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    It's great to hear some optimism regarding May. I hope you are right.
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    Good stuff

    I lived too long in New Heaven to recommend anyone (I like) to stay there. Agreed, if you like pizza, Pepe's is one of the top places (and their white clam pizza is to die for). Modern is pretty good too. Other than that, if you don't have anything to do with the big four letter school, New Haven is not that very worthy.

    Also, flying to any of the 3 NYC airports will be a. a pain in the rear b. begging for delays and c. more expensive, because you would have to get to New Britain. On the other hand you will have the experience of an awesome drive crawling through the Bronx on I-95, which might be nice (if you don't lose a wheel in a pothole.) Nah. Fly to BDL. Delta flies directly from MSP. Rental cars are cheaper there than in NYC and going through security faster

    As far as staying, based on the times I have been in the area, I think that either the Meriden-Wallingford area (about 15 minutes south towards New Haven) or the Framington area and from that side of I-84 west (North of New Britain) are probably better than Hartford. Not a big Hartford fun either.

    As far as food goes, the one thing I would recommend (in addition to the New Haven pizza, which is out of the way) because it is just so New England, is to google "fish fry" and find a small ma and pa joint that looks a lot like the old school Dairy Queens with just outdoor seating. Oh. Like MN, wine and beer is sold in liquer stores that in the local dialect are called "Package Stores". So if you are looking for microbrew offerings to take to your hotel room, ask for a "package store". Nothing to do with the UPS store.
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    You're right -- if Pat Dean is around he'll start. I always forget about the CT native.
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    Like your lineup, however, expect that Nate Hansen will be somewhere in the lineup. My guess for the opening day starter will be Pat Dean, who I expect will be the odd man out for the Red Wings starting five! Also good chance it could be Sean Gilmartin.
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    Yea, I have no idea why it was doing that. I didn't have the podcast up on my computer or anything.
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    "Sir would you turn off your radio please"
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    Minor point, Peterson played for the Cardinals (and always great to see any player get the major league nod). New Brit and the Twins are a great combination! Hope it continues long and strong!
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    Great season at a key time in Pinto's career. He really sets himself to be a key guy for the developing Twins of mid-decade.
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    And he's like 15 years old or something.

    You rock!

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    I am usually of the opinion that these young men should spend a little time at each level. I still believe that.

    Sano is a special case, and his appearing for a couple of weeks with the Twins would increase ticket sales. He would also strikeout so often and hit so poorly he might realize he should not be as arrogant as he is. That might be the best thing about having him come up for a couple of weeks.

    I do not see a 40 man roster move being made to accommodate such a lesson to young Mr. Sano.

    And as far as ticket sales, I am more anxious to see Byron Buxton at Target Field.
    (not this year, please)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdotmcmahon
    Think you are seriously dismissing the value of a 40-man roster spot...each one of those spots is way too valuable to just add Sano unless there is a legit chance he's up for good, which isn't the case. He'll get a chance to show what he can do in ST next year.
    Yea, I probably did dismiss that too easily. I know there are guys that have to be added after this season, and Sano isn't one.
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    Think you are seriously dismissing the value of a 40-man roster spot...each one of those spots is way too valuable to just add Sano unless there is a legit chance he's up for good, which isn't the case. He'll get a chance to show what he can do in ST next year.
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    I would love to see Sano play with the Twins. That is my selfish interest. Ticket sales would increase. The management's selfish interest.

    The same statements can be made about next April.

    The reality is that he still has room to grow in AA this year. He will benefit from starting at AAA next year. Let him develop. Allow him the chance to dominate AAA next year for at least 10 weeks. If he dominates, we see him June 15. If not, the Twins need to be patient.
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    Thanks for the comment. Not that I totally disagree with you, but 2 things to point out the contrary: isn't Sano a better prospect than Hicks; and should the Twins even care about that last spot on the 40-man roster with all of the quasi-talented last spots that are taken up right now?
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    Terry Ryan said it is doubtful that Sano is called up because he would have to be added to the 40 man roster. I think he will take the same path as Aaron Hicks. He will have a chance to earn a spot in spring training.
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    Thanks for the comment, Jim H. Great points.

