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  1. Chris Colabello-Replacement for Morneau?

    I am a big Colabello fan. When the Twins picked him up from the Independent League, I was intrigued. His IL numbers were very, very solid. When he came to the Twins organization, he did really, really well against competition that in my personal opinion is much tougher than in the IL. And in nearly 40 more games that he was used to playing, he drove in nearly 100 runs with 19 HR's. His BA and OBP were the lowest of his career this year, making me think that he will improve in them next year. He ...
  2. Is Joe Mauer a lock for the HOF?

    Bill Baer wrote an interesting article the other day at ESPN.com letting the world know that it was time to appreciate Joe Mauer. This is a skill that many Twins fans are lacking in recent years especially following his injury plagued 2011 season. As far as the rest of the baseball world, there is probably a little less recognition for Mauer’s continued consistency since the Twins have been one of the worst teams in baseball over the last two seasons. Mauer ...
  3. Down on the Pond: Twins Top Prospects 16-20.

    Bad teams often have a lot of room for talented prospects to move quickly through the farm system and get a chance to play with the big league club. After losing 99 games in 2011 the Twins stunk it up again in 2012 and lost 96 games. Half-way through the off-season the Twins have traded away their two best center fielders and while they have gotten back three quality arms in return, two of those arms still have a ways to go before they make it up to the big league club. The Twins also added a veteran ...

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  4. Post Bark’s Lounge

    Hello Twin’s Daily Participants,

    As the representative for the family of Bark’s Lounge, after his death, I was given the task of sorting through his personal affairs and tying them up. I guess that is why I am submitting this. I suppose it is some form of closure, but this is what I am paid to do.

    After reading through some of the material Mr. Lounge submitted on this website, I am under the impression he was a not so well liked member of this community.

  5. The Great 2012 Mulligan Do-Over

    The title of this blog is “The Great 2012 Mulligan do-over”. The alternate title that I was thinking of using was “This is a complete waste of time and yours but take a look anyway”. Another title under consideration was “How I spend my days at home as I use my vacation time before the end of the year” and perhaps the best title, that I didn’t use was “The Longest Blog in Twins History”.

    I put a lot of time into this and some may find it interesting, if they can actually make it ...
  6. Twins still seeking third base help?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Plouffe.jpg 
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ID:	2929When Jack Hannahan signed with the Cincinnati Reds last week, this took yet another potential third base option off the board for the Minnesota Twins.

    Hannahan, a local product with above-average defensive prowess and a mediocre platoon bat from the left-side, appeared to be a given to land in Minnesota. With Terry Ryan’s statements that the team was going to push their incumbent, Trevor Plouffe, Hannahan’s left-handedness and superior defense felt like ...
  7. Best Twins Pitcher repeatedly ignored by pundits, fans, why?

    Did you guys watch the same Sam Deduno I did? This guy is dominant, has phenomenal stuff, yes he is going to walk lots of people, but this also makes him virtually unhittable....the real problem with Deduno is that he might also be uncatchable, I know the catchers hate to catch him, that is a GREAT! sign...

    Get over yourselves...Deduno does not fit the mold of the "Traditional" pitcher and there in lies the problem, the Twins staff and evidently fans, get hung up on the ...
  8. Race to Target Field: Byron Buxton vs. Miguel Sano

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SanoBuxtonRace.jpg 
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ID:	2925
    No, this isn't the cheesy mascot race held around the warning track at Target Field. This is a race between the top two prospects in the Twins system to make their debuts in Minnesota. It could be a hotly contested race and it could come down to a photo finish.

    Tuesday marked the 19th birthday of Twins top prospect Byron Buxton. This means that the two players ranked highest on most Twins prospect lists, Buxton and Miguel Sano, are now both 19-years ...
  9. State of the Starting Corps

    Name:  diamond.jpg
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Size:  61.6 KBThrough free agent signings and trades, the Twins have added three names to their 2013 starting pitching mix, along with a couple prospects who can help down the line.

    As we assess the progress of this rebuilding unit, can we say with assurance that the three MLB pitchers they've added – Vance Worley, Kevin Correia and Mike Pelfrey – are significantly better than the three that just exited as free agents – Francisco Liriano, Carl Pavano and Scott Baker? ...
  10. Former Twins pitcher Frank Pastore dead at 55

    originally posted at www.twinstrivia.com

    Name:  Pastore, Frank.jpg
Views: 1151
Size:  23.1 KBFormer Cincinnati Reds (1979-1985) and Minnesota Twins (1986) pitcher Frank Pastore passed away yesterday at the age of 55 after spending the last four weeks in a coma. Pastore had been riding his motorcycle home from his job as a radio host at KKLA 99.5 FM in Glendale, California when he was hit by a car near his home and suffered critical head injuries when he was thrown from his Honda Shadow motorcycle on ...
  11. Mike Pelfrey might provide roller coaster ride

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Mike+Pelfrey+Twins.jpg 
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ID:	2921
    At the beginning of the offseason, the Twins had one man, Scott Diamond, penciled in for a starting job next season. Through a variety of acquisitions this offseason, the Twins are close to filling up their rotation for the beginning of next year. Vance Worley was brought in as part of the Ben Revere trade, Kevin Correia signed a free agent deal, and now Mike Pelfrey becomes the latest man to join the club.

    Pelfrey has spent his entire career in the ...
  12. Time to Drop the Numbers and Focus on WAR

    In the current era of baseball it doesn't make sense to quantify pitchers as #X starter. It used to be that #1 or #2 starters would get more starts because they would skip over guys at the back end of the rotation. I think Verlander and the Tigers are the only team that did that with any consistency.

    Virtually all teams roll their starters so that all slots get about the same number of starts. Even when the opportunity at the all star break comes to skip some starts at the back end, ...

    Updated 12-17-2012 at 10:16 PM by jorgenswest

  13. Twins Week in the Winter Leagues (Dec. 10-16)

    We are one week from Christmas Day and two weeks from New Year’s Day. Once past those holidays, many Twins players, including minor leaguers, start making their trek to Ft. Myers in preparation for the 2013 season. The Twins have now made announcements about the Twins Winter Caravan which leads up to the ever-popular Twins Fest. Following Twins Fest, we will be just three weeks from one of the greatest phrases known to man, “Pitchers and Catchers reporting.” Many of the US players have returned ...
  14. Quick Notes - Dec. 17 and the WABAC Machine

    Originally posted k-bro's baseball blog

    It's been a while since I've updated, and addition to the Span and Revere trades that I did write about, there's been some activity I need to mention.

    When I last did an update, it was right before the contract-tender deadline and the Winter Meetings. Let's go back in time three weeks to catch up.

    Sherman, set the WABAC machine ...

    bo beep boop bo beep

    November 30, 2012
    Contract-tender ...

    Updated 12-17-2012 at 09:46 PM by Kirsten Brown

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