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  1. gil4's Avatar
    I see Dozier as a guy who will keep making adjustments to get better and a leader on a team that needs one.
    I hope he makes one soon, because he's one for his last 28, his last HR was June 14th, and he has had 1 extra-base hit since then. I think he will snap out of it, but he has looked a bit run-down lately.
  2. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    I think it's easy to imagine Escobar sticking around for a few years. With Sano's expected arrival next season sometime, it will be interesting to see what the Twins do with Plouffe. Does he become a bench bat, 3B, corner OF guy? I think Danny Santana will be a key player to watch when thinking about the long term viability of a guy like Escobar. At this point, he's played well enough defensively, has positional versatility and has been hitting great. If he keeps hitting, the Twins will keep playing him everyday. If not, I think he still has value as a utility guy. Maybe could even handle some OF duties with some work int he off-season or spring training. Ben Zobrist type?
  3. ScottyB's Avatar
    What about Matt Tolbert - 4 years, 103 2B, 64 3B, 51 SS, .230 BA, 3 HR, 17 SB, .607 OPS, 65 OPS+ (between Punto and Carroll).
  4. Otwins's Avatar
    I actually have more fath in Escobar being a reliable regular shortstop than Danny Santana. I am hopeful that Escobar can continue to improve. He has suprising power.
  5. tshide's Avatar
    I agree about Escobar he should stay in the lineup and be given a chance to prove he can hit. If he falters then Santana should be given a shot. I think in the long run we will see Santana as the Twins starting SS but for now Escobar deserves a chance to prove himself.
  6. beckmt's Avatar
    No idea who will be the Twins SS of the future, but the only 2 prospects are Polanco and Michael and both are in Ft. Myers. Whether either will pan out is to be seen.
  7. DocBauer's Avatar
    Great post Mr Bell. Tried a similar one a couple weeks ago to no avail. Let's hope we get everyone to climb on board here.

    As far as "order" of SS currently, I believe you're right on with Escobar as the first in line. And he should be at this point. His hard work has earned him this right. And it's rewarding to see him get the opportunity at this point. I think most of us agree his opportunity was at least a week or two overdue. I very much appreciate the tremendous defensive abilities of Florimon, but, truth be told, his setback in ST and poor performance there, probably should have warranted Escobar opening the season either in Ft Meyers or Rochester with Escobar starting from day one.

    He came to the Twins with a reputation as a versatile player with a good glove. That's why we acquired him. And up until now, he hasn't been given the opportunity to show what he's capable of on a regular basis with the ChiSox, or with us. He's still only 25, offers at least a little upside offensively, but has already been bouncing around on ML benches for 3+ years now, probably rushed up.

    Santana, two years younger at 23, is and probably should be #2 in line due to age, experience, and Escobar's quality start. Though there is no way he'll continue to hit over .300. I'm pleased he's had chances to play SS since his promotion. I understand his play in CF considering the current OF situation with the Twins. And with his athleticism, perhaps he has the ability to be a multi-positional player who can contribute in various ways offensively and defensively. And while I don't want to talk out of both sides of my mouth, Santana needs opportunities to show what he can do at SS, whether that be now, or back at Rochester and brought back up later in the season. I've had hopeful expectations for him, and simply don't expect him to perform long term as he has in his limited time with the Twins. However, he shows some real speed and athleticism, and by no means does he have any overmatched deer in the headlights look about him.

    A rough comparison of both players milb numbers shows very comparable numbers: Escobar .266/.319/.354/.673 with a SB avg of 10.5 per season and a success rate of 65%: Santana .270/.315/.395/.710 with a SB avg of 16.7 per season and a success rate of 69%.

    Very comparable numbers across the board, though skewed slightly by Santana being 2 years younger, and with at least 1 full season less in the minors to this point, a higher slugging and OPS with more speed and SB ability. This is not meant to disregard Escobar or his current opportunity. Just a reminder of the potential of Santana and a statement that he also deserves his opportunity.

    I am intrigued by Nunez and what he may offer. I also think he's in a good place with the right team as a versatile utility player who can play all over the place and get in the lineup on a fairly regular basis as the Twins have always been good about getting their bench players involved on a regular basis.

    With all due respect, Florimon's time has come and gone, I believe.

    Long term, I still wonder and have big hopes for Polanco. Could he be another Omar Vizqel? Not the strongest arm, but all the other traits needed to be a quality SS with real offensive potential.
  8. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I appreciate the post. Santana certainly has the tools but hasn't yet put them together. I guess we can hope this is the exception, but I'll temper my expectations. I think we'll need to wait for a demotion and another year or so before he shows he really gets it in AAA.
  9. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by huhguy
    tarheel..brave guy, Ill make the bet..IF you identify who will...take that bet?

