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  1. Twins Minor League Report (5/15): Alex Meyer Shines Again

    "When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

    On Wednesday the Twins made sure it was known that they were not happy with Aaron Hicks and his level of preparation at he Major League level. On Thursday, the Twins squandered a great start from Phil Hughes (the Talk to Contact Pitcher of the Week). But then Hicks bailed out the Twins with a 10th inning victory, with a walk off double to defeat the Red Sox.

    Down in the Minor Leagues, things ...
  2. How Do You Like Chris Parmelee Now?

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ID:	7451With just a few days remaining before the Twins were to travel to Chicago to begin the 2014 season, Chris Parmelee got the sickening news that his services would not be needed a the major league level. Out of options, the Twins were willing to expose him to waivers and risk losing him to an organization. As an additional gut punch, all of the other organizations in baseball said “eh, no thanks”.

    Shortly after receiving the news at Hammond Stadium Parmelee ...
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  3. Gotta be happy for Hicks...but...heres what I would do with him....

    Pitch batting practice to him at only one pitch..fastball below his knees...he would have to prove he could hit that and WOULD hit that..before he plays again..how many? 100 a day or more..even if he has to have his own batting practice...I just cant believe with two strikes he can not tell that this pitch might be called a strike...also I would prep him that when he has two strikes SWING at the next pitch...not to say other twins arent guilty too..Colabello for one has struck out on multiple ...
  4. Tonight's Troy's Twins Chat

    Hello everyone. Here's a summary of what was discussed on tonight's show. Dad and I reviewed today's game. We talked about the performances of some of the players on the Twins. We especially talked about Aaron Hicks. I suggest that Twins fans call up anyone they know in Boston and tell them that, "The Curse Of The Babe's back."

    To listen to the show. Click on the following link.
  5. 1/4 season done at .500 Can This Team Contend?

    We are currently 1 of 9 teams within a game and a half of the 2nd wild card spot. Knowing our major weaknesses can we fill them enough to be a contender this season?

    Our SS position went hitless in April causing a huge whole in the lineup. Escobar is currently at .347 with around 100 plate appearances. if he even hits.275 its a huge upgrade at that position. CF appears to be a patchwork of Hicks, Fuld, and Santana until something gets figured out. Still a black hole. but one hole ...
  6. The Fireballing Michael Tonkin...

    When I watch twins relievers, Tonkin is by far the weakest. He supposedly can throw in the high 90's so why is he trying to get people out with off speed stuff?

    BC..his heater with little movement is getting smashed!

    His wind up is so open, he doesn't fool anybody, the pitch comes out..and the hitters see it..clearly and teach him a lesson. His stuff..(fastball) allowed him to get by in lower minors..but Michael guess what? You aren't in Kansas anymore dude..just because ...
  7. Talk to Contact: Ep 83 - Chicken Parm and (Pinto) Beans

    Chris Parmelee hit a walk-off home run to steal a game against the Boston Red Sox, and he's named after a popular italian food. That's called bi-winning. You can download the new Talk to Contact (@TalkToContact) episode via iTunes or click here you can download the new episode, and if you want to add the show to your podcast player, this is the RSS Feed.

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    The Twins Phil Hughes out dueled Justin Verlander in Detroit and the Twins stole the series ...
  8. Draft Series - Part 4: Five for 45

    This is the fourth in a series of (somewhat) weekly installments leading up to the June 5th through 7th draft. The focus is intended to be very Twins-specific.

    Part 1: Locals
    Part 2: The Top
    Part 3: What's New?
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ID:	7437While you may read the title and think I’m referring to a 10-game Pedro Florimon stretch, I’m actually going to spotlight a handful of players that could be in play when the Twins go on the clock with the 45th overall pick. ...
  9. Danny Santana - Lethal Weapon, or Black Magic (Wo)Man?

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    (Originally posted on www.twinsandlosses.com)

    If you can get a smile AND a fist bump from Ron “Gardy” “Gardenhire, you’re doing something right. The young Dominican shortstop is in no way related to Carlos Santana, or Danny Glover. At least, not that we know of. Hopefully he’s more Danny Gladden, than Danny Valencia too. The 23 year old has been showing off some great offensive skills in 8 games played with the major league club. He’s
  10. Three-Bagger: Wristy Business, Jason K & Mauer Being Mauer

    * Florida's Jose Fernandez is the latest young star pitcher to be tabbed for Tommy John surgery, so elbow injuries have been the talk of baseball this week. Minnesota has plenty of experience in that department, most recently with first-round picks Kyle Gibson and Alex Wimmers.

    But currently, it's the wrist that has emerged as a major pain for young talents in the Twins organization.

    Oswaldo Arcia was bothered by a wrist injury last summer, and it has come back to ...
  11. Issues in the Outfield

    The Indians’ David Murphy should send the Minnesota Twins’ front office and coaching staff a bottle of champagne. After all, the struggling left-handed outfielder hast just six doubles this season but two of those came courtesy of the Twins when they have infielders positioned in the outfield.

    While the 2014 Twins infield numbers have flourished, the outfield has languished.

    The Twins’ outfield was a defensive liability last year. In 2013, they posted an unsightly -35.3 ...
  12. Twins Minor League Report (5/13): Berrios Baffles

    It’s shaping up to be a killer couple of days for Cedar Rapids. After the first two games of their four-game set with Peoria got rained out, the Kernels will be forced to play double-headers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    In their two other double-headers this season, the Kernels have played to an all or nothing result. They have either swept or gotten swept by the opposition. This left the club with a 2-2 record in double-header action this season.

    How would they fare tonight? ...
  13. When baseball gods get angry

    Everyone who has ever played the game knows you simply do not anger the baseball gods.

    The baseball gods are a vengeful lot. Any kind of slight, whether real or perceived, can cause them to rain down bad karma on players, coaches, teams and even, apparently, entire organizations.

    Someone in the Minnesota Twins organization must have really ticked off those baseball gods back during spring training, because the Twins have had one calamity after another since March. That’s ...

    Updated 05-13-2014 at 11:03 PM by SD Buhr

  14. Minor League/Major League Salary Question

    How do salaries work when a player is called up? I assume, Santana for example, is now making the MLB minimum 400K? If he is sent back down, does his salary revert to minor league? And how much is that for a player like Santana?

    thanks in advance
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