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  1. Greatest. Promotional Idea. Ever.

    Now that pitchers and catchers have officially reported to Ft. Meyers we can turn off the hot stove and turn on our baseball brains.

    My baseball brain would like to offer the Twins the following promotional opportunity. The team recently announced that, for the first time in a decade, there would be no bobblehead give-away day this season. Since the bobbleheads were once a big lure for a team struggling to draw fans, boost attendance and generate revenue to put back into payroll, ...
  2. Bad Days

    Eight months after suffering a concussion in a home plate collision with Royals catcher Brayan Pena, Denard Span still says he has "bad days" in which his head doesn't feel quite right, but he has no way of knowing whether or not those symptoms stem from the incident in Kansas City.

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ID:	171Span's situation is unique, in that he had dealt with migraines and vertigo back in 2009, long before taking that blow to the head on June 3rd last season. At the time, those issues ...
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  3. Wall Street Journal Reports Twins Had 6th Best Off-Season

    This morning the Wall Street Journal decided to talk a little baseball (yay!). They dove into each teams offseason activities and ranked them based on their collective expected WAR (from Fangraphs.com) from acquisitions and losses. They didn't include promotions from within the organizations or demotions within the organizations expected or otherwise except in the case of the Mariner's Montero.

    According to WSJ the Twins came in 6th place this off-season with net WAR increase of 4.4. ...
  4. Tsuyoshi Nishioka, Brian Dozier, Player Development and the Future

    This is also posted at my blog, http://twinsfanfromafar.blogspot.com

    Brian Dozier, Twins' shortstop of the future?

    I have advocated in the past my belief that the best place for Tsuyoshi Nishioka to start 2012 would be AA New Britain or ...
  5. To block the plate or not to block the plate?

    Original post from http://nodaktwinsfan.com
    One of the hottest topics across the baseball universe as pitchers and catchers have reported is surrounding whether catchers should block the plate. The Giants suffered a major blow last season when their budding superstar Buster Posey was bowled over at home plate by outfielder Scott Cousins. As a result of the collision Posey suffered a broken leg and ligament damage that required multiple surgeries to repair the damage. ...
  6. Gabbin' Grapefruit: Francisco Liriano's Delivery

    The 2011 season was quite a mess for Francisco Liriano. Coming off the solid 2010 season, expectations had been high for the lefty and instead of moving forward he regressed heavily, turning in one of the worst seasons among qualified starters. Command-wise, his 12.7% walk rate was the highest among pitchers with a minimum of 130 innings pitched.

    According to a recent John Shipley article at the PiPress, Twins pitching coach Rick Anderson offered up a cure for what he believes ails ...

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  7. TwinsDaily.com Update: The First 48 Hours

    It is our intention for this site to be a community, and so I thought I'd share some numbers with you all as we reach the 48-hour mark of the site being live.

    I'll preface this by saying: when we first conceived of this site, we guessed that we would get about 5000 page views of stories and about 1000 page views in the forum per day.

    Instead, through our first 48 hours, we're seeing the following:

    431 Registered Users
    6813 Unique Visitors
    9269 Visits ...
  8. Review of TwinsCentric GM Handbook

    Originally posted on November 10th on my blog. Some things are dated.

    Review of the GM Handbook

    Twins Centric has released their annual GM Handbook, a 134-page PDF featuring Michael Cuddyer (perhaps a big ? should also be there) on the cover and a wealth of information inside. Here, I am going to review the Handbook and offer a fifth blueprint for the Twins 2012 season.

    Some general comments are needed first. John Bonnes, Parker Hageman, Nick Nelson,
  9. Top 50 Twins Prospects 2012

    With last year's ranking in parentheses.

    1. Miguel Sano (2)
    2. Aaron Hicks (1)
    3. Oswaldo Arcia (10)
    4. Eddie Rosario (19)
    5. Liam Hendriks (7)
    6. Joe Benson (8)
    7. Kyle Gibson (4)
    8. Adrian Salcedo (12)
    9. Chris Parmelee (14)
    10. Brian Dozier (36)
    11. Alex Wimmers (5)
    12. Max Kepler (13)
    13. Chris Herrmann (35)
    14. Angel Morales (5)
    15. ...
  10. Why the Twins will win the Central.

    Why the Twins will win the Central

    Many have already written the twins off for this year, ESPN has them ranked near the bottom of every power ranking. A team that two years ago was a favorite to reach the World Series as the American League representative, has been left for dead, destined for a rebuild. But when I look at the roster, I donít see that much of a difference from two years ago. Sure, Minnesota had its problems last year, but could that just have been a chance for the younger ...
  11. Diamond Awards

    Anybody know where I could see Kelly's reax to Twins HOF announcement. I don't have access to FS North and have checked their page and Youtube. Thanks in advance
  12. Free Agents From Within?

    This offseason it seemed as though the Twins were losing free agents and not replacing them. Cuddyer, Kubel and Nathan come to mind right away. But in reality were the Twins picking up a different kind of free agent? These free agents I speak of are the guys already on the roster that can make significant impacts simply by returning to form and staying healthy. During the dismal 99 loss campaign of 2011 the Twins lost two former MVP's (Mauer and Morneau), their spark plug lead off hitter (Span) ...
  13. What to watch for in 2012

    Here is the thing that I am most looking forward to in the AL Central: with Ozzie now roaming South Beach, new White Sox manager Robin Ventura will be on my watch list. No, I don't think the Sox will be a factor in the division race. I am waiting for the first bench clearing brawl between the Sox and Twins. Nothing would be more epic than to see the Baby Jesus having said coach in a headlock giving him noogies out on the mound. Ok, it probably won't happen, but I can sure hope.
  14. Puckett and the Hall -- Yes, Again

    Jesse over at TwinkieTown published an essay over the holiday weekend which was the result of a bit of soul-searching over Kirby Puckett and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Jesse's point seems to be that, when comparing Puckett to the other centerfielders in the Hall of Fame, Puckett may be far below the best, but he's certainly not the worst and he's also not unworthy of being in the Hall. I may need to turn in my contrarian bona-fides for this, but I find myself largely agreeing with Jesse. I continue ...

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    Hall of Fame
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