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  1. Why you should never buy a Minnesota Twins Calendar

    I have stopped using a physical calendar for sometime now. Mainly because I have a smartphone and I always want to have the calendar with me. Anyway this past year for the holiday season my own father bought me a Minnesota Twins Calendar. Then on Twitter this week I came upon the Mets Season calendar http://www.amazinavenue.com/2013/9/2...-mini-calendar

    That got me to thinking is my Minnesota Twins Calendar just as worse? I will break it down month by month. ...
  2. September Tanking and the Twins

    The calendar turned to September over a week ago and some changes can followa failing team in the final month of the year. Younger players continue to getmore playing time over veterans like Ryan Doumit and Josh Willingham. It is thetime of year for the Twins to see what the future can hold and changes likethis can bring up some other questions.

    During the last two seasons, the Twins have been able to see the value ofhaving a high draft pick. Byron Buxton and Kohl Stewart were added
  3. Twins Birthdays--September 10

    Also posted at wgom.org

    Len Whitehouse (1957)
    Riccardo Ingram (1966)
    Anthony Swarzak (1985)

    Left-hander Leonard Joseph Whitehouse played for the Twins from 1983-1985. He was born in Burlington, Vermont and was signed by the Texas Rangers as a free agent in 1976. He did not pitch very well in the minors, having only one season (1981 in AA Wichita) in which his ERA was under 4.00. He was left-handed, however, and so he got a September call-up with ...
  4. 2013 Twins Minor League Starting Pitcher of the Year

    Yesterday, we discussed the Minnesota Twins minor leaguers who were named the recipients of the Harmon Killebrew Awards for Community Service. Today, we continue our minor league award week by looking at the top starting pitchers in the Twins farm system in 2013. First, be sure to note that this is about 2013 performance. This is not a prospect ranking of any kind.

    In 2013, there were several very good starting pitchers in the Twins system. Several of the top prospects put up solid ...
  5. Angels with the Scabbed Wings (Twins versus Angels - Game 142)

    A Pop-In (Twins 6 Angels 3 - Game 142)

    Make-up games fit perfectly into Minnesotan living. If we're not winterizing something we're complaining about the electric bill from running the AC. We're always paying down the interest on past due weather expenses, so our baseball team might as well, too.

    Amidst summer's last hissy fit, the Twins came to play. They won 6-3 and kept Glen Perkins' status as The Last Twin With Something To Smile About intact.

    Pinto seems ...
  6. Why the Twins "should" be the most active team this winter

    Due to the play rookie catcher Josmil Pinto, it is now a legit question of should Mauer be moved to first base. Either way, thanks to Pinto now in the mix that opens up a few other prospects to be moved for pitching help at the major league level allowing the Twins to be one of the busiest teams this offseason.

    It is safe to say if the Twins want to start contending next year they need to add multiple above average starting pitchers this winter and they have the money and prospects ...
  7. The Late Summer of My Discontent

    When Target Field opened, I was living in Connecticut (as I do now), but harbored a dream of moving back to Minnesota. I was naive. I thought -- even though I was an attorney licensed to practice in Connecticut only, even though I owned a home in Connecticut, and even though many of my professional ties to Minnesota had dwindled -- that I could somehow easily move across the country and re-establish things back home. For many, many reasons (the prolonged economic crisis being one of them), that ...
  8. Twins Birthdays--September 9

    Also posted at wgom.org

    Jay Ward (1938)
    Alex Romero (1983)

    Utility player John Francis Ward played briefly for the Twins in 1963 and 1964. He was born in Brookfield, Missouri and was signed by the Yankees as a free agent in 1956. He hit very well in the low minors, hitting exactly .300 in three years in Class D and C. He spent most of 1958 in the Washington organization, then was selected off waivers by the Kansas City Athletics. Ward was pretty average ...
  9. Monday Morning Madness: September 9, 2013

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    The Twins revived a fun tradition and got swept by the Blue Jays late in the season. It wasn't the traditional stomping we're used to, but the same basic idea. The Twins have also lost a shocking 10 games in a row at home. Where's the home field advantage, Target Field? Maybe it's time to remove that Target dog from the batters' eye. It's very distracting.

    Punto's back?

    I got a random text from my mom earlier ...
  10. The Great Blogsby (Twins versus Blue Jays - Games 139-141)

    The Mob Has Tweeted (Twins 5 Blue Jays 6 - Game 139)

    This game paired up two pitchers I knew, in my gut, were going to become amazing. R.A. Dickey rose to the challenge. Mike Pelfrey must not have gotten that memo.

    When your favorite team will only win prizes for participation, the only excitement left comes in sifting through the wreckage to find future stars.

    We all know how this game works, even if we pretty it up with BS from time to time. You pick a player ...
  11. Twins Recipients of the Harmon Killebrew Award for Community Service

    This week, I will be posting several articles handing out some Minnesota Twins minor league awards.

    When Minnesota Twins legend Harmon Killebrew announced that his health was deteriorating and he was entering hospice care, fans around the country, and especially in the Midwest, chimed in to tell tales of Killebrew. Amazingly, very of those few stories had anything to do with what occurred on a baseball field. Most of these stories involved something he had told a kid, shaking hands ...
  12. Episode 110: Backyard Bash and Mauer's Concussion

    Aaron and John take the podcast to Summit Brewing's "Backyard Bash" and talk Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Mauer_Joe_Hitting.jpg 
Views:	1432 
Size:	92.4 KB 
ID:	5499about the status of Joe Mauer's concussion, position switching Hall of Fame credentials, Josmil Pinto's hot start for the Minnesota Twins, top prospects going to the Arizona Fall League, a new "official couple of the podcast" contender, Trevor Plouffe's ticking clock, the minor league affiliates' playoff runs, mailbag questions from listeners, and sweating to death.

    You can ...
  13. The Great Twins Scotch Bet

    At the start of the year my wife (aka Stinky), her father (aka Gouger) and I made a bet. The winner of this bet would win two glasses of scotch (redeemable at any time they chose), the losers would buy said scotch.

    The subject of the ...
  14. Twins Minor League Report (9/8): Red Wings Season Ends

    The Red Wings had not been to the playoffs since 2006. This afternoon in Pawtucket, their season ended with a Game 5 loss in the International League playoffs. Pawtucket scored three runs on four, two-out hits in the second inning, and that was about it for the offense.

    Virgil Vasquez got the start in Game 5 as there was not a day off in the series. He threw a shutout inning before getting the first two batters of the second inning out. He went three innings and gave up the three runs ...
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