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  1. Defending Joe Mauer's value for $23M/per year

    It is super popular to rip Mauer and his contract, more specifically his "output/dollar spent ratio"but let's be honest - it is 100% not his fault the Twins are so bad this season. Yes, even when you factor in how his $23m/yr ties up so much payroll. My argument:

    1) Mauer is the best offensive catcher in the AL. He is also paid the most.

    2) Everyone wants to make the argument that he ties up $23m/year for his "pedestrian production". The guy is leading ...
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  2. The Road Ahead for the 2012 Minnesota Twins

    [Originally posted at http://minnesotasportshub.wordpress....nnesota-twins/]

    The trading deadline is on the horizon, the time to buy or sell is near. Rumors are emerging from the mystical land of unnamed sources, mostly revolving around Justin Morneau and the Toronto Blue Jays, and they will only grow louder as the days pass by. It’s rather clear that the Twins will be sellers come July 31st but instead of focusing on the soon to be AAA Twins,
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  3. Think the Twins suck? You shoulda seen ‘em in 2006!

    Through 25 games:

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  4. Calling Out (some) Twins Fans

    So what’s a surefire way to make sure no one ever reads your new blog again? Well, why not call out some of the fan base for what I feel has been questionable, if not irrational behavior.

    I was just as frustrated as every other fan with this past Twins season, but I still do not think it justifies the amount of vitriol I have read in various comment sections, newspapers, discussed with friends, and listened to on the radio. The two biggest issues everyone seems to have are the misconceptions ...
  5. Stuff I Didn't Know About Josh Willingham

    He’s Kind Of A Catcher

    As a 23-year-old, after a couple of years in the Marlins organization, Willingham began playing catcher. Over the next few years he spent most of his time in the minors behind the plate, playing 60 of 66 games there in AAA. In fact, his first promotion to the majors happened because an ex-Twins catcher was experiencing back stiffness. It was Mike Redmond.

    But catching didn’t last. The plan going into 2006 was for Willingham to get extensive ...

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