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  1. TwinsTrain, Territory Train, Bus Driver Ed, and Scott Stahoviak

    Hello again, everybody.

    For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the TwinsTrain operation over the last couple of years, don't feel left out; it's never too late to sync up with our touring outfit and join the excitement this summer.

    In a nutshell, we package weekend trips to follow the Minnesota Twins on the road, with game tickets, hotel, and premium bus transportation. For more information, you can head over to
  2. Clubhouse Pin Drops.

    Yesterday, a comment on 1500ESPN by "Everyday" Eddie Guardado took Patrick Reusse and Jim Souhan into a brief rant against the quiet, introverted Twins clubhouse. My first instinct was to write it off as being just another "back in my day we were tougher and manlier" speech.

    Then, I started thinking about the relationship between clubhouse dynamics and communication, like I blogged about earlier this week. It seemed to me Olson's concept of cohesiveness applies to ...
  3. College draft prospect weekly recap...

    This will be the debut post in what I hope to be a weekly column updating the performances and scouting reports on prospects I believe are/should be on the Twins radar. I hope to have a high school round up posted later this week, but for now let’s start with the college prospects.

    Stats from Feb. 17th-26th

    Mark Appel has dominated much of the Twins draft coverage so far this winter and rightfully so. In his most recent start, he turned in possibly his best career performance ...
  4. Butera? Solved!

    The Butera problem goes like this - Drew Butera is both horrible at hitting baseballs and beloved by Twins fans. If only there was a way to keep him around Target Field without letting him get to the plate . . .

    Guess what? There is.

    Drew Butera should be the Twins mascot.

    There are lots of reason why Butera could step into TC Bear's shoes without much difficulty.

    -- He's kind of a wee little guy, and it seems like that helps with fitting into ...
  5. Donruss Commons

    We used to bike to the Denver, Iowa, Kwik Trip (before it became Kwik Star) to buy baseball cards. I'd prop my dirt bike up on its kick stand, ignore it when it fell over anyway, and scramble into the store to buy packs of Topps and Donruss baseball cards.

    I didn't really know baseball at the time, so every card boasting a name I'd heard of was pure gold to me. I thought I had a pretty sweet collection going until my friends told me all I had were a bunch of commons. I couldn't even ...
  6. Zumaya already injures elbow?

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    ************************************************** *************

    Earlier today, newly acquired relieverJoel Zumaya was throwing batting practice to Twins hitters. Members of the media seemed to be impressed saying he was “throwing quite hard”.

    Not long after that a flood of tweets came in saying Zumaya cut the session short and walked off the field with Twins head trainer Rick McWane. Neither Zumaya or the ...
  7. The Book on Jamey Carroll

    Original post from Twins Rubes.

    Newcomers are always a little intriguing around this time of the year - especially after a disappointing season like 2011. This year Josh Willingham, Joel Zumaya, Ryan Doumit, Jason Marquis, and Jamey Carroll bear the newcomer flag into Target Field. With the shortstop position being such a desperate need after the fail that was Tsuyoshi Nishioka last season, Carroll is the one the Twins chose to jump out of the free agent pile and save the day this
  8. Best Twins Team of 2000's

    With all of the doom and gloom surrounding Justin Morneau's quotes this morning, I thought we could go back to happier time when the Twins were perennial Central Division Champs. I'll examine the '02, '03, '04, '06, '09 and '10 Division Champion teams everyday over the next week to determine which team was the best of the bunch. Today let's start by taking a look at the '02 Twins.

    2002: The year it all started. Coming out of a strong 2001 campaign that saw them finish 2nd to the Cleveland ...
  9. Why the twins won't win the central

    Why the twins won’t win the central.

    With spring comes optimism, every team has a .500 record, everyone is healthy, everyone has a chance. In the words of Lee Corso, “not so fast my friend.” The twins have no chance in 2012.

    Missing from the lineup is their longtime closer Joe Nathan, who after a rough start in 2012 pulled it all together during the end of the year. Instead the Twins decided to give Matt Capps money and throw him the 9th inning, cause that went so ...
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  10. Wall Street Journal Reports Twins Had 6th Best Off-Season

    This morning the Wall Street Journal decided to talk a little baseball (yay!). They dove into each teams offseason activities and ranked them based on their collective expected WAR (from from acquisitions and losses. They didn't include promotions from within the organizations or demotions within the organizations expected or otherwise except in the case of the Mariner's Montero.

    According to WSJ the Twins came in 6th place this off-season with net WAR increase of 4.4. ...
  11. Why the Twins will win the Central.

    Why the Twins will win the Central

    Many have already written the twins off for this year, ESPN has them ranked near the bottom of every power ranking. A team that two years ago was a favorite to reach the World Series as the American League representative, has been left for dead, destined for a rebuild. But when I look at the roster, I don’t see that much of a difference from two years ago. Sure, Minnesota had its problems last year, but could that just have been a chance for the younger ...
  12. Free Agents From Within?

    This offseason it seemed as though the Twins were losing free agents and not replacing them. Cuddyer, Kubel and Nathan come to mind right away. But in reality were the Twins picking up a different kind of free agent? These free agents I speak of are the guys already on the roster that can make significant impacts simply by returning to form and staying healthy. During the dismal 99 loss campaign of 2011 the Twins lost two former MVP's (Mauer and Morneau), their spark plug lead off hitter (Span) ...
  13. BREAKING NEWS: "Zumaya intends to stay healthy, contribute" according to

    I'm sure you've all heard the news by now, but Rhett Bollinger (Twins beat writer for reports that Joel Zumaya, newly acquired righty reliever, "intends to stay healthy" this season. The main point of this article (I'm guessing since have only actually read the headline) is that in the past years, Zumaya has gone into the season looking to get hurt. "In 2010, I went into the season with one goal: breaking my arm while pitching," Zumaya probably said in this article ...
  14. A humorous edition of players to watch this year...

    My brother who will be a contributor to my blog made his debut post today all the way from Alaska. Check it out here.
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