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  1. Twins Hangouts: Tuesday, May 13

    Join Seth and I tonight at 9:00 pm for the newest episode of our Google Hangout.

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Size:  11.7 KBOn the agenda: all the moves that have been made (specifically the AAA infield becoming the MLB outfield), some other moves that may still need to be made, some recent popular topics and more.

    We've also cover any and all things in the minor leagues as it relates to the Twins system.

    If you have any questions, please leave them below. You can also ...
  2. What does the average #3 Starter Make?

    A friend and I are having a debate as to what the average salary for a #3 starter makes annually, or what they can expect to make. I won't describe each sides point of view to eliminate bias. I wanted to run it by the Twins Daily community to see what the common opinion is. I look forward to your responses.
  3. The Emergence of Kennys Vargas

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    Kennys Vargas, courtesy of Scott Blanchette

    Without a doubt, the New Britain Rock Cats' most valuable offensive player this season has been Kennys Vargas. Vargas, a 23 year-old switch-hitting first baseman (destined to be a designated hitter), has been on our radar for some time, but has always been considered a work-in-progress. Yes, the raw power was always there, but the limited defensive ability, large strikeout totals and inconsistent spells kept
  4. Twins Minor League Report (5/12): Miracle Don't Miss a Beat

    The Twins took a break from their schedule on Monday. They open a six-game home stand on Tuesday by welcoming the Boston Red Sox for three games.
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    If you missed any of the recent transactions, you can view them here.

    Moving on to the farm…

    Red Wings Report
    Box Score

    When the Red Wings left Rochester after last Sunday's game, they were riding high: Winners of their last three and ...
  5. The No Juice Podcast, Episode #5: The NFL Draft

    Submitted for your listening pleasure, this week’s No Juice Podcast, Parker Hageman and Dan Anderson discuss a variety of topics, including:

    • The Joy of Twitter
    • Infielders in the Outfield
    • Multilingual Colabello
    • Joe Mauer and injuries
    • Things you shouldn’t say out loud if you are Tommy Lasorda
    • Walking through Uptown fountains
    • The NFL Draft

    The No Juice Podcast is now available on Stitcher and can be followed on iTunes as well.

  6. The Rising Cost of Brian Dozier

    On last week's episode of Talk to Contact, Darren "Doogie" Wolfson spent some time with us discussing the possibility of a Brian Dozier contract extension. He mentioned that Dozier's agent has already approached the Twins about this possibility. By the end of the interview, he said he wouldn't be surprised if Dozier has a new contract in place by the end of spring training next year.

    From the perspective of the Twins front office, there might not be a reason to be in a rush with Dozier. ...
  7. Danny Santana & the .1% Solution

    Danny Santana is a major league prospect. He isn't in the Twins' Top Ten and he isn't a Top 100 prospect in minor league baseball. Most players with his pedigree don't become stars, but some do and I imagine some become All-Stars and most likely some have become Hall of Fame players.

    Santana's strength as a prospect are his raw tools. He has great speed and a strong arm. His minor league stats have been unremarkable. Finally, he is a prospect in a position of need for his team. ...
  8. Gleeman and the Geek, Ep 145: MLB, iTunes and Mother's Day

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ID:	7407Aaron and John unpack the MLB/iTunes fiasco, reflect on a jumbled Twins roster, examine Phil Hughes turnaround, play a lot of GATG intros, cast a skeptical eye towards Danny Santana and Chris Parmelee, ignore their mothers and debate the size of Aaron's ego. You can listen by downloading us from iTunes, Stitcher or find it at GleemanAndTheGeek.com.
  9. Advanced Statistics & Broadcasts: Where Should The Two Meet?

    During Saturday's Fox Sports North telecast, Dick Bremer and Jack Morris were discussing the Minnesota Twins rotating crew of misfits in the the outfield. More specifically, they were talking about how injuries to Josh Willingham and Oswaldo Arcia have caused the team to play a 1B/DH hybrid in RF (Colabello) and whatever middle infielder they can find in LF (Nuñez, Escobar, Bartlett).

    Dick then went on to say (I'm paraphrasing a bit here, but the context is the same): Imagine if the ...

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  10. Maybe there was some risk...

    With the signings of Kubel, Bartlett and Guerrier, comments overwhelmingly went like these below.

    This isn't low risk..... it's NO risk
    Minor league deals don't cost anything.
    What's the negative??
    Minor league contracts have zero downside.
    Great move to give the Twins one more option without any risk whatsoever.
    It's nothing more than looking at every possible way to improve your team, with virtually zero cost and no
  11. Loving the New Gardy..

    Wow Gardy is no longer in love with the Mendoza line! Love todays lineup, Gardy is desperately trying to get some hitting in the lineup..absolutely love Santana being in, love Parmalee call up...love ANYBODY is spelling Kubel for a bit..(he will rebound)

    One thing concerning..is Pinto finally starting to hit again..but sitting..but Suzuki is Superman!..I know the cape will tear eventually..but loving seeing him fly!
  12. Trevor Plouffe Off To A Fast Start. Will It Last?

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ID:	7389Trevor Plouffe was essentially an afterthought this winter viewed as a third base placeholder until Miguel Sano takes the position from him. By the grace of the inelasticity of an elbow ligament, Plouffe's job security increased considerably. Sano's misfortune would be Plouffe's godsend.

    And, to his credit, the 27-year-old has made the most of this opportunity.

    After several seasons of mishandling the hot corner and minimal offensive contributions, ...
  13. Pinto's Prodigious Potential

    Outside of shortstop, there may not be another position player with lower offensive expectations than catcher. The physical toll of the position forces many elite offensive players into other roles – Bryce Harper, for instance, was moved from catcher to outfielder immediately after being drafted in an effort to extend his career. Others, such as Joe Mauer or (eventually) Buster Posey are moved later into their career when the beatings sustained as a catcher threatens to shorten their playing time ...

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  14. Twins Need to Focus on Future, Not Old Favorites

    Without exception, each spot on a team's 25-man roster is important.

    In any given week, it is likely that every last one of those players will see action in a game. On a contending team, all 25 openings should ideally be filled by guys who can play a meaningful and valuable role.

    Those roster spots can also be used to protect assets. A rebuilding team might choose to put a Rule 5 pick in the last bullpen slot, or stash a project who's out of options at the end of the bench. ...
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