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  1. Soon to be World Champions recognize Deduno SPECIAL

    Question: Why does the DR pitch Deduno in the Championship game?

    Answer: Simple, they want to win! (what a concept!)

    Deduno would be no worse than the Twins 2nd best Pitcher and very possibly could be the best, what do the Twins have to lose? Their repuation for smart?

    Think of Deduno as a knucleballer and that might help you to deal with his erratic pitching..but remember this, he can beat anybody anytime, can you really say that about Correia and company? ...
  2. Meet OUR Minnesota Twins (Part 1)

    This is the start of a new series available at Peanuts from Heaven! and our partnered site at Twins Daily.

    While many of the people who check out this website are serious seam-heads, committed to knowing the depth charts from Minnesota through Elizabethton, not everyone knows that much...so in an effort to get new fans committed we offer a quirkier look at the local 9. These are not "your Minnesota Twins," they aren't the guys who run out on to the field to the strains ...
  3. Drew Butera and the cost of a third catcher

    The addition of free agent Ryan Doumit during last offseason raised an interesting question for the Twins. Should the club carry a third catcher? Joe Mauer was coming off an injury-plagued year and it seemed like the club might need a little insurance with the big league squad.

    If Mauer and Doumit were in the line-up on the same day, the team could run into some problems without an extra catcher. There is a chance the team could lose the designated hitter spot or the club could be ...
  4. Looking Back: 2008 Minnesota Twins Draft

    Aaron Hicks is the most talked about Twins prospect these days as he is making the strong case that he should be the Minnesota Twins Opening Day leadoff hitter and centerfielder. Hicks was the Twins first 1st round draft pick that year. Some of the other the other top picks didnít pan out, but there are still ten in the organization.

    Letís take a look:


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	aaronhicks.jpg 
Views:	1102 
Size:	44.7 KB 
ID:	3527Aaron Hicks was taken with the 14th overall pick. He slowly ...
  5. Have the Twins been lucky in the Gardenhire Era?

    "Luck is the great stabilizer in baseball"--- Tris Speaker, Hall of Fame Centerfielder

    Baseball is a game of numbers. The statistical side of the game continues to grow as the Sabermetric world adds new information. There are stats for what seems like everything that a person can think of in relation to baseball.

    One area of baseball is hard to quantify and it can be the area that makes the game so exciting to follow. There is an element of luck involved and it can be ...
  6. Twins Birthdays--March 18

    Also posted at wgom.org.

    Corky Miller (1976)

    One of the finest fourth-string catchers in the history of baseball, Abraham Philip "Corky" Miller played for the Twins at the beginning of 2005. Born and raised in Yucaipa, California, he attended the University of Nevada--Reno and was signed by Cincinnati as a free agent in 1998. He had an excellent year in 2001 split between AA and AAA, hitting .309 with 16 home runs in 314 at-bats. That got him a September call-up,
  7. Gleeman and the Geek, Ep 85: Kyle Gibson, John Mulaney and St. Patrick's Day

    In their Minnesota Twins podcast, Gleeman and the Geek talk about Kyle Gibson's early assignment to Triple-A, going to Dinkytown on St. Patrick's Day eve to see John Mulaney, Samuel Deduno starring in the World Baseball Classic, if the Twins are becoming more aggressive promoting minor leaguers, the Brass Kings, the differences between baseball and football playoffs, Deolis Guerra's scary injury, the lack of Jim Thome news, and going deeper down the bar-buying path. Here are:

  8. Position Analysis: Second Base

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dozier.jpg 
Views:	4498 
Size:	52.7 KB 
ID:	3521Likely Starter: Brian Dozier
    2012 Stats: .234/.271/.332, 6 HR, 33 RBI, 33 R

    Potential Backups: Jamie Carroll, Eduardo Escobar

    From the outside, nothing about Brian Dozierís career path suggested stardom was in the cards. In fact, there was little to suggest that he possessed the capability of turning into an MLB regular.

    A Southern boy out of Mississippi drafted in the eighth round, Dozier debuted in 2009 with good numbers ...
  9. Twins Birthdays--March 17

    Also posted at wgom.org.

    John Smiley (1965)
    Dan Masteller (1968)
    Scott Downs (1976)

    Left-hander John Patrick Smiley pitched for the Twins in 1992. He was born in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania and went to high school in Graterford, Pennsylvania. He was drafted by Pittsburgh in the twelfth round in 1983. He struggled early in his minor league career and was moved to the bullpen in 1986. He had a very good year in relief, posting an ERA of 3.10 and a WHIP of 1.16 ...
  10. The Cuts Continue, 7 Twins Reassigned

    On Sunday morning, seven players from Minnesota Twins spring training were told that they would not be on the Twins Opening Day roster. The most intriguing name of the bunch was infielder Chris Colabello. This leaves the Twins with 42 players on their spring roster.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Chris Colabello Italia.jpg 
Views:	1188 
Size:	45.8 KB 
ID:	3519

    Here are the players sent to minor league camp:

    Chris Colabello was last year's feel-good minor league story. He has had a great past 12 months. At this time last year, ...
  11. So Should We Care About the World Baseball Classic?

    As I write this I am reading that the United States has crashed out of the World Baseball Classic (again) and will end up officially in 6th place Ė just below Cuba. I find myself of two minds about this. On the one hand, I share the understandable disappointment in the results. On the other, I find myself wondering if I should even care. After all, if MLB and the MLBPA donít take this tournament seriously, why should I?

    Let me back up a bit and explain why I make that admittedly unfair ...

    Updated 03-16-2013 at 07:37 PM by IdahoPilgrim

  12. Finding Pedro Florimon's Value

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    Yesterday, I unveiled what will almost certainly go down in history as my most popular original idea: a weekly (fake) mailbag. In that mailbag I asked myself... I mean, I was asked about the Twins player I am higher on than most. I chose Pedro Florimon because I think his defense can provide enough value to overcome his complete lack of contribution on offense. I am not sure I explained my point very well and I wasn't feeling good about ...

    Updated 03-16-2013 at 05:01 PM by Brad Swanson

  13. 2013 Twins Spring Training Battle Dashboard 3.0: The final stretch edition

    [I]Originally published at [URL="http://tenthinningstretch.blogspot.com/2013/03/2013-twins-spring-training-battle_16.html"]The Tenth Inning Stretch [/URL](where the graphics are better for some reason)[/I]

    [FONT=inherit]t is already almost a month into Spring Training games for the Twins, and it is time for the second version of the dashboards. You can find all 2013 Spring Training dashboards [URL="http://tenthinningstretch.blogspot.com/search/label/2013%20Spring%20Training%20Dashboards"]here[/URL], ...
  14. Twins Birthdays--March 16

    Also posted at wgom.org.

    Rick Renick (1944)

    Infielder/outfielder Warren Richard Renick played for the Twins from 1968-1972. Born and raised in London, Ohio, he attende Ohio State and was signed by Minnesota as a free agent in 1965. Renick did not show a whole lot of promise in the minors, although he did hit 20 homers at Class A Wilson in 1967. He was hitting .247 with ten homers at AAA Denver in 1968 when he was called up in mid-July to try to fill a void at shortstop. ...
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