    Also...Im from NC and a tarheelfan, where you from?
    Statesville is my home, but I was born in Washington, DC...thus I became a Twins fan when the original Senators moved to Minnesota. Statesville is also home to former Twin, Mark Davidson, who played on the 87 Championship team.
  10. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    Tarheel takes a bet becasue at 1000:1, why not? I'm in for 10 cents, I found a dime while taking out the garbage last night and I'm willing to lose it for the chance at $100.

    Santana almost assuridly goes back down as soon as Arcia and the rest of the depleted OF corps is ready for regular playing time. I sure do love watching Santana play ball, he's so damn fast. Hopefully he can find consistency at SS down in Rochester and become a regular in the lineup for the Twins for the next couple years until an elite SS shows he's face in the Twins lineup... assuming that actually happens.
  11. huhguy's Avatar
    tarheel..brave guy, Ill make the bet..IF you identify who will...take that bet?

    Also...Im from NC and a tarheelfan, where you from?
  12. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    I'll take that bet. I'll put up $1.00 at 1,000 to 1 odds that Santana stays in the majors and never looks back. Do we have a bet?
  13. huhguy's Avatar
    My Take, Santanas speed electrifies, we know he had a great spring, I love the idea, he might be the shortstop of the future....

    When anyone...makes the observations you do, your chance of being right...is strong, simply because of the scenario....most players DO NOT make it..but Santana has extraordinary tools..and I believe he has a GOOD chance of being the future Twins shortstop...so I put you in the AG group..you will criticize any player at any time...and triumph your (superior) logic
  14. Twins and Losses's Avatar
    This article sums up being a Twins fan perfectly: always hoping for the best, trying to be patient, having an abundance of enthusiasm and excitement but more often than not wondering "What are they thinking?"

    Good piece of writing.
  15. Sconnie's Avatar
    Agreed, great post stringer. He's a second basemen, and a dang good one. I know SS has been a dearth, but Dozier is a strength at 2b at a position that had been every bit the black hole that SS has been for Twins.

    Also so agreed, the Twins do need more "heady" players who field their position well AND hit well. High batting average is only one part of the equation, and being a good hitter can be done with high slugging and obp.
  16. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    Dozier is a class guy, having gone on a Christian mission trip. He is they type of player I want my grandson to look up to.
  17. TKGuy's Avatar
    I think I've seen enough based upon his fielding and hitting that the right side of the infield is set for a while. I would think about trying to sign him to a longer term deal. He is part of the future with Rosario being part of the future OF
  18. jokin's Avatar
    The guy is gamer and an igniter. He appears to be leading by example and perhaps vocally, as well. Regarding his baserunning and baseball instincits, yesterday, on Hardy's low throw that got through the backup Birds 1st baseman, Dozier had less than a split second to see where the ball was and the backup fielders were, and make a decision on whether or not to take the extra base, when running it back in slow mo, you can see he processed the information in a flash and made it safely to second with just enough margin.

    On a good team he probably should be batting 6th, it's a shame that all of his HRs are of the solo variety- that's a function of Hicks and Florimon batting in front him at epically futile rates, but there's no doubt in my mind, he's still hands-down the MVP of the team thus far, and he's the leadoff guy until Buxton can ensconce him self for good.

    Now we've got another guy, in the OF this time, who also doesn't take being a major leaguer for granted in Sam Fuld, he obviously is no Dozier talent-wise, but now having 2 heady guys on the field willing to lay it all out might become contagious- maybe more guys would be willing to explore finding ways to win ballgames.

    Dozier is a true "Brian Baseball"- Twins-variation- and not the likes of those poser-types we used to be ashamed were on the roster- Lil' Nicky please stand up- Dozier is the real deal. Great post Stringer!
  19. zchrz's Avatar
    Dozier has solidified himself as a really good piece for this team. After growing up a shortstop and transitioning his defense at 2nd is excellent and seems to be getting better. After some struggles initially at the mlb level, he really bought into and implemented Bruno's power/patience approach and has flourished at it better than anyone else on the roster. Even his base running is at an all time high aggressivly taking extra bases and stealing with a high sucess rate.

    It will be interesting to see where he ends up hitting in the long run, the power seems a bit wasted at the top of the order but the patient approach, obp, and his running game all play well lead off. I also wonder if the power isn't boosted a lot by the leadoff spot because pitchers have to pitch to him, lower in the order and 2-5 isn't coming up behind him.

    He isn't really an ideal 2 hitter because he does strikeout and doesn't have great bat control to consistently move runners over or hit and run. He isn't really a high enough average threat or rbi guy to be 3-5. His obp is kinda wasted 6-9. So I think lead off really is the ideal spot but I could see him ending up at 2 or 6 eventually as well.
    Updated 05-04-2014 at 08:21 AM by diehardtwinsfan
  20. gunnarthor's Avatar
    I agree that TF seems better for RH pull power - which is one reason I'd like the Twins to draft Jackson.
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