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  1. Mean Routine (Twins at As - Games 152-155)

    Memory Lane Trips (Twins 6 As 8 -- Game 152)

    In 2006, I watched Boof Bonser take the mound against the Oakland As. I was close to Torii Hunter when he tripped up and misplayed a ball. I watched a good season end.

    Now the As are looking pretty good and the Twins are collapsing their way to 90+ losses. Again. Third time in a row.

    Nighttime is getting dark, and these games are just little tombstones in a season so forgettable you couldn't describe it by mentioning ...
  2. Game 3 - Spoon-Dug Tunnels.

    As Twins broadcast signs off and repeats the 8-2 score, my thoughts turn to a Minnesota Twins playoff run.

    Don't blame me. I tried to smother them in cynicism and reality.

    The Twins just have to win games ugly and scrappy for this first third of the season. It's going to take cold weather, weird heroes, and relentless scrappiness.

    In that time, they sort out their pitching staff. If they can come up with 3 above-average pitchers and then they can grind out ...
  3. The Twins Binary Hope

    In the latest Gleeman and the Geek podcast, Aaron Gleeman and I argued, as we are apt to do. Among the questions raised was one that stuck with me: what is the goal of baseballís regular season? Certainly, it is to make the playoffs, but beyond that, is there an advantage to posting a high win total?

    The answer to that question influences the path one thinks the Twins should travel this offseason. The AL Central champion had only 88 wins last year, the lowest amount for any division. ...
  4. My Dog Writes the News

    I'm officially back at work, planning and plotting all that I teach, but after a summer of goofing around with my dog (with Sports Radio/ESPN often on in the background), I felt like I could trust him to write a post summarizing baseball coverage of late. Without further ado...here's a guest post from my dog: Sidney.--also available with images here

    Most Exciting Time of Baseball Season Irrelevant Next to Least Exciting Time of Football Season.
    by, Sid MacKenzie

    With ...

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  5. A worthy ally

    Like almost all our posts this is originally available on our website (with pictures!)

    And this year, as the Twins remain frozen in carbonite out of contention (with .7% chance of making the playoffs) we COULD fixate on analyzing how the little things done by Ben Revere and Scott Diamond and Joe Mauer may or may not play out when the team returns to the playoff hunt in a year (or several), OR we could balance our love for the Twins with a special National League ally to give this season
  6. Explaining Expanded Playoffs Using Spreadsheets With Pretty Colors

    Originally posted at k-bro's baseball blog

    You may have heard that MLB has changed the playoff scheme starting with this season by adding an additional Wild Card team to each league. Some people like it; some people hate it. I really don't have an opinion of it yet, because, honestly, I don't really understand it. I've read a lot of stuff about it, and it all makes my head hurt. I figured I'd map it out on some spreadsheets to see if that helps.

    Yes, I know, ...

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  7. Best Twins Team of 2000's

    With all of the doom and gloom surrounding Justin Morneau's quotes this morning, I thought we could go back to happier time when the Twins were perennial Central Division Champs. I'll examine the '02, '03, '04, '06, '09 and '10 Division Champion teams everyday over the next week to determine which team was the best of the bunch. Today let's start by taking a look at the '02 Twins.

    2002: The year it all started. Coming out of a strong 2001 campaign that saw them finish 2nd to the Cleveland ...
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