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  1. Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 124: Jason Kubel and Mike Pelfrey

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ID:	6181Aaron and John visit HammerHeart Brewing Company and talk about Jason Kubel's return to Minnesota, the insanity of a two-year offer to Mike Pelfrey, the challenges and rewards of starting a brewery, losing Liam Hendriks on waivers, a sold out Meltdown event, the bizarre roster decisions the Twins will face on Opening Day, Ron Coomer's new job, joining Stitcher, and the joys of having someone bring you beer. You can listen by clicking below, download us from iTunes ...
  2. Betting Against The House

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ID:	6177The latest casino project in Las Vegas is going to cost seven billion dollars. That is in incredible gamble (*1), but there are reasons that investors make it. One is that in the long run, the house always win. But the second is equally important: in the short run, anyone can win. If that wasn’t true, nobody would go to the casino, and there would be no reason to invest.

    Mike Pelfrey, who the Twins will be signing for $11 million over two years, is an investment ...
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