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  1. These Ain't Your Old Twins

    Answering the same question over and over again had to be growing tiresome for Twins officials.

    Because baseball fans in general are becoming increasingly analytic in the way they watch the game (this site serves as a great example), and because the organization has earned a reputation for taking a more traditional, scouting-based approach, seemingly every interview with an exec or front office member has included some query on the Twins' progress in the area of statistical analysis. ...
  2. Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 122: Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes

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ID:	6097Aaron and John talk about the Twins signing Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes for a combined $73 million, a possible A.J. Pierzynski reunion, what the rotation might look like in 2016, how to have a successful first date, rooting against Mike Pelfrey's return, recapping Thanksgiving, secondary stats versus ERA, ranking the best brunch options, mailbag questions from listeners, wearing cardigan sweaters, and crying at Stella's. You can listen by clicking below,download us from iTunes ...
  3. Fly-ball Tendencies

    I haven't blogged for TD, or anywhere else, but this topic will be too long for a simple thread post. The Twins signed Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes and the world is shocked. As much as the Twins community has turned the 'pitch to contact' theme into a punchline, the philosophy of the team remains. It has always appeared that the Twins were fond of pitchers who could go deep into games by limiting their P/PA. While that theory had brought them success in the early 2000s, the staff had trended so ...
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