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  1. Down on the Pond - Easter Sunday Rochester Red Wings Recap

    Minnesota native, Cole DeVries
    This post originally appeared at

    Sunday morning I brought you the news and results from opening weekend for the Twins minor league affiliates, and what a weekend it was. Baseball is back across the nation and #hope springs eternal in Twins territory and beyond. Despite a tough series sweep of the Twins at the hands of the Orioles Twins fans should keep their heads ...
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  2. The good ole days.

    I'm not from Minnesota, I've never been there either. I'm a twins fan because my father is a twins fan, he grew up watching Rod Carew smack baseballs all over the field. His fandom of the twins carried over to myself and my brother.

    Living in South Central Pennsylvania I could transfer to a more local team. The Phillies are a mere hour and a half from my home, in fact we go there a few times a year to catch a game as most of our friends or Philly fans. The Pirates are a few hours West ...
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  3. Camden Yards Recap: Twins Begin their Losing Ways, or an Aberration?

    [Originally published with pictures at Twins Fan From Afar]

    Camden Yards from the hotel window.

    Well, the baseball side of things left a lot to be desired, but you're not much of a baseball fan if you can't have a great ...
  4. The Marlins Memo.

    From: Michael Fakename
    To: Marlins Home Run Feature Design Team.

    I. Love. It.

    When I said I wanted something that looked like Rainbow Brite puked on a snowglobe, I was just a boy with a dream. You and your design team made this boy's dreams come true!

    Can I make one small request? Could you add just ONE MORE Marlin to the display?

    I'm envisioning a marlin that comes out of the top of the display, but real slowly. I mean, REALLY slowly. Almost ...
  5. Life After Cuddy. Who should it be?

    “Excuse me, sir? Would you be so kind as to watch my bag so I can catch the coffee shop before it closes? I’ll gladly buy you a drink too.”

    That was roughly what a friend of mine said to a strapping young stranger at the Minneapolis airport one late night. The man agreed and while she went for coffee, he even defended her bag against her friend who arrived to pick her up. How was he to know?

    Upon returning my friend said to him, “You would do well as a security ...
  6. Rough Opening Weekend has silver lining

    Original post from North Dakota Twins Fan
    The Twins struggled mightily in their first series of the year against a team that is not projected to do very well this season, the Baltimore Orioles. The three starting pitchers for the Orioles looked like Cy Young winners even though each of them came into the contest with ERAs of well over 4.00 for ...

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  7. Missed Opportunity Could Loom Large

    In their opening series against the Orioles, the Twins didn't pitch especially well and they played some horrible defense. But without question, the story of the weekend was a complete lack of offense against a Baltimore staff that led the majors in runs allowed last year.

    Despite their late surge with the bats in spring training, the Twins looked totally unprepared for the start of the season, as a mediocre trio of starters were made to look like stars. The lineup tallied only two ...

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  8. Decrease in velocity should be a concern for Pavano

    The Twins recently announced that Target Field would be a smoke-free facility starting in 2012. Apparently, they were not referencing tobacco products but rather Carl Pavano’s fastball.

    Minnesota’s inning-eating stalwart of the past several seasons entered Opening Day in Baltimore and was not impressing any radar gun enthusiasts by tossing his fastball a touch over 85 miles an hour. On Saturday, Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan reported that there were some organizational staffers ...
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  9. What a start 2012 Minnesota Twins

    by , 04-08-2012 at 09:53 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")

    OK 0-3?!?! Probably what was supposed to be the "easiest series" of the first 11 we somehow find the Twins scoring 5 runs in 3 games. We get to see we have defensive struggles in left and right. We see Liriano get eaten up by the Orioles. We see Justin Morneau able to hit the ball around. What does this all mean? Nothing really. Now if we go 0-6, then we can start talking troubles.

    I am sure we are going to see the taglines about being the ...
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  10. Series Preview: Angels By The Numbers

    Series Preview: The Angels By The Numbers

    92.5 – The “over/under” estimate from casinos on the number of games the Angels will win this year. That’s the highest number of any team in the AL West.

    73 - The “over/under” estimate from casinos on the number of games the Twins will win this year.


    317,500,000 – The dollars the Angels guaranteed to pitcher CJ Wilson and slugger Albert Pujols when they signed them this offseason.
  11. 2012 Minnesota Twins Organization Day-by-Day - April 8

    I had mentioned in the forums a "feature" I wanted to start - the Day-by-Day for all levels in the organization. This would be a nice snapshot on one sheet of how each team is doing on a day-by-day basis. I have a link below, but would almost prefer to have this embedded into the post. If someone out there has more knowledge about this then I do, doesn't take much, please speak up and let me know how to help.

    Without further adieu, let me present to you the first (of hopefully ...
  12. Saturday afternoon in Beloit

    We all need to do a well baby check here and repeat it is the first weekend, it is the first weekend. So that being my mantra my family and our friends from St. Paul headed back to Pohlman Field.It was a much more comfortable afternoon in Beloit. The sun was out for awhile and the temps slipped in the low 60's. Unfortunatly the same result as I saw on Thursday occured, a Snapper loss.

    Today it is was Tim Shibuya that started the game for the Twins A Leaguers and his afternoon was not ...
  13. Deja Vu All Over Again

    After three games in Baltimore things look a little grim for the Twins. After last season's stinkfest fans are carefully attuned to the ups and (especially) the downs. So every little foible fels like a harbinger of another doom-tastic year.

  14. Gardy's bullpen management

    Glen Perkins was used to get two high leverage outs in the first game when we were still in it and needed to keep the score close. Now, I didn't get to watch beyond the 4th inning of yesterday's game. I'm looking in the boxscores today and checking my fantasy league team when I see that Perk pitched an inning with two strikeouts. Can anyone explain? Anyone?

    Seriously, Ron Gardenhire! Seriously?
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