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  1. The Minnesota Twins and 2012 Topps - Righting a Baseball Card Injustice

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    I went to Target this afternoon. That alone is exciting enough for a new post, but there's more! I was going to get bread and milk for my family. I also needed to buy some pens, which happen to be on the opposite end of the store. There's still more. After procuring my pens, I went down an unmanned checkout aisle to get a soda pop. I wanted a Diet Dr. Pepper. Farther down that aisle were the baseball cards. I thought to myself "oh ...

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  2. The Blizzard of Oz

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    As I look out any window, I am blinded by the results of several recent blizzards that have left Dakota Territory with an ultra-reflective blanket of glaring white snow. Nothing makes me miss baseball more. I close my eyes, but itís not blackness. An orange-ish haze is all see, due to the sunlight attempting to breach my lightly-closed eyelids.

    Despite the overflow of natural light, I am able to envision big things for the Twins in my mindís ...

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  3. 5 Reasons to Watch the Twins

    5. The M&M boys
    Mauer and morneau have been in the twins organization for over the past decade, and have been the face of the Twins for the past 6-7 years. They have combined for 2 MVPs, 6 sliver sluggers, and 9 all star appearance. It now seems that both of them are back to full health and their old selves. With morneau in the last year of his contract, you don't know how much longer he will be in a twins uniform. Especially sense all he wants to do is win now a days, which as we ...
  4. I'll Say It

    The Twins spring schedule kicks off tomorrow. I know many are looking forward to it, even without the belief that the Twins will be competing for an AL Central crown this fall. That doesn't make this spring any less interesting.

    So with that in mind, I'm going on record and making predictions... some bold, some not.

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    *The Twins will finish in last place in the AL Central. They'll win ...

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  5. Making a Sano Angel

    I caved and signed up for a free month of Netflix. I was duped by my curiosity to watch Ballplayer: Pelotero, but now that I'm hooked I need to find eight extra bucks a month. My main interest on Netflix is the documentaries. So let's stick to, and sift through, the facts on Miguel Sano...

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    I recently dogged Sano a little bit by predicting he would fall from the gracious #1 spot on the top-20 Twins’ prospect list following 2013. I felt ...

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  6. How the worst MLB teams are rebuilding

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    Not all bad teams are created equal. Some teams are bad for just one injury-plagued season. Some teams are bad for a few seasons and then good for a few seasons. Some teams are just chronically bad. Bad teams need to be changed. Bad teams have the benefit of receiving good draft picks, but other than that, they don't really gain any sort of advantage from being bad. Teams do not want to be bad. Bad teams can struggle to attract fans ...

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  7. Reliever Ryan Pressly leaves an early impression

    Ryan Presslyís odds of making the bullpen when the Minnesota Twins break camp in April appear somewhere between slim and none.

    On a liberal guess, there are likely three spots open and two of those may already belong to Alex Burnett and Anthony Swarzak. The remaining vacancy? Thatís competition between a Twinsí bullpen incumbent in Casey Fein, baseballís relief innings leader last season in Josh Roenicke, and two former major leaguers trying to re-establish their careers in Rich Harden ...
  8. Talk To Contact: EP 26 - Spring Training Stats Are Useless and other banter

    Episode 26 of the Twins baseball podcast, Talk To Contact (@TalkToContact), is now available for download via iTunes or by clicking here.

    Thanks to Mark Smith (@MarkArtSmith) for the new logo!
    Now more than 6 months into the podcasting experiment the Pleiss brothers tackle the glory and excitement that is the dawn of the 2013 baseball season. Among things discussed are the real value of spring training ...
  9. Childhood Hazards

    Originally posted at kbro's baseball blog

    We all had a good chuckle (and by "chuckle," I mean "eye-roll") when we heard that Anthony Swarzak cracked a couple ribs when he and a teammate engaged in what the team officially calls "horseplay." Now, we're hearing that Scott Diamond's bone chips -- you know, the ones that required surgery in December -- occurred because he was jumping rope.

    It makes one wonder whether players participating ...
  10. Full Squads, Empty Hearts.

    If my Twins blog gets any bleaker, it'll have to wear black eyeliner.

    Not too worried. First Spring Training home run by a Minnesota Twin will have me predicted a World Series victory in six games. I'm like that.

    Roger Clemens is threatening to become an obsession for me. He could go into the Ty Cobb Hall of Fame for players so completely unlikeable they've become loveable. I'd drive him there myself, as long as I didn't have to rub Icy-Hot on his groin area.
  11. Big Year for the Manager

    One of the bigger storylines of the offseason was the future of Ron Gardenhire as manager of the Minnesota Twins. Most years throughout his tenure, he signed a two-year extension before he got to the final year of his contract. However, after last season, Gardenhire did not receive an extension, so he is in the last year of his deal.

    On its own, that means very little. I mean, Terry Ryan could still choose to extend him any time during the season or following the season. Unfortunately, ...
  12. Berrios, Gibson already impressing

    The Twins are in the lull time of spring training after players have reported and before the start of games. There are plenty of players making adjustments to being in a new organization. Other players are sliding into the daily routines that help them prepare for the coming season.

    It is hard to get a lot of information about players at this stage in the spring training process. This still doesn't mean that there aren't some positive signs coming out of Fort Myers.
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  13. The Completely Arbitrary +/- System to Predict "Something" About the Twins

    Somewhere, somewhen, I realized I'm generally ill-suited to responding to internet forums as I often type up ten times as much information as is really suited to being in a forum post. It hasn't stopped me from doing it, but it has stopped me from posting more than about 1% of the things that pop through my head when reading forums. I type up a response to a thread that starts growing as I try to add details to clarify why some of the things I was saying were as they were until it gets to the point ...

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  14. First Twins player to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated

    Originally posted on www.twinstrivia.com
    Click image for larger version. 

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    On August 23, 1965 the Twins were in their fifth season in Minnesota ready to take on the New York Yankees in a 3:10 start at Met Stadium in front of 37,787 fans that wanted another Twins win over the hated Yankees. The Twins had a 7.5 game lead and were well on their way to their first World Series. That same day Tony Oliva became the first Twins player to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. ...
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