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  1. Aaron Hicks and the French Mistake

    Just figured what Aaron Hicks is doing rong at the plate. In the movie "Blazing Saddles" there's a dance scene where gay dancers push their hands forward while pushing their asses backwards, singing, "...that's why they're doing the French Mistake..."

    Yup, Hicks is doing the French Mistake. It's not as obvious as in the comedy, but the effect of letting your rear hip trail behind the swing accomplishes the same thing: no power, no reach, lots of weak pop-ups. The ...
  2. A TwinsTakes Preview of the 2014 Minnesota Twins - Back to Won, Twins Way

    by , Yesterday at 01:32 PM ( Blog on - Our Takes, Your Takes,!)
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    The Minnesota Twins come into 2014 off a third straight season of over 90 losses. The last time the Twins went through a rough stretch like this was at the end of the 90ís when they had 4 straight seasons of over 90 losses and that was actually part of 8 consecutive seasons of finishing under .500 from 1993 to 2000 for our Minnesota Twins.

    When a franchise goes through bad stretches like that, they better have good scouting ...

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  3. Trevor Plouffe 2.0?

    The Minnesota Twins are currently 2nd in the AL in runs scored (86), 1st in OBP (.353) and 1st in walks (82). They also lead the AL in runs per game at 5.76. Thatís not too bad for an offense that was routinely picked to finish towards the bottom of the league in nearly every category.

    Yes, itís only April and the sample size is incredibly small Ė but itís a good start.

    The offense has been bolstered by improved performances from multiple players including ...

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  4. Phil Hughes Attempts to Reinvent Himself In Minnesota

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ID:	7187Over his career, Phil Hughes has seemingly been one solid secondary pitch away from taking over the world.

    Since his prospect days, his curveball was considered this dangerous weapon. For Hughes, unfortunately, the pitch never manifested into that killer pitch as projected. Eventually, the pitch was unceremoniously dropped from his arsenal in 2012.

    When asked why the deuce took the backseat to other pitches in his repertoire, Hughes cited ...
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