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  1. 2012 Day-by-Day - April 20

    Another comeback victory from the parent club. I have no research to back me, but it seems to me this team has had more success coming back late in games and not giving up. Given how much was talked about losing character guys, especially Cuddyer, this group has really shown some fight early in the season. There have been a handful games they had no shot in winning, but others they ended up losing that they had no business even being close. Tonight's another example. After a devastating home run ...
  2. Yum... another bite of Beef Willingham

    5 games in and this road trip has already surpassed mine and I am sure most Twins fan's expectations. Without the jacks, Liam looked pretty good tonight. His control was somewhat off, but he attacks it. He pitches fearlessly and intelligently. I like what I see and I hope to see some more with better results. Hendricks, as we all know will not miss a lot of bats, but he has something we have not had in a few years - a pitch to contact pitcher who is not afraid to attack the strike zone and for ...
  3. Friday Night Game Notes (Twins Win and Sano Shines!)

    The Twins improved to 5-9 with a 5-4 win over the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. Denard Span, Jamey Carroll and Joe Mauer each had two hits, but it was again Josh Willingham who played hero in this game. With the Twins down 4-2 in the 7th, the bases were loaded with two outs and Willingham came to the plate. With two strikes, Willingham drilled a opposite-field doubles to drive in three and give the Twins the lead. It extended his hitting streak to 14 games. Matt Maloney, Jared Burton, Brian ...
  4. Twins Players of the Week

    Originally Published at The Tenth Inning Stretch

    This is the second installment in this series. You can find the first one here and all of them here in reverse chronological order. I will be doing these approximately weekly or at the end of every 2 series.

    In the last 2 series against the Yankees and Rangers the Twins as a team hit a respectable .279/.328/.434 with 6 HR and scored 28 runs. This was not enough to get them to finish better than 2-5 in these ...
  5. Lots of Thoughts!!

    by , 04-20-2012 at 03:47 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")

    Detroit 9-4
    Cleveland 6-5
    Chicago 6-6
    Minnesota 5-9
    Kansas City 3-9

    Any Surprises after 14 games?

    In my mind this is about exactly where I figured, with the exception of Chicago being lower by a couple games and KC winning a couple more games. Given the Twins schedule I predicted after 35 games 14-21, we will see where that ends up.

    I wanted to make a couple comments on a few thoughts that have been thrown ...
  6. Bullpen Farmhands

    Quote Originally Posted by SirLoin View Post
    If you listen to the likes of Bonnes and Gleeman (which I do), Jeff Gray is the relief pitcher equivalent of Drew Butera. That being said, I'd like to get some insight on some relief pitcher prospects we have in the system. The first two that come to mind are Deolis Guerra and Cole DeVries.

    Guerra - Just how hard does this guy throw? He's been downright nasty so far in AA. He's had a cup of coffee with Rochester, as a starter I believe. How much longer does he have to keep up this
  7. 2012 Minnesota Twins Take of the Week - Week 2

    by , 04-20-2012 at 12:59 PM ( Blog on - Our Takes, Your Takes,!)

    Photo Credit: Michael Donovan via Compfight

    Welcome to the 2012 Minnesota Twins Take of the Week!

    Even though this is the 2nd week of the 2012
  8. Why was Luke Hughes cut by the Twins? The plot thickens...

    Originally published at The Tenth Inning Stretch

    Yesterday, I have written why Luke Hughes got a rotten deal but the Twins, but I think I let another reason out: this was a great way for Twins' manager Ron Gardenhire to get his consanguine Drew Butera up to majors, claiming that he could use 3 catchers.

    Interestingly enough, Stealing a page from Pontius Pilatus' book, Terry Ryan, the Twins' interim GM, washed his hands from accountability on player ...

    Updated 04-20-2012 at 09:47 AM by Thrylos

  9. Friday Links-N-Thinks

    Original post from North Dakota Twins Fan
    Well the Twins made their series in the Bronx much more enjoyable than was originally anticipated by many fans in Twins Territory. The offense seems to be clicking on all cylinders and the bullpen has been surprisingly good in some tough situations against a very good line-up. Hopefully this positive momentum will carry over into their weekend series with the Rays and the Twins can start the climb back to the .500 mark.
  10. Tough Night in New Britain

    [Originally published with a couple pictures at Twins Fan From Afar]

    It was a beautiful evening for outdoor baseball in central Connecticut -- the kind of night where you might come wearing a t-shirt, but had better pack a hooded sweatshirt for when the sun disappears behind the bleachers. The Rock Cats began a homestand tonight, and it was "Anti-Diet Night" at New Britain Stadium. For $12, or $14 if you wanted the good tickets, you could get all-you-can eat hot dogs, hamburgers, ...
  11. Thursday Night Lights

    The Twins lost another "offensive" game to Curtis Granderson and the Yankees on Thursday night by a score of 8-7. The close loss was something that all four of the Twins minor league affiliates suffered as well on Thursday as the organization went 0-5 on the day. But worry not, there were still plenty of positives to talk about.

    Here is a look at the Twins minor league scores and highlights from Wednesday, and for much more on the players on each team, specifically who’s hot and who’s ...
  12. Promising Showing In NYC and Random Thoughts

    I have long ago accepted that the Twins do not have a realistic shot of making the playoffs this year and that it may be a few years before they can legitimately contend. However, I think we as fans can be encouraged by the series split the Twins just earned in the Bronx. I think it seemed like the Twins, for once, were not intimidated by the Yankees. They jumped all over some of the Yankee pitchers and didn't implode every time something bad happened. Although they did not technically win the ...
  13. The Tale of Two Starters

    After the split series in New York - one in which the bullpen absorbed 70% of the innings in four games - the Minnesota Twins relievers head to Tampa feeling more taxed than the Dutch population.

    (Yeah, that’s right: tax humor.)

    On Thursday, Anthony Swarzak, a rotation fill-in who is lobbying for a more permanent position, coaxed Ron Gardenhire out of the dugout once again prematurely, ending his night without getting out of the third inning.

    Swarzak, in his ...
  14. Two Weeks In: Who Is This Team?

    This post was originally published at

    I swear if there’s one thing I’ve grown more tired of than people using small sample sizes to “prove” how good or bad a player is, at this still-early point in the season, it’s people who do so while even admitting that they’re using small sample sizes. Let’s be brutally honest here, statheads, stats over a single two week period, even if it’s the first two weeks of the season, are almost completely worthless.
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