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  1. Adopt a Prospect Volume 2: Helping Luis Perdomo get his Groove Back

    When last we left Louie P. he was capping a stellar 2012 season with an abysmal September call-up full of tears, recriminations and the natural side-effects of too much time spent around Jose Bautista.

    It was a tumultuous offseason for Perdomo as well, getting cast down from the opulence of the majors to an out right assignment to Rochester. He also lost his bearded prominence among Twins' pitchers to a couple ...
  2. Adopt a Prospect #5: Analyzing the Twins Greatest Weakness...Magical Facial Hair!

    Frequent readers of our Adopt a Prospect series know that we like our prospect, Luis Perdomo. They'll also know that we like his beard even more.

    Perdomo's beard continues to inspire greatness wherever it goes (recently becoming the Rochester Red Wings go to guy whether they need 1 out or 9). But Perdomo is still off of our
  3. Adopt a Prospect #3: Battle of the Beards

    It's a frightening time for Luis Perdomo (and his beard). With all the young college relievers getting drafted and signed up with the Twins, long standing vets like Perdomo had better prove their worth quickly or else they'll find themselves looking for work elsewhere.

    Meanwhile for the beard feared throughout New Britain there's the troubling development out of Oklahoma City. Yes, there's a new, hip, threatening beard loose in the world of sports: the mighty muzzle of James ...
  4. Another year's draft: in 5 words or less!

    Apparently the first times around in posting this I had a nasty bit of formatting on the other blog, now that's fixed and complemented with a poll about Twins draftees all of which can still be enjoyed at our blogspot address, here's a taste of what you'll find there:

    With the Twins more or less out of contention for this season (recent success not with standing), the attention of the Twins blog-o-sphere has been firmly fixed on the minor leagues and potential for future glory. There

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