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  1. 2012 Minnesota Twins Prospect Challenge

    Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE
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    Last week I reported on the origins of the Pleiss brothers' Twins prospect challenge. A year into the process, a year that saw eight Twins make their MLB debuts, Eric and I decided to make a change to the prospect challenge. A quick review of the rules for the prospect challenge, in ...
  2. Twins Prospects: Where to fit them all?

    The Twins have several highly-touted prospects that are currently climbing through their system. The prospect that is most likely to make his debut this year is Brian Dozier, who is a solid middle infielder who took this year in the Minors and turned it into his breakout season.

    Unfortunately for the Twins, they have several other highly-touted prospects that are all playing the same positions. For Chris Herrmann, this isn't a problem, as he could finally be Drew Butera's nightmare ...
  3. Top 50 Twins Prospect Lists; SethSpeaks vs Twinkie Town

    Our good friends over at Twinkie Town have spent the past couple of months working on their community Top 50 Twins Prospect list. Each day, those who went to their site were able to cast their vote for a player. The player with the most votes gets the spot, and the next day they would vote for the next spot. They started at #1 and worked all the way to #50 and the best part was community discussion each round.

    I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast my Top 50 Twins Prospect ...
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