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  1. Not only is he Twins best Pitcher, hes one of the best in baseball

    I hope I can quit saying this soon, but once again Sam Deduno proves not only that he belongs but he can be dominant.

    He is the best starter on the Twins staff (ok I know thats not saying much)

    When i hear the self aggrandizing pundits proclaim, that we are desperate, to have to use the likes of Deduno and Walters...I almost puke and this shows
    their complete lack of knowledge.

    Walters maybe, but Deduno can be great if the Twins just let him.
  2. Soon to be World Champions recognize Deduno SPECIAL

    Question: Why does the DR pitch Deduno in the Championship game?

    Answer: Simple, they want to win! (what a concept!)

    Deduno would be no worse than the Twins 2nd best Pitcher and very possibly could be the best, what do the Twins have to lose? Their repuation for smart?

    Think of Deduno as a knucleballer and that might help you to deal with his erratic pitching..but remember this, he can beat anybody anytime, can you really say that about Correia and company? ...
  3. Twins still need an ace and there is one available...for a big price

    I think with this many teams going after pitching, average pitchers are going to get huge long term contracts. In one respect I feel sorry for Terry Ryan but in another sense we are all so tired of never getting an ace on this team because he is always bottom feeding. An ace will make the entire staff better and it is sorely needed. I think TR needs to forget what a cheapskate he is and be the highest bidder for the only true ace on the market. I don't even have to say his name, that is how clearly ...
  4. Matt Maloney, staff savior?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    In a Marquis-out/DeVries-up thread, it was mentioned by more than one that Matt Maloney ought to be put into the Rochester rotation. I had been thinking along those lines for a while now, too.

    In fact, I wonder if the Twins considered doing this in April for the parent club, before sending Maloney down, by putting him into a long-relief outing or two. Unfortunately he pitched so poorly that they couldn't even "stretch him out" for a few ...

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