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  1. What's hindering Hendriks?

    The befuddlement continues as Hendriksí winless streak now reaches 17 starts and counting.

    Dating back to beginning of 2011, Hendriks has put up two stellar seasons in the minor leagues, posting a 2.86 ERA with a 193/49 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 245.2 innings split between New Britain and Rochester. In 2011, the Twins named him their Minor League Pitcher of the Year. Based on those figures and accolades, expectations were high for him.

    Naturally, that has not quite panned ...
  2. Friday Links-N-Thinks

    While the Twins have been busy playing decent baseball in the last week, fans have gotten to the point where they are just shrugging their shoulders and saying, "That's nice." The team swept the Indians over the weekend but they have put up some clunkers against the Royals in front of the small crowds gathering at Target Field. Last night's walk-off win felt good but we will see what the rest of the season brings With the White Sox coming to town this weekend, there is a chance for the Twins to ...
  3. Upcoming Important Dates

    Originally posted at k-bro's baseball blog

    There are less than two weeks left in baseball's regular season, and with the Twins slogging through these last few games, there's nothing much for Twins fans to do but find other teams to root for and look forward to the off-season with hope of great improvement for 2013.

    September 12, 2012 -- MLB 2013 Schedules Released (ok, this one isn't upcoming, but it's still important)
    What it means: Next season, the Astros
  4. Micro Post - Walk-Offs

    So, Denard Span just hit a walk-off single to win a pretty exciting game. Walk-offs are always fun, but I am very over the "beat the crap out of the game-winning hitter celebration." First off, Span has had concussion issues and just had a shoulder problem. Seems like hitting him on the head and tugging at his body isn't the smart move. Second, it is played out. The water jug/pie-in-face thing is played out too. Is this the real reason Drew Butera is on the team? Does he have the ...
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    Micro Posts
  5. Charisma and the Mauer Backlash

    If you haven't read the recent entry from Jon Marthaler regarding Joe Mauer's image status among Minnesotans, you should. Just as you should probably read everything from Jon Marthaler.

    There seems to be at least two major schools of thought on Mauer these days: 1) He's not a leader, isn't tough, doesn't want to win bad enough, and doesn't perform up to the level of his contract (Note: this opinion doesn't seem to be as pervasive on Twins Daily as certain forums and comment sections ...

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  6. What Now? A Minor League Offseason

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    The season ended last week. It wasnít the way we all wanted it to finish, but overall it was successful. We won consistently throughout the year and gave ourselves an opportunity to advance in the playoffs. I hope everyone enjoyed following the Snappers in 2012. Thanks to everyone who cheered us on through this site, at games and through other avenues. It is really cool how much support we get in the minor leagues. I had a great time playing the game I love for ...
  7. 2012 Twins Minor League Hitter of the Year

    The minor league season have come and gone for the Twins farm system and that means it's time to hand out postseason awards. For the last couple of days, I have focused on the pitchers in the system. On Tuesday, I named Michael Tonkin as the best relief pitcher of 2012 in the Twins system. After yesterday's results were tallied, BJ Hermsen came out on top as the best starting hurler for the past season. Both of these choices were tough to make but the hitters in the system provided a much more difficult ...
  8. Twins Daily Minor League Hitter of the Year

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    Earlier in the week, we announced the Minor league Relief Pitcher of the Year and the Minor League Starting Pitcher of the Year for the Twins. Today, itís time to point out the hitters that performed very well in the Twins minor league system. There were a lot of great performances and performers that donít even make the top six for various reasons, be it injury, big league time or simply playing in a short-season league. Here are three honorable mentions that ...
  9. Addiction

    Note: The following entry is not in any way meant to mock or make light of those with real addictions. I know all too well the struggles that are associated with addictions of all types, and the effect it can have on lives. Please read this in the humorous spirit in which it is meant.

    It is mid-September. The Twins are twenty-four games under .500, getting their clocks cleaned 9-1 by Kansas City last night. It is raining and dreary out. So what is the highlight of my day? The release ...

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  10. Fitting 7 players into 6 positions

    With the emergence of Chris Parmelee as a Major League quality hitter, someone recently commented that the Twins could easily fit 7 players into 6 positions. So I tested the theory.

    If nobody is traded, the Twins have 7 players to use in 6 positions.
    Mauer C, 1b, DH
    Doumit C, LF RF DH
    Morneau 1b, DH
    Willingham LF,RF,DH
    Span CF,RF,LF
    Revere LF, CF, RF
    Parmelee LF, RF DH
    Lineup 1

    Maurer C
    Doumit DH ...
  11. Twins Florida Instructional League Roster

    Every year following the long minor league season, the Twins invite many prospects and recent draft picks back to Ft. Myers for the Florida Instructional League. For the most part, this time is pretty self-explanatory. It is a place for extra instruction for young players. For 2012 draft picks, it is likely a preview of what to expect from minor league spring training next March. Sometimes, players go to ďInstructsĒ to learn a new position or a secondary position. Youíll notice at least one position ...
  12. Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 58: Rating Revere and Late Night Life Decisions

    Aaron and John start out with talk about Ben Revere's defense in center field, meander through the Minnesota Twins middle infield, rotation and bullpen, argue about Twins revenue projections and finish with mailbag questions and parenting advice. Here are:

    Here are:

  13. Baseball Related Review - Effectively Wild - The Daily Baseball Prospectus Podcast

    Do you love baseball? How about listening to things? If you like both, can I just take one dern second and suggest that you check out the Baseball Prospectus podcast - Effectively Wild? Thanks. Effectively Wild is hosted by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller and sometimes co-hosted by some crickets. In the podcast, Ben and Sam each bring one topic per day to the table and then they present and discuss. Every so often, they each bring the same topic, which usually makes me drive right off the road. ...

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  14. Will Strasburg Become a Noun and a Verb?

    This article was originally posted at Knuckleballsblog.com.

    Iím kind of tired of reading and hearing about Stephen Strasburg and the decision by the Washington Nationals to shut him down for the season. That being the case, Iím not sure why Iím choosing now to actually write about him. But I am.

    I suppose the reason is that Iíve been trying to put myself in the shoes of those directly and indirectly involved with the decision to put an end to the hard-throwing phenomís ...
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