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  1. October Mailbag!

    Originally posted at The Slow

    I can't believe that October is upon us! The 2013 season went by so quickly. I am already enjoying playoff baseball and I thought that while I enjoy playoff baseball, I could answer a few questions that have been burning a hole in my inbox. As always, these are actual questions from actual readers of the Word documents that I use to compose my rough drafts.

    What is your outlook for the 2014 Twins?

    Brad S., St. Paul, MN

    Updated 10-03-2013 at 08:27 PM by Brad Swanson

  2. September Mailbag

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    Everywhere I go these days, it seems that people have questions for me. What's that stain on your shirt? Did you do that to your hair on purpose? Can you please move back a couple steps? I figured, with so many questions to answer, the only reasonable response is to breakout the old mailbag and answer some of the more burning questions that ESPN, Fox Sports One and Telemundo refuse to answer. Here's some mailbag:

    On a recent

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  3. Holiday Mailbag!

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    Holiday Mailbag? Holiday Mailbag.

    I hope everyone had a fun and leisurely 4th. I kept it cool, just hanging out in my house and laying low. I watched the Twins game yesterday and I was saddened by Kyle Gibson's performance. I think he'll bounce back, but seeing him struggle was a good reminder that he is a rookie and there will be growing pains. Enough analysis, I'm here to answer questions from myself.

    Carlos Gomez ...
  4. Friday Mailbag!!!!!

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    With the conclusion of my landmark 25 drafts in 25 days feature, I decided that I needed to stop relying so heavily on gimmicks. It's time to do some real analysis and actually offer something of value. No more insulting everyone with silly lists and bad photoshops. It's time to take things very seriously.

    So, here's a fake mailbag:

    What do you think of the Kohl Stewart pick?

    ~Prospect Guys, Twins
  5. Friday Mailbag (5/3/2013)!!!!!

    Welcome to the third installment of my (fake) mailbag. In the past, I have used this space to answer the tough questions that no one seems to want to actually ask me. Today, I have a treat! Actual questions! Well, not all of them. See if you can spot the fakes.

    Which flavor ice cream is Anthony Swarzak?
    ~ @ERolfPleiss on Twitter

    Now, this is a question!

    Well, he's certainly vanilla. That isn't a race-based statement, I just think he is kind of ...
  6. Friday Mailbag (4/5/2013)!!!!!

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    What's more pathetic than a person writing questions to himself and then answering them, pretending all along that it is some hilarious endeavor or insightful method of talking about baseball? Not sure I can answer that question. Here's a (fake) mailbag instead.

    How do you feel about Joe Mauer batting zecond? Love the podcast.

    ~Brad S. (Twin Cities, MN)

    I don't have a podcast. Yet...

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  7. Gleeman and the Geek: Ep 60: Tickle Me Pink

    Aaron sips a pink libation. John begs their listeners to take a quick survery for recruiting sponsors. Then they chat about whether Sam Deduno belong, whether the Twins can and should re-sign Scott Baker, how one characterizes the starting pitching market, Liam Hendriks first "W," the MLB television deal and what it means for the Twins payroll, the switch from Beloit to Cedar Rapids, and honors bestowed by Baseball America on some Twins prospects. Then they answer mailbag about the Minnesota ...
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