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  1. What To Watch This Spring: Brian Dozier's Swing

    Last year, as Brian Dozier’s offensive season sank deeper in the abyss, Andrew Bryz-Gornia at TwinkieTown pointed out how many different stances Dozier displayed.

    While the frequent changes in his batting stance acted as a visual barometer to his overall hitting struggles – the constant alteration a sign that he never was comfortable at the plate – his front side mechanics may have been one of the sources that led to his poor numbers.

    In 2012, Dozier’s swing contained a ...
  2. Should there be a Morneau contract controversy?

    When Twins position players reported to camp at the end of last week, Justin Morneau was one of the first people that the media hunted down. There was good reason to do this since he is in the last year of his contract with the club and his future is unclear at this point.

    According to Morneau, there haven't been any discussions about an extension between his agent and the club. This means that he is anticipating playing out the rest of his contract and testing the free agent market ...
  3. 2013 Spring Training Preview

    Every year around this time the talk is about how hope springs eternal; how the slate is wiped clean and every team is 0-0; how every club is tied for first place.

    For these 2013 Twins, optimism is noticeably subdued. For most people, a realistic form of “hope” involves approaching a .500 record and avoiding the cellar for a third straight year. The Twins have more question marks dotting their roster than perhaps any other team in the American League.

    The odds are against ...
  4. Live Twins Chat with Seth Tonight at 7!

    Tonight (Tuesday) at 7:00 central time, Seth Stohs will be taking your Minnesota Twins-related questions. He will answer questions for as much as two hours tonight. The Twins are in spring training camp. We can finally move past the offseason and start talking about actual baseball news.

    This is a good opportunity for you to ask your individual questions regarding Seth's projections from today, ask about minor leaguers and much, much more. It's a good opportunity for the Twins Daily ...
  5. Eddie's "Rosa Rio"

    Please take a few moments, and imagine having your face caved in from the impact of a line-driven baseball. That's what our boy Eddie Rosario was dealing with mid-summer in 2012 after taking a batting practice rep to the face. How much can you expect from a guy after something like that?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well, I'll tell ya. If you combine Eddie's winter league stats with his abbreviated 2012 regular season stats, you'll see a fierce line of numbers that hints ...

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  6. Minor League Players to Watch: Position Players

    The Twins have a few full squad workouts under their belt and the team's first spring training game will be this weekend. Spring has sprung in Fort Myers even if the 40-degree weather this weekend didn't agree. Baseball season is back and there are plenty of things to be excited about for the Twins.

    Last week, I looked at some of the story lines for pitchers and catchers since they were the first to report. Later in the week, I dissected some of the headlines for position players as
  7. Seth's 2013 Twins Hitting Projections

    Since completing the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook a month ago, I have managed to find a little extra time in my life. So, what did I do? I am so cool that I started making my Minnesota Twins Roster Projections (which can be found here and here). Today, another piece to that fun, preseason puzzle is presented for you today. It is my attempt to predict how the Twins hitters will fare in 2013.

    I'm sure you've reviewed several such projections, such as Bill James and PECOTA and others. ...
  8. Who has the most to prove in 2013?

    I have been given good feedback (read: 2-3 kind comments) about the wackier things I have been writing. Here is something I wrote about other Minnesota Athletes playing baseball. It's odd. Thank you to anyone who has given me nice feedback, it really does mean a lot.

    Here is something more serious: Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    The 2013 Minnesota Twins are in a unique position. Their present doesn't seem all that promising, but their future looks pretty ...
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  9. Tracking the 2013 Twins' Spring Training Roster Battles

    A Light exists in Spring
    Not present on the Year
    At any other period —
    When March is scarcely here

    -Emily Dickinson

    Spring Training time is one of my favorite baseball times during the season (or is it "off-season", or "pre-season"?)This is the time where all the teams have the same record and all 60 players or so who are invited in the Major League camp hope that they will ...
  10. Gleeman and the Geek Episode 81: Spring Training Questions

    John and Aaron talk about the Twins signing Rafael Perez, which arms will be healthy, stuffing seven relievers into two bullpen spots, how much a person is allowed to like Brian Dozier, ornery insomnia, casting CSI:GATG, why Joe Benson should be left-handed, unprofessional bathroom breaks, Liam Hendriks vs. Kyle Gibson, snowshoes and the Vinland Center's "winter walkabout" charity, and the importance of spring training.

  11. Twins All-President Players List

    Happy President's Day!

    Getting past this day means that the start of the baseball season is one step closer. Fans could start purchasing Twins single game tickets over the weekend. This is always a fun day for people across Twins Territory to pick out the games they want to attend and where they want to sit.

    Since today is a day set up to honor some of the greatest leaders in our countries history, I only thought it fitting to write a post that fit with that theme. ...
  12. Twins Daily Top 10 Prospects: Recap

    Over the past two weeks, we've gradually laid out our selections for the Twins organization's top ten prospects. Each day, we took an in-depth look at a different rising star within the system, outlining their strengths and weaknesses while spelling out what each must do to succeed in the majors. Here's how our list came together:

    10. Max Kepler, OF
    9. Trevor May, RHP
    8. J.O. Berrios, RHP
    7. Eddie Rosario, 2B
    6. Kyle Gibson, RHP
    5. Alex Meyer, RHP
  13. All I really need to know about life I learned from baseball

    Back when I was growing up I had a poster that proudly proclaimed “All I really need to know in life I learned from watching Star Trek.” Teachings such as “Remember the Prime Directive” and “Set phasers on stun” resonated with me then and still do today. As I start getting myself psyched up for the coming baseball season, though, I have found myself thinking that in many ways baseball, in addition to entertaining, can also teach us about life. Hence my thoughts on what I can learn about life from ...

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  14. Draft Board v.1.0 (2/17)

    Though we are nearly four months away from the draft – and there is still much baseball to be played – it’s an event that is very significant and may stay very much on some of our minds as we progress through the spring and into summer.

    I don’t know how often I’ll make changes to this – but this is my first installment of “Jeremy’s Small Board.” “Small” because only 1-4 matter, though I would anticipate having something more like a “Top 10” as the season progresses.

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