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  1. Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 59: Buying Starting Pitching

    Aaron and John talk about Aaron's "healthy" new look, discuss next year's middle infield, tell listeners how they can get a free audiobook, and review the expected free agent starting pitchers and give Aaron's choices, John's choices, and the Twins probable choices. Here are:

  2. MicroThoughts - Joe Mauer

    My Father-in-Law sent me a text yesterday afternoon. Here is what it said:

    "I see iron man Mauer has missed five straight. Most overpaid player in the game. Have a great weekend."

    The "have a great weekend" part was much appreciated, but the rest of the text just made me shake my head. I want to address each part of this text, as I think these are common sentiments expressed by Twins fans.

    1. Iron Man quip.

    Mauer plays ...

    Updated 09-16-2012 at 02:47 PM by Brad Swanson

    Micro Posts
  3. Twins Daily v. Internet Porn

    I have been a Twins Daily participant since March of this year. It has sucked me in, and at times it has been educational, captivating and controversial.

    My problem with Twins Daily is that I cannot find the time to fit internet porn into my schedule anymore. I am torn between two worlds and I am not sure what I should do?

    In 2003, after work, I would roll myself a marijuana cigarette, smoke it, have a Rolling Rock beer and watch some internet porn.

    In 2006, ...
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