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  1. twinsfanstreif's Avatar
    I love this series! One thought, I just noticed that you passed over Ty Buttery, is there any reason for that? I am under the impression that he is a consensus first rounder
  2. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I didn't see that about Duensing before (been away for a day and a half). That's not a wise thing to do. I like your suggestion better!
  3. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    As I am a true believe in the Moneyball system, I don't see why the Twins would use an early pick to go after this guy. While he seems all right, college pitchers are 4X more likely to make it to the bigs, and the Twins need a guy in the minors who can rise quickly and have a low chance of getting hurt (of course, that is what everyone said about Wimmers and Gibson, but then they got hurt, but still.)
  4. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Do the Twins know that he reminds people of Bonsor, and, if so, i wouldn't think that the Twins would want to take a chance on him given what happened with Boof Bonsor 1.
  5. Thrylos's Avatar
    That was interesting to me too. On the other hand, he got free College education, which might be the smart thing to do
  6. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Interesting to turn down a third round selection! Three years later and is he going to move up 40 spots? 50 spots?
  7. Puckmen's Avatar
    Saw him pitch last night against WSU. Good news: he had 10 K's in 8 innings and got the win (score was 3-2). Bad news: he threw 121 pitches and WSU's two best hitters (Ard and Jones) had no problem crushing the ball (they combined for two doubles and a home run).
  8. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Seems like people are down on him, but probably not enough to make him be drafted later than #10 in the draft
  9. mike wants wins's Avatar
    from the free chat on espn yesterday:

    Can Mark Appel be a dominant pitcher in the pros?
    Klaw (1:37 PM)

    Define 'dominant.' Is a #2 starter, top 40-45 starter in the majors, dominant? That's what he probably is.
  10. mike wants wins's Avatar
    We can only project the future based on what we know I'm not sure how else to assess someone other than logic and hypothesis and theory. Since we never see these guys play (unlike basketball or football), I can only really go off what access and comments we have to online scouts and commentors (like BA, Law, other ESPN scouts......). So, pick another way to assess or rank someone, but that's all we really have. Sure, BA and others will be wrong, a lot, but I'm not sure what else we have to go on.
  11. Thrylos's Avatar
    Mike, thanks. I just don't buy into these numerical projections, in general. And most of them will be wrong anyways For example after the 2001 season, Boof Bonser was projected as a #1 and was ranked on the top 30 overall prospects by Baseball America. We know better after the fact. So I don't buy those numbers
  12. mike wants wins's Avatar
    thrylos, thanks for doing this. Appreciated.

    I am not a scout, nor an expert on baseball. I'm just a fan. From what I read on the 'net, Appel projects as a 2 or so. That's assuming that you qualify a 1 as ACE, and most articles I read say there are 15 or so Aces on the planet at any one time. So, projecting as a 2 isn't a "bad" thing, not at all.
  13. Thrylos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by shanewahl
    Thanks for this, by the way. It will be good to get a picture of the top 3 or 4 rounds this way.
    I think maybe the top 2 rounds

    I am just profiling 22 pitchers and I think they will be gone by the second round. Maybe one or two will slide down a bit
  14. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Thanks for this, by the way. It will be good to get a picture of the top 3 or 4 rounds this way.
  15. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Could be anywhere from 50-80 in the draft, probably.
  16. Thrylos's Avatar
    Hard to tell, but supplemental round or second round is about right. But nobody knows how the baseball draft will go.
  17. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    From the 1st vid, he looked to have fairly good stuff, ranging from 78-94 mph. Where are scouts saying he will go, because he looks like a guy they might use supplemental draft pick on.
  18. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    "Good to see the average age in the Twins' minor league teams (esp. in Rochester where that was not true recently) is right about League Average. Here are the numbers. Rochester: Hitters: 27.1, Pitchers: 26.5 (International League: Hitters: 27.4 Pitchers: 27.5) New Britain: Hitters: Pitchers: 25.3 (Eastern League: 24.5 Hitters: Pitchers: 25) Fort Myers: Hitters: 22.5 Pitchers: 23.2 (Florida State League: Hitters:22.7 Pitchers: 22.9) Beloit: Hitters: 21.7 Pitchers: 22.3 (Midwest League: Hitters: 21.5 Pitchers: 21.9)"

    Yes that is good to see, especially with Rochester. Now if Joe Thurston could just go away . . .
  19. Thrylos's Avatar
    I do like Lexi and this is a make it or break it season for him.

    He has been by far the Twins' best fielder (using a couple of different measurements - defensive runs saved above average 8 - second best Span with 5; and UZR: 5 - second best Span with 1.8) and their best base runner with 5/5 SB (vs 3/5 for Span.) Just his fielding and baserunning makes him an immediate asset as a middle infielder. He did turn the corner (Big time) with the glove.

    He just need to pick it up with the bat but a. he has always been a slow starter (career OPS in April .510) and b. has had a short leash mainly because of fielding issues, which did not allow him to get consistent playing time. Hope that his leash is longer because he really turned it around with fielding.
  20. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    You really like Lexi, don't you? I used to, but I just don't see it anymore. The Twins cannot wait forever for this guy and he is not playing well offensively this year.

    I hope that Mauer does move up to the 2-spot.
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