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  1. Minnesota Twins 2012 Season Review

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ID:	2452In their second-to-last game of 2012, the Twins sent Anthony Swarzak to the hill. He turned in a sub par five-inning outing, and the Twins ended up losing by a run, their 95th loss of the season.

    A pitcher who had no business starting a major-league game getting roughed up and putting his capable offense in a hole they couldn't dig out of. Minnesota's 2012 season in a nutshell.

    Now, the above isn't intended as a slight toward Swarzak, whose overall ...
  2. What If? - Twins trade for Cliff Lee in 2010

    In July of 2010, the Texas Rangers traded a prospect package highlighted by Justin Smoak for Seattle Mariners ace Cliff Lee. The trade helped propel an already talented Rangers team to the World Series in 2010. In the Winter of 2010, Lee surprised everyone by signing a multi-year contract with the Philadelphia Phillies, spurning a reportedly larger offer from the New York Yankees. Ok, so what? What does this have to do with our beloved Minnesota Twins?

    Well, the Twins were reportedly ...
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  3. 2013 Blueprint, Part Two: The Pitchers

    In part one of the blueprint, I laid out the Twins 2013 roster as I see it should be (disclaimer: this means that this is what the Twins *should* do, not a prediction as to what they *will* do). In part two, I focus more intensely on the pitching situation, and turn the pitching staff first for obviously reasons.

    I am not completely against trading away MLB players or even some prospects (lower levels) for MLB-ready or near MLB-ready pitching, but I do think there is a better way to ...

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  4. Grading last season's free agent signings

    The end of the 2012 season is closely approaching and this leaves time to reflect back on the season when the hometown team isn't going to be in the playoffs. For the Twins, 2012 was another season to forget but there were some bright spots amidst all of the dullness of the past few months. Some of the brightest stars for 2012 came from the crop of free agents the Twins signed during last winter. These players might not have turned the team around from the dismal 2011 campaign but there were some ...
  5. How full is your Minnesota Twins glass?

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    Two more games left. 160 Twins games have been played in 2012 season. It’s been yet another frustrating, 90-loss season for the Twins and their fans. As the offseason fast approaches, it will soon be time for the Hot Stove League. That means 40 man roster decisions, winter meetings, trades, free agents, and most important, rumors. Rumors will, as always, be prevalent throughout the offseason. Twins Daily is the place for all of that!

    One question that ...
  6. Should Twins Emulate White Sox?

    Vegas picked the White Sox to finish fourth in the AL Central this year, pegging them to win about 74.5 games. Chicago's season essentially ended last night when the Tigers clinched the division, but that means the Pale Hose' playoff hopes lasted until October, about four (five?) months longer than the Twins. They also made anyone who bet the “under” in Vegas look like a fool, exceeding Vegas preseason estimate by 10 games and counting.

    I am one of those fools. In our Gleeman and the ...
  7. Playoffs pt. 1

    While the Twins may not be in the Hunt for October legend-status, there are teams around the league that have clinched a playoff spot and are lining up their pitching according to who they will (or might) face in their first game (or series).

    This will be a series of blogs about the different teams in the postseason, and how they rank up against everyone else (and especially against their first opponent, if that opponent is known yet.)

    I will start with the National League, ...
  8. Twins MiLB Awards: Down on the Pond - The Hitters

    This post originally appeared at http://puckettspond.com/2012/10/01/d...s-the-hitters/

    The minor league seasons are all over. The prospects have played their final games (well, I guess officially the September call-ups still have 3 games left, but let's not get carried away) and the stats and progressions for 2012 are all in the books.
    Before the season began, several of the Twins bloggers, myself included, made some prognostications about who we thought ...

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  9. Tsuyoshi Nishioka was a "Candle in the Wind"

    The following song is dedicated to former Twins middle infielder Tsuyoshi Nishioka as he exits the United States and heads back to resume his career in Japan. The tune of the song is "Candle in the Wind" by Elton John. Enjoy!
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    Goodbye Tsuyoshi
    Though we hardly knew you at all
    You had the grace to leave the Twins
    Back to Japan is where you crawled
    Two seasons have gone by
    And it was a disaster from the start
    Swisher broke ...
  10. Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 60: Nishioka No More and Losing Las Vegas

    The Minnesota Twins release Tsuyoshi Nishioka, contemplate coaching changes, and the John and Aaron review the MLB season via their preseason predictions. Here are:

  11. 2013 Twins Top 50

    The 2012 minor league season is over and much will remain quiet in the prospect world for some time. A few players have "graduated" from September call-ups, but from a new standpoint here we go. Unlike last list, a lot of insight was taken from a few other Twins farm followers. This year's performance has is a critical component as is talent. Tools and the other insight as mentioned were the big factors that caused guys like Morales to rise. I know I may do these a little frequently, but ...
  12. Mollie and Mornie; Mauer, Yount and Minny: Lessons to Learn by Looking to Milwaukee?

    The Minnesota Twins enter the offseason saddled with the need to rebuild. As the Twins fan base begins to dwindle, and the shine seems to be coming off Target Field, questions arise about the M & M boys, andtheir long-term value in Minnesota. Both players are emerging out from under a cloud of befuddling injuries, so their long-term health is a question. Both players command a significant portion of team salary, so their combined value is a question. Joe Mauer is likely to increase his playing ...

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  13. The Market for Pitchers

    A common thought among baseball fans like...

    "Since there are a larger number of starting pitchers on the free agent market, it is good for my team because we need pitching"

    I would like to challenge that argument. I do believe a larger market can be an advantage for some teams. I don't believe that a larger market can be good for every team that needs pitching. Many teams need pitching. If the market is an advantage for some, doesn't it need to be a disadvantage ...
  14. Burton: What's is the Future for a 31 Year Old Set Up Man?

    I was surprised at the suggestion earlier that the Twins should consider extending Burton. They have him locked up next year. In two years he will be 33. On the other hand, he has been very valuable this year.

    My first thought was it was a horrible idea. Take his season next year at the bargain level. Don't buy his 33 year old season now! That was clearly the minority opinion.

    I went to Baseball Reference for clarity. I searched for every season pitched by a 31 year old ...

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