    You're right -- Sano's conduct and the Twins' need for Latin American coaches are distinct issues, but I think there's some correlation -- or at least that the presence of the latter may, on some level, assist with former.

    And you are right, I know the Twins have classes in Ft. Myers to help teach these guys English, so it's not as if they're doing nothing -- and I didn't mean to suggest that.

    But the facts that the organization is spending big money on Latin American players, yet has no native Spanish-speaking coaches, seems strange. It's certainly no "fix-all," but I bet it would help a little in overcoming what seems to be a current problem in an otherwise fantastic farm system.
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    Good piece. I like what you said here. There is a couple of things that bother me though. First, I think the need for more Latin American coaches and Sano's behavior are or should be separate issues. Sano seems to understand exactly what he did, why the Twins disapprove of this behavior and(since he had gotten in trouble for similar instances before) the likely consequences. If that is not true, the Twins do have even a bigger problem. But assuming that it is true, the Twins had no real choice here, discipline had to be applied.

    All reports agree with you, Sano is a nice guy. At 20 he is probably a bit of an immature one as well. That doesn't change the need for discipline in this instance. Because Sano is a big part of the future for the Twins the whole thing gets blown up bigger than it should. The Twins have benched various other prospects as well over the last few years. I believe they are fairly consistent about this sort of thing. Whether we are talking about stars or scrubs. White players or minority players.

    Most pro athletes have big egos. They were all the best on the field or the court before they became pros. Part of what professional organizations have to deal with is getting all these egos to work together and respect each other. I don't think there is any easy answer to that. Especially given the disparate backrounds, differences in bonus money and the fact that the Twins are dealing with a bunch of kids in the minors.

    I do think the Twins organization takes helping Latin American players and really all players acclimate themselves to pro ball, seriously. Should they/could they do better? The answer is probably yes. At the same time I know they have classes for Latin American athletes and that they have a several Latin American coaches stationed at Fort Myers. It would be nice to know a little more of what they actually do before condemning them for what they do not do.

    As you suggested above, being a star and being a good guy are not mutually exclusive. I also do not think the Twins are trying to supress personality or curb enthusiam. What they are trying to do is channel it. Puckett, Hrbek, Olivia, Killebrew and many other Twins had plenty of personality. They also acted professionally on the field. Hopefully, that is what will be achieved with these young players as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AScheib50
    This whole thing really reminds me of a book I just finished, it was called Odd Man Out by Matt McCarthy. He pitched in Rookie Ball for the Angels in the early 2000s. He played with the likes of Alberto Callaspo and Eric Eybar and Joe Saunders. Basically, it covers the year he spent playing minor league ball. It was crazy to hear about their lifestyles and what they had to go through. Especially interesting was the relationship between the "Dominicans" (apparently it was a blanket term for Latin players) and the Americans. So the issue between Lanigan and Sano seems like something straight from this book.

    The other thing from this book that is applicable is the way Joe Saunders was treated. He was a top 10 pick the same year the author was drafted. He signed a big contract and basically came to Rookie ball getting treated favorably was not making a ton of friends. So I wonder if sometimes these bonus baby types, like Sano, have a hard time relating to the rest of the players or carry themselves a little differently.

    Long story short. We really underestimate what playing minor league ball is like. It's a grind to say the least and a lot of crazy stuff happens that we don't know the half of.
    Good points. I read "Odd Man Out" a couple years ago and had very similar takeaways. Excellent read for anyone that's looking for a good baseball book, btw.
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    I think the point was, that Sano has to understand what he did was wrong, it only would make thing worse for the next hitter or the next time he came to the plate when the pitcher might want to put on in his ear. That can affect a career.
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