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  1. Twins Prospects: 10-6

    Here is part 9 of my prospect list I hope you enjoyed the earlier parts. Today I will be bringing you prospects 10-6. I will be bringing you 5 a day until we get all the way to number one. This will take awhile so keep checking back here for daily looks at who I have in certain spots and what I think of them. I am sure you will disagree with some and if so by all means leave me a comment in the comment section. If you prefer you can also shoot me an email at [email protected]. Also if ...
  2. Twins Fest Highlights

    Originally posted at http://troystwinsdugout.wordpress.co...st-highlights/
    Hello Twins fans! Well, the Twins season is a couple of months away. I thought I’d share some of the highlights from my experience at Twins Fest atTarget Field yesterday. It was certainly a different experience from the years past at the Metrodome. Also, I think this is probably the best opportunity to experience certain parts of the ball park that fans normally wouldn’t go to during game days. ...
  3. Twins Fest: One Family's Review

    We purchased tickets to Friday night's Twins Fest as a way to celebrate my Dad's 83rd birthday. Grandpa was accompanied by his two grandsons, ages 10 and 8, my wife and I.

    We parked in Lot B, and had only a short walk to Gate 6, where a host of ticket-takers greeted us as if we were walking up to a game. Once inside the gates, we peered out onto a snow-covered Target Field. Click image for larger version. 

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    It was quite a contrast to the green grass of Opening Day, and the ...

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  4. Kurt Suzuki - Signed to be the starter?

    Mike Berardino reported yesterday that Terry Ryan expected Kurt Suzuki to start at catcher. At the time of the signing, it appeared that Suzuki was signed to gibe the Twins a veteran backup. On this site, there were certainly questions about his defense and concern about the workload he carried early in his career. At the time, the best available options other than Suzuki were John Buck or retaining Doumit. While Suzuki has shown to be a poor pitch framer, Doumit and Buck are at the bottom. ...
  5. Best. Present. Ever.

    5 years ago, I got a special birthday present from my fellow Twins blogger and long time friend: tickets to Twins Fest at the Metrodome. I was pretty darned pumped to go, both because it was Twins fest and because I had a serious crush on her.

    The Twins had just completed a surprisingly effective 2008 campaign and we had every reason for optimism going into 2009, and all kinds of excitement for the impending move to Target Field in just one year. We went. We met Gardy. We found ...

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  6. Podcasting: Talking Tanaka, Twins & Rockcats

    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    I've only done a few podcasts in the couple years that I've had this blog, but it's a lot of fun to do. Last night, Travis Aune, keeper of Texas Twins Fan, was nice enough to invite me on his weekly podcast. We talked for almost an hour. You definitely have to listen to it, but topics ranged from the Yankees' signing
  7. Brewers sign Garza to deal similar to Twins' Nolasco

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	USATSI_7418983.jpg 
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ID:	6381Sources indicate that the Milwaukee Brewers have now signed pitcher Matt Garza to the tune of four years, $52 million.

    This is notable for several reasons. The first being that this is a substantial savings from what he was originally projected as being worth going into the free agent season. At Twins Daily, we estimated that Garza would reach five years and $75 million in the Offseason Handbook. Instead, teams shied away from him. The second interesting ...
  8. Twins' LHP Andrew Albers' departure and the curse of Jim Rantz

    Originally published at The Tenth Inning Stretch
    Today the Minnesota Twins have finalized their agreement with South Korea's Hanwha Eagles, selling LHP Andrew Albers' contract. It is a good move for Albers who will be compensated close to $1 million, while he would have had a hard time cracking the Twins' and potentially even the Red Wings' rotations, after the acquisitions of Ricky Nolasco, Phil Hughes and Mike Pelfrey at the major league level and Kris Johnson and Sean Gilmartin ...
  9. Twins Prospects Rank High On MLB's Positional Rankings

    Minnesota is widely considered to have one of the game's best farm systems. It helps to have two of the best prospects in all of baseball, Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano. The Twins have also done well to acquire some top notch pitching talent over the last couple of years in the form of Alex Meyer, Kohl Stewart, and Lewis Thorpe.

    MLB.com will be unveiling their list of the top 100 prospects in baseball on Thursday, which should include a number of players from the Twins organization. ...
  10. Richard Sherman, The Twins Way and StrengthsFinder

    How many hipsters does it take change a light bulb (craft a social commentary about what Richard Sherman’s outburst, and our reactions to it, really means)?

    It’s a really obscure number, I doubt you’ve heard of it (at least one more).

    So, unless you are unaware that technology exists, you probably know that Richard Sherman said some stuff Sunday night after the Seattle ...

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  11. Remaining FA Starters and post-Tanaka frustration

    now that the Janks have landed Tanaka, where do you think the following starters end up? Here is my guesses:
    1) garza- diamondbacks
    2) santana, e- cubs
    3) jimenez- mariners
    4) arroyo- angels
    5) maholm, rangers
    hope we get suk-min cheaply
  12. The Rise (And Trade) of Andrew Albers

    Ron Gardenhire slowly walked out to the mound at Kauffman Stadium for a move that he didn't really want to make. Andrew Albers pitched into the ninth inning without allowing a run and it was his big league debut.Unfortunately, his pitch count had run up to 109 and it was time to get the bullpen involved.

    It was a tremendous debut and it was hard to imagine things getting better from there... but they would.

    In his next outing, Albers was even more impressive. In front of ...
  13. Next Stop For Albers: Korea?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	albers.jpg 
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ID:	6369Andrew Albers' baseball journey has taken him to some interesting places.

    Before joining the Minnesota Twins as a minor-league free agent in 2011 after driving clear across the country for a tryout, the left-hander had played ball all around the continent; from prep ball in his native Canada, to the University of Kentucky, to the San Diego Padres organization as a 10th-round draft pick and then back to Canada for a year of independent ball.
  14. Twins have Unfinished Business

    It is fair to say that the offseason is still very much one of unfinished business for the Twins. There is still time for things to change, of course, and there may be further business to be done yet before the season starts.

    With a 2013 record of 66-96 (.407), fans betting MLB World Series knew there was a considerable need for change and strengthening within the roster and the first part of the squad that needed attention was the pitching line-up and in particular the starters. ...
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