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  1. Monday Morning Madness - August 12, 2013

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    Over the course of consecutive weekends, the Twins have proved that they can defeat teams of the quality of the Houston Astros and the Chicago White Sox. I'm not sure what that means, but I guess it could signify that the Twins have vacated their position within the dregs of the league; a position they had held for the prior two seasons. Whatever the wins mean in the cosmos, they are enjoyable for us fans no matter what. Why is there ...
  2. Swiftian satire must be attempted only by people actually named Jonathan

    In response to a forum reply that I felt crossed a boundary, where the writer questioned the courage of Andrew Albers, instead of just deleting the post I decided to try a bit of "see how you like it". Since it stirred up some controversy, I am posting here the private message I later sent:

    Brock and I were both basically reacting to one sentence:

    Albers could have at least had the balls to fight for it if he really wanted it. ...

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  3. My wife asked me "Why do you 'have' to watch the game?"

    by , 08-11-2013 at 11:13 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")
    I got married almost 2 years ago. I had two things that were a must as we got married. 1. When the Twins are on, I am going to watch them. 2. I have to have a man cave. Those are pretty easy things to ask for in a marriage. My wife is not a sports fan at all. Her current, but traded favorite Twins player is still Nick Punto, her current favorite current Twin is Brian Dozier. I also said out loud about a week ago " I really hope we don't trade Perkins" Her response was " ...
  4. Twins Minor League Report (8/11): Diamond Deals

    Two starting pitchers that began the season in the Minnesota Twins starting rotation pitched very well in the minor leagues on Sunday. Thatís probably a big part of the story of the Twins 2013 season. Scott Diamond pitched one whale of a game for the Red Wings while Cole De Vries pitched five very good innings in Ft. Myers. The Twins traded Jamey Carroll on Sunday, and one of the candidates to replace him on the roster had a big game for the Red Wings as well. Miguel Sano continued to mash. There ...
  5. Broad Shoulders Hit Long Homers (Twins at White Sox (112-115)

    A Grand Slam is Always Something (Twins 7 White Sox 5 -- Game 112)

    Even in a losing a season, a grand slam is something special. The Twins won the game, but even if they hadnít, Morneauís grand slam would have been something special. On the second to last pitch of a formerly 20-0 game, a grand slam is still special.

    Morneau hit two home runs in this game. I guess when you have to strain to see where youíll be next year, youíre focused well past the skyline. And then you ...
  6. Twins Trade Jamey Carroll to the Royals

    The Minnesota Twins have announced the they have traded infielder Jamey Carroll to the Kansas City Royals. He gives the Royals depth in the middle infielder. The Twins will receive a Player to be Named Later or Cash.

    Carroll signed a two-year contract with the Twins in November of 2011. The 39 year old started his stint with the Twins as their shortstop before moving over to second base. This year, he has been a utility infielder and played in a limited basis.

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  7. Fishing for the Biggest Marlin

    "My big fish must be somewhere."--- Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea

    Marlin fishing can be an adventure.

    These beasts of the ocean can weight upwards of 1,000 pounds and it can take quite the fight to get them into a boat. Fishing for these animals can take a lot of time and patience. It also takes the right tools and skills to reel in one of these giant fish.

    Over the weekend, a story came out in the Boston Globe that discussed the possibility ...
  8. Twins Birthdays--August 11

    Also posted at

    Sal Campisi (1942)
    Jim Hughes (1951)

    Right-handed reliever Salvatore John Campisi appeared in six games for the Twins in 1971. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he attended Long Island University, where he had led the nation in ERA at 0.27, and was signed as a free agent by the St. Louis in 1964. He pitched well in the minors, regularly posting ERAs under three, but made a rather slow rise. He spent a year in rookie ball and two ...
  9. Twins Minor League Report (8/10): Berrios Dazzles

    The Minnesota Twins continued to hit some home runs inChicago on Saturday. A couple of New Britainís power hitters joined the fun byhitting some long balls as well. The Cedar Rapids Kernels offense showed up,and one of its top pitching prospects put him a great performance. One of thenewcomers to Elizabethton came up with a huge hit. Meanwhile, an unlikelypitcher threw 13.2 consecutive scoreless innings to start his AAA career. Ofcourse, the Red Wings needed to play 12 innings in Norfolk. Will the ...
  10. Kyle Gibson's Innings Count? The Shadow Knows...

    "Who knows how many pitches lurk in the arm of young Kyle Gibson? The Shadow Knows....Mwahahaha!" The Shadow Knows - YouTube

    Pioneer Press scribe Mike Berardino recently asked Kyle Gibson if the young pitcher knows when he will be shut down for the remainder of the 2013 season. It appears, based on Gibson's response, that the Twin's 2009 1st round pick has no idea when his last start will be.

    Berardino quotes Gibson: "I'm sure (Twins officials) have a plan," ...
  11. Let's talk about the Twins Giveaways

    I care a lot about the Twins giveaways, Iím not even sure why. I think the stupid, pointless, but fun things are a part of what make the game of baseball so loveable Ė see also mascots, walkup music, and special handshakes (Not the wave, donít be dumb.) While the Twins are pretty good about having a handful of decent giveaways each year, there are always some duds thrown in there.

    For example, on the 16th of August, the Twins will have an ďaviator sunglasses and shell necklaceĒ giveaway. ...

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  12. Twins Birthdays--August 10

    Also posted at

    Jerald Clark (1963)
    Wilson Ramos (1987)

    Outfielder Jerald Dwayne Clark played for the Twins in 1995. He was born in Crockett, Texas, attended Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and was drafted by San Diego in the 12th round in 1985. He hit over .300 every season in the minors, the last three of them in AAA. His best season was 1989, when he hit .313 with 22 homers and an OPS of .926 for AAA Las Vegas. Clark made brief appearances ...
  13. Twins Minor League Report (8/9): Friday Night Lights

    The Twins had a full day of baseball on Friday, playing a day-night double header in Chicago against the White Sox. Fortunately, it was a day with a couple of exciting wins for Minnesota. Amazingly, each and every run scored by the Twins came off home runs, including several by players who spent a significant time in the Twins minor league system this year. Chris Colabello hit one in the first game. Chris Herrmann hit one in the second game. Last yearís minor league hitter of the year for the Twins, ...
  14. Twins Birthdays--August 9

    Also posted at

    Bill Campbell (1948)
    John Moses (1957)
    Pat Mahomes (1970)
    Ryan Radmanovich (1971)
    Mike Lamb (1975)
    Brian Fuentes (1975)
    Drew Butera (1983)

    Right-handed reliever William Richard Campbell pitched for the Twins from 1973-1976. He was born in Highland Park, Michigan, went to high school in Pomona, California, and was signed by the Twins as an amateur free agent in 1970. A starting pitcher in the minors, ...
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