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  1. Kepler, Bullpen Push E-Twins to Championship Game

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    Happy Labor Day to all!! Labor Day is also the final regular season game for full season minor league affiliates. Correcting myself from yesterday, the New Britain Rock Cats will go into the final day of the season with a chance at a playoff spot. On Sunday, Elizabethton fought elimination. Would they be able to force a Appy League championship-deciding Game 3 against Burlington?

    The Twins and Royals completed three games within a 24 hour period. Unfortunately, ...
  2. Minor League Odyssey - Postscript

    NOTE: This entry is a postscript to my series of entries describing my game-day experiences on a tour of the Minnesota Twins farm system; it describes what led me to make this trip in the first place. Please be advised that it is very different from what has gone before in this series. It is longer, more personal and, in contrast to the light-hearted tone I tried to take with the previous entries, it is written from a more serious perspective and has a strong spiritual component. If this is not ...
  3. Outrage Over Medical Staff is Overblown

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Size:  15.1 KBLast week, Denard Span finally landed on the disabled list one day before rosters expanded and 18 days after initially suffering a shoulder injury back in early August. Not the medical staff's finest hour, probably, but the uproar I saw amongst casual fans and hardcores alike sort of left me dumbfounded.

    My Twitter timeline exploded with rants against the team doctors. Commenters here at Twins Daily vented in similar fashion. Clearly folks are fed up ...
  4. Twins Depth/Personnel Chart for 2013

    Here is what I am seeing for the Twins depth chart with the personnel they have now. I will do another one of these after the offseason ends to compare. These rankings are part stats from this year, part me wanting some of the people on this list to succeed. Also, with the pitching rotation, this is not how the Twins (at least, I hope it isn't) will organize their rotation, it is just the people I think should be in their rotation

    Should be some fairly obvious ones and ...

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  5. 2012 blueprint

    Here is my pre-offseason Twins offseasonBlueprint. I will do another one afterthe season as the hotstove season begins. The Twins are looking at their second consecutive 90+ loss season andthere needs to be changes done to bring a quality product back to Targetfield. Even though attendance in downthis year I still look for the Twins to have a 90-95 million dollar payroll in2013. Not only is it important to seewhat they do with the major league team, but there are 40 man decisions thathave to ...
  6. Twins Minor League Starting Pitcher of the Month - August

    Hopefully everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend!! The Twins certainly enjoyed their doubleheader sweep in Kansas City on Saturday against the Royals. I know I look forward to the first start of Esmerling Vasquezís big league career this afternoon.

    Yesterday, I posted the August relief pitchers of the month, and today, Iím back to present for you the August Twins minor league starting pitchers of the month. There are a couple of new names, but itís been nice to see some names ...
  7. Saturday Night Minor League Lights

    The Twins won both ends of a double header against Kansas City on Saturday but there was plenty of exciting action across the minor leagues. Let's check out how the Twins farm system fared as their seasons are coming to a close.


    In what looks like it will be a great Appalachian League Championship Series, the E-Twins lost an important first game to the Burlington Royals by a score of 3-2 in extra-innings. Angel Matta started the game for the ...
  8. Small Potatoes

    The Godfather II is one of the greatest movies of all time. The dialogue in the movie is top notch and worthy of the first class plot line.

    One scene (of many) that struck me in the movie was the meeting between Michael and Hyman Roth at his Florida home. In the discussion between the two heavyweights. Michael discussed the fate of Pentangeli saying that "Pentangeli is a dead man". For someone as powerful as Michael to make such a strong statement about the life of a human ...

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  9. Minnesota Twins Relief Pitcher of the Month - August

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    Here we are. Itís September 1st which has so many meanings to a baseball fan. Rosters can expand. Elizabethton and Beloit will play in their league playoffs. It also means that it is time to report the August players of the month for the Twins farm system. I know itís a holiday weekend, but thatís no reason not to check out Twins Daily, right? The plan is to post the top relievers today, followed by the top starting pitchers tomorrow and the top hitters on Labor ...
  10. My Dog Writes the News

    I'm officially back at work, planning and plotting all that I teach, but after a summer of goofing around with my dog (with Sports Radio/ESPN often on in the background), I felt like I could trust him to write a post summarizing baseball coverage of late. Without further's a guest post from my dog: Sidney.--also available with images here

    Most Exciting Time of Baseball Season Irrelevant Next to Least Exciting Time of Football Season.
    by, Sid MacKenzie

    With ...

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  11. Friday Night Minor League Lights

    It was another exciting night in the Twins minor league system. Find out how the Elizabethton Twins did in the decisive Game 3 in their Appalachian League semi-final against Danville. How did Kyle Gibson do in his second start for Rochester? Oswaldo Arcia and Aaron Hicks had strong games, but see how Chris Herrmann got to play hero for the New Britain Rock Cats. It was a busy night in the Twins farm system.

    The Twins game in Kansas City scheduled for Friday night was postponed because ...
  12. Elizabethton Advances to Appalachian League Championship Series

    On Friday night, the Elizabethton Twins topped Danville (Braves) by the score of 4-2. In doing so, they advance to the Appalachian League Championship series where they will take on Burlington (Royals). The Best of 3 series begins on Saturday.

    The E-Twins got going early on Friday. In the first inning, Max Kepler doubled. First baseman DJ Hicks then homered to give the Twins a 2-0 lead. Danville scored one in the top of the third, but the Twins came back in the bottom of the fourth. ...
  13. Attendance below 30,000? About time!

    It was noted elsewhere that this week attendance dropped below 30,000 at Target Field for the first time in its history. Some saw that as a harbinger of doom, leading to a vicious cycle of depressed revenues followed by lower payroll followed by a poorer product on the field followed by depressed revenues followed by...

    My own take: At last! This is what Iíve been waiting for since Target Field opened. Donít get me wrong Ė it was fun to see a full ballpark for a while. But Iím glad ...

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  14. Twins Pitchers Who Could Contribute to a Playoff Team in the Future

    Last week, I investigated which position players on the current 40-man roster can help a potential Twins playoff team. If you want to read it, click here. In my mind, the first possible contending season is 2014, although I feel that could be a bit of a stretch. For the purposes of this post, I am going to look at 2014 as the first year of the turnaround, which might be putting too much faith in the rebuilding process. There are some very interesting position players on the 40-man roster. Pitchers, ...
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