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  1. This Fan Ain't No Good (Twins vs As -- Games 143-145)

    Swarzak Attack (Twins 4 As 3 - Game 143)

    You'd have a tough time coming up with a cooler success story for the Twins than the tale of Anthony Swarzak. Dude got injured rough-housing at Twins Fest and put himself out of commission for while. It seemed like one more reason to end up in Gardy's dog house, and an embarrassing way to escort yourself off of a major league roster.

    Now it's September, and he's a success story. Maybe we should all start believing in the existence ...
  2. Anthony Swarzak, Cheer Up!!!

    Living in Ohio, the only time I got to see the Twins play (in person or live) was when they played the Indians. This year everything changed when I purchased the MLB.tv package. Now I can watch every game. I get to watch and listen to all of Mauer's professional at bats... Pavano's stache in high definition.... the cheerful ramblings of Bert.... and of course our wonderful pitching staff.

    One thing that bothers me whenever I watch, is how sad Anthony Swarzak looks whenever he's pitching ...